The return of not really slim and not really shady.

Hey all, so I am in this crazy battle to win AL Tout Wars vs. Lawr Michaels of so we decided to give the play by play of our blow by blow on our blogs and We are currently separated by 0.5 points with Lawr holding the lead for the moment. It is absolutely the most intense battle I’ve ever been in and to be honest I have no clue how this will turn out the variables are endless due to the amount time left in the categories Lawr and I are battling in and then the categories we are battling with others.


here is the post……………….Siano



Good Luck!!

cool even you guys double post!!

hate when that happens, the page doesnt load but it posts, annoying…Siano

Well as long as we have a little one on one going here.
I’m going to pick your brain.

In a H2H. I picked up soto hoping he might start today of course he isn’t! pop pop! My catcher for the year has been Martin So for Fri, Sat & Sun who would you go with Martin or Soto? or should I go soto against smoltz(fri), martin vs Penny(sat), and flip a coin for sunday?

I go Martin he’s hotter and playing in meaningful games so hopefully that keeps him motivated and he’s in a better lineup, see Soto’s runs scored how gross is that? this is a which cough medicine tastes better question but I like martin….siano

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