Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 30


Peavy @

Tejeda @
Chamberlain (Tejeda pitching great lately before melting down last time

Pavano @ Bonine (Pavano has
eaten the Tigers for lunch this year)

D. Hernandez @
Shields (Shields a major disappointment this year)

Halladay @

Holland @ Jered
(Weaver battling a sore back, this one is

Mortensen @

Morton @

Redding @

Nolasco @
(danger alert:
Nolasco 4.67 ERA in 3 starts vs. ATL this year)

Moehler @

Smoltz @

Karstens @

Suppan @ Hammel
(ditching Hammel vs. Brewers)

Garland @

Mulvey @

***Siano says he may take a gamble on Redding, but Cory says no way.



Hey guys,

Serious question. Because Sunday is the last day of the season, anybody making a start Wednesday or later is making their last start and thus can be cut, right?

I ask this because I have Vazquez, who goes tomorrow. However, if it’s down to the wire with the Braves, might they start him again on Sunday?


Definitely hold onto Vazquez. Like you mentioned, he could start Sunday on three days’ rest or even Monday in a possible one-game playoff.

In general, it’s fine to drop pitchers if you are 100 percent sure they won’t make another start but I personally don’t do this unless I absolutely have to. Just a little too risky specifically with your top guys.


Afternoon Folks

14 team mixed 6×6 keeper league (extra cats are OPS and Holds). We can keep any five (as our first five picks), so up to 70 players across all teams. The best players on my roster are Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Mark Reynolds, Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, Lance Berkman, Bobby Abreu and Cole Hamels.

I have tried asking about two-for-one trades without success, so, the next thing to try would be trading for a draft pick. Therefore, firstly, which five should I keep (I am currently leaning towards Pujols, Utley, Reynolds, Jeter and Ichiro), and, secondly, which other players would be worth keeping in the first five rounds for someone that may be short of keepers?

Many thanks

Alan in England

Hi guys,
i picked up Michael Young for a Thursday, consider keeping him for the rest of this week.
The odd man out would be Beckham.

Q: Would u kick Beckham for Young for the remainder of the season (=sunday?)?

I still need some HRs and have to make suer of my SBs level.
My 3B Longoria is untouchable as I see things.

Thanks and greez from Euroland,

Gentlemen–Thanks for a terrific year! I’m a daily podcast listener, and you’ve turned me on to some good pickups throughout the year.

I’m not going to finish first, but I’ll be in the money for the 3rd straight year.

I’m already looking forward to 2010!

Best regards,

Jim Hoffman


I totally agree with the five you are leaning towards. Whether or not Reynolds can repeat this type of season is yet to be determined but he’s certainly a top five round guy. Of those other three, I like the ultra-consistent Abreu the most but he is getting up there in age as is Berkman. That said, I think either of these two could be attractive options as fifth keepers.



If it comes down to Young vs. Beckham, I’m going with Beckham. Young has said publicly that if he experiences any setback with regards to his hamstring injury he’ll shut it down for the year. With the Rangers now officially eliminated from playoff contention, there’s a decent chance he might shut it down anyway. He’s a risk that you probably don’t want to take heading into the final days of the season.


thats exactly what i needed to hear in Euroland.
Perfect. As usual, though🙂


Fellas –

Thanks so much for all your tips, advice, and support over the course of the season — Its been priceless!

I was wondering if you had time if you could give me your Pitch or Ditch outlook for Friday, Oct 2nd.

Ive got a sweet opportunity to take my league and was hoping to be able to review your analysis and pics one last day before the season ends.

Again, thanks so much and have a great month off!

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