Grading the Preseason Picks

NOTE:  Here’s an update on Siano’s quest to win AL Tout, which will have to wait another two days:



C Mike Napoli   C
1B Ryan Garko   A
2B Howie Kendrick   C+
3B Hank Blalock   A-
SS Mike Aviles   A
OF Vladimir Guerrero   B-
OF Nelson Cruz   C-
OF Denard Span    F
SP Cliff Lee   D+
SP AJ Burnett   B+
RP Kerry Wood   A


C Ryan Doumit   A-

1B Ryan Howard   D-
2B Alexei Ramirez   A-
3B Kevin Youkilis   D-
SS Michael Young   D
OF Manny Ramirez   A-
OF Jason Bay   D-
OF Andre Ethier   D
SP Francisco Liriano   A
SP A.J. Burnett   B+
RP Bobby Jenks   B


C   Jeff Clement   F
1B Kendry Morales   A
2B Asdrubal Cabrera   A-
3B Josh Fields   F
SS Elvis Andrus   B+
OF Coco Crisp   D
OF Carlos Gomez   F
OF Shin-Soo Choo   A
SP Justin Verlander   A
SP John Smoltz   D
RP Joel Zumaya   F


C   Kelly Shoppach   D-
1B Adam LaRoche   C+
2B Kelly Johnson   F
3B Adrian Beltre   D-
SS Derek Jeter   A
OF Chris Young   F
OF Jayson Werth   A-
OF Ryan Spilborghs   D-
SP Jered Weaver   B+
SP Wandy Rodriguez   A
RP Joel Hanrahan    F

Let’s hear from you!  The podcast will be out later today and we’ll be frequently checking up on the blog during the rest of October.  The 411 returns in mid-November with twice a week podcasts.  Thanks for all of your participation here throughout the season.



Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for another great season of the 411. I’m about to wrap up the task of winning my league, and it’s probably due to you guys, particularly Pitch and Ditch.

I had Vazquez, Harang for 2 months, Haren for the first month, Hanson and that’s IT. The rest was all pitch and ditch and I finished at or near the top in all pitching categories.

Anyways, great job guys and I look forward to hearing Mike and Cory every day come next year.

Check’s in the mail.

Hi guys,
Again, thanks for ANOTHER great season!!! My Repeat Offenders offended again!!!! Yoo-hoo shower for a repeat Yahoo championship, taking my co-workers’ money. Eleven team, vanilla 5×5, at one point during live scoring on Friday night, I had 79.5, and both the 2nd & 3rd place teams had 79. After it was all said and done on Sunday evening, I finished at 81, to 79 for 2nd, and 78.5 in 3rd. This had to be the most balanced team I’ve ever had, with MANY 411 sayings and strategies coming into play with this victory. I only won ONE category (K’s), and only finished 2nd in ONE category (RBI). The rest was just enough to win, with 9,8,7, and 6 points in each of two categories, for a total of 81.

Thanks to your great advice, I waited to draft starting pitching late, starting in Round 10 with Matt Cain, followed by Zack Greinke in 11, Scott Baker in 13 (who I turned into Hunter Pence in early May), and Wandy in 23. I used some Siano strategy, using the almost-wheel pick (10th pick in 11 team league) to get Broxton and Lidge in 6 & 7, and snagged Heath Bell in 15.

Eleven of my top 12 picks stayed on my team all season (I dropped Dye in the middle of September). I maxed out my games played allowance at 4 positions (3B, CI, OF, Util), and came up just 4 short at 1B, 3 at 2B, 7 at SS and 4 at MI. 17 short at catcher, but with just 3 bench spots, and McCann, I wasn’t about to carry a 2nd catcher. Just goes to show, you GOTTA PLAY EVERYDAY if you want to win. I came up 31.1 IP short (out of 1550 max), and almost blew it chasing wins by picking up Kyle Kendrick and Hochevar for Sunday. My WHIP lost a full point until Jon Rauch got ONE out in my final .1 IP of the season. QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY…DON’T CHASE WINS!!!!

Trade of the year, I got Cliff Lee for Leo Nunez at the All-Star break. Can’t believe the league didn’t veto that one!!

FLAGS FLY FOREVER, and now I have 2 STRAIGHT, following 411 strategies. Thanks again guys.

Greg in Cincy

PS. In my other 2 leagues, I finished 6th out of 12 and 8th out of 13, with the latter being screwed on Draft Day, thanks to a live, in-person auction draft with my buddies, where I got side-tracked by a Blazing Saddles joke (thanks to Chase Headley leading to a Hedley Lamar reference) that got me laughing so hard I was in tears (and I wasn’t even drinking!!!) and missed out on drafting Edwin Jackson at the league minimum. I was lost from that point on, but made some good trades during the season to set me up for next year.

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