Final End of Regular Season Calendar of Events

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Below you will find the links to the video clips from all of the end of season recap shows.  To see the complete listing of the preseason pick grades, scroll down.  A reminder that the 411 returns following the conclusion of the World Series with twice a week podcasts starting in mid-November.

Feel free to put all of your comments and/or questions under this blog entry and we will be checking it throughout October.

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Monday 9/28: A look at the 2009 Rookie Class

Tuesday 9/29: A look at the 2010 Rookie Class

Wednesday 9/30: 2009 All-Surprise Team

Thursday 10/1: 2009 All-Disappointment Team

Friday 10/2: 2009 All-Fantasy Team

Monday 10/5: Siano and Schwartz’s report card from preseason picks


I’ve got a roster question looking forward to 2010. In my minor league roster slots I’ve got Gordon Beckham, Matt Wieters, Cameron Maybin, Travis Snider, and David Price. Chris Carter is currently a free agent. Would you pick up Carter to replace any of my current minor league players? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Wow…tough loss in al-tout for Siano. I had a similar loss in one of my leagues. Held a 2.5 point lead going into final weekend, and ended up losing by 1 point thanks to a couple variables…one being Trevor Hoffman’s blown save/win, which lost me .5 point in both saves and wins. Its going to be a long offseason.

By the way 411 family….

invisibleman, Chuck, JJ, jakoye and whoever else….Live and Learn Fellas……….

Schwartz wins 2009 NFBC NYC LG1 and places 5th out 390 in country.;f=1;t=004558

Cory/Mike – Want to see post mortem with Pickup/Drop analysis from the year and what strategies you used to finish out the season based on categories……………….

NFBC Main Event LG3 Champion

Cory-Anyway you could provide your preseason projection spreadsheet with $$$ values for players? Thanks!

How you doing Mike? Recovered from the trauma of Tout yet?

Mike and Cory great job as allways with the fantasy 411 and also a good 1st year with the show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

So, can we put Joe Nathan on the All-disappointment list? I have no rooting interest in the post season now…


Stick with what you’ve got. I view Carter as holding the least upside of that group and Beckham, Wieters, Maybin, Snider and Price all have a decent amount of big league experience, enough to expect them to take major strides next year.



Six blown saves already in the postseason including ones by Papelbon and Nathan, two undisputed top-four fantasy RPs heading into this year. I’ve always considered the difficulty of the closer job a little overrated but it goes to show that when the pressure is really on even the best sometimes fail.


Hey guys,

I was wondering what you think of both David Wright and Josh Hamilton for next year. I may be making a decision of which of the two to keep. I can keep Hamilton in the 12th or Wright in the 1st. Hamilton’s chronic injury risk is scary, but so is Wright’s lack of power. On the other hand, the Mets should be healthy next year. What do you think?



I really like Wright’s chances of bouncing back and at least returning to the 20 HR level and have always been concerned about Hamilton’s constant injuries. That said, the round difference here is too significant to ignore. Wright might very well put up first round level numbers next year but I think it’s possible he slips to Round 2. You won’t lose anything by letting him go back into the draft pool. We’ve already seen Hamilton perform like a first rounder. The question is whether he will stay healthy. I’d gladly pay a 12th round price to find out.


Well, the season has been over for a week now, so I can start thinking about keepers. Ten team 5×5 with OBP instead of AVE and SLG instead of HR. We start smaller rosters, which means the ratios are harder to keep up: ERA for the winning team was 3.10 this year, and five teams had WHIPs below 1.25. 17 roster spots + 8 Bench, $260. We can keep 7 guys.

Sure things:
E. Longoria $6
J. Upton $11
J. Verlander $12
B. Zobrist $6 (SS Eligible)

B. McCann $21
A. Gonzalez $23
J. Damon $8
A. Bailey $6
C. Carpenter $16
J. Vazquez $21
F. Hernandez $22
T. Lilly $9

I can also keep one of these three at $1, or any more of them at $6:
C. McGehee
B. Anderson
C. Gonzalez

Mike or Zach:

12 Team AL only $260 Auction 12 keepers (Inflation!!!) – if you could only keep 2 of the following taking price into consideration who would you choose:

Ian Kinsler $33
Jose Lopez $19
Aaron Hill $15

All only will qualify at 2B so who do you cut or trade?



I’d go with McCann, Felix, and Damon. While six bucks is good value for Bailey, we’re still not sure whether or not he will close in 2010. Damon’s stock could take a hit if he’s no longer on the Yankees next year but I’ll invest $8 on a guy who has always been a solid hitter and showed no signs of slowing down this season. I know it might seem like you’re paying full price for McCann and Felix but I think it’s worth it. You already have enough great keepers at great prices to allow you to do this. McCann’s a consistent producer at a thin position and Felix could even get better.



I see Lopez as being the odd man out. He’s a nice player but does not give you the same kind of across the board production that Kinsler offers. Hill is very difficult to read heading into 2010, but any 2B who can hit 30-plus homers is worth keeping at that price. Even if he goes .280-25-85, I’d take it. I think Kinsler and Hill is a great mix of certainty/small risk and full price/value.


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