Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 23


Burnett @

Masterson (Masterson a gamble for AL/deep leagues)

Guthrie @

Morrow @

Beckett @

Duensing @
(Duensing is on a roll, go for it!)

Hunter @

Bailey @

Billingsley @
Detwiler (Billingsley has been awful in the second half and Nats can score… this
smells bad)

Hamels @

Hudson @

Samardzija @

Smoltz @ Norris (Norris a
gamble for NL/deep leagues)

Stauffer @ Marquis
(Stauffer a gamble for NL/deep leagues)



I’m out of it for this year, but I stocked up on young talent for my keepers. The problem is, I have too many to choose from. Please help me choose 12 of these young studs for next year.

Howard, Berkman, A.Hill, Bartlett, Youkilis, Holliday, J.Upton, McCutcheon, Reimold.
Felix, Gallardo, Kershaw, U.Jiminez, Nolasco, E.Jackson, Porcello, Neftali Feliz.

Thanks for all your help this year. You helped me win my other pool.


I’d take out Reimold, Ubaldo, Nolasco, Edwin, and Porcello and go with the other 12. I like all of these guys but this list is stacked.


Hey folks, I’m in a 12 team vanilla keeper league where I’m able to designate a 15 man list from whom I can keep 5. So I’m definitely going to assign to my list the following:
Brian Roberts, Adam Dunn, Joe Mauer, Joakim Soria, Evan Longoria, Carlos Beltran, Nate McLouth, Josh Johnson and David Price. So I need to assign up to 6 more from the following (so eliminate at least 3):
Johnny Cueto
Brandon Allen
Colby Rasmus
Carlos Gonzalez
Drew Stubbs
Luke Scott
Ryan Dempster
Rajai Davis
Yadier Molina.

Who would you guys eliminate?

In a tight race for 2nd place in my league. Its a keeper, but I don’t think Michael Young will be one of my keepers (we keep 5). Is it OK to drop him? I could use help in AVG and Runs, but also can pick up a point in WHIP, K’s and W’s if i can get a couple of good starts in.

Is Young worth holding on to, or is he basically done for the season and OK to replace on my roster with a POD guy?


I’d rather not drop Young if you’ve got any other options but if you absolutely need to cut him I’m fine with it. I’d be surprised if he comes back and I don’t see him as a top five round guy, especially since he’ll no longer qualify at shortstop next year.



I’d knock out Molina (you have Mauer), Dempster (a year older, you can get him back in draft), Luke Scott (solid but not spectacular, would rather have the opportunity to have Stubbs, Rasmus or Gonzalez…higher ceiling).


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