End of Season Calendar of Events

Hey all,

We are wrapping the season up and wanted to make sure you have all the info. Each date has a short site clip and the more detailed podcast on itunes. Also check out a running blog on www.toutwars.com between myself, Lawr Michaels and Ron Shandler.

Don’t forget last Sirius / XM show is this friday at 6pm ET on MLB Home Plate Channel. Twitter follows go to @fantasy411 @schwartzstops @fantasymlb

Monday 9/28: A look at the 2009 Rookie Class

Tuesday 9/29: A look at the 2010 Rookie Class

Wednesday 9/30: 2009 All Surprise Team

Thursday 10/1: 2009 All Disappointment Team

Friday 10/2: 2009 All Fantasy Team

Monday 10/5: Me and Schwartz’s Report Card from pre-season picks.

Then we’ll take October off and be back with you the week after the conclusion of the World Series.



Any POD comments for Tuesday the 29th? I’m curious about H. Bailey tonight at home vs. the Cards.

Also, POD on T. Cahill @ Seattle and Happ vs. Houston.

Neighbor Steve


I’d personally hold off on Bailey but it is a decent gamble. Check the lineups before the game to see if the Cards are resting their regulars. That could be a deciding factor.

I’m fine with Happ but hesitant on Cahill. Only if you’re in a tight race in Wins and Ks and have enough innings to spare. This is the point in the year when you can’t really afford any blowups.


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