Return of the 411 and Free Agents List.

Reminder that we will be back to doing shows next week. Monday’s and Thursday’s you can expect some on demand content on and of course the podcast. The Blog will start cranking up on Monday 11/9 as well.


Enjoy the list below.


Below are the players potentially eligible for Free Agency under Article XX – B of the Basic Agreement. Today marks the first day of the 15-day period in which these players may give notice of their election of free agency.


1 Anderson, Garret OF AT

2 Gonzalez, Mike RP AT

3 Hudson, Tim ** SP AT

4 LaRoche, Adam 1B AT

5 Norton, Greg 1B/OF AT

6 Soriano, Rafael RP AT

7 Davis, Doug SP AZ

8 Schoeneweis, Scott D. RP AZ

9 Tracy, Chad 1B AZ

10 Webb, Brandon ** SP AZ

11 Baez, Danys RP BA

12 Hendrickson, Mark SP/RP BA

13 Moeller, Chad E. C BA

14 Mora, Melvin 3B BA

15 Baldelli, Rocco OF BO

16 Bay, Jay OF BO

17 Byrd, Paul SP BO

18 Gonzalez, Alex ** SS BO

19 Martinez, Victor ** C BO

20 Varitek, Jason A. ** C BO

21 Wagner, Billy RP BO

22 Wakefield, Tim SP BO

23 Woodward, Chris 3B BO

24 Fox, Chad D. RP CC

25 Grabow, John RP CC

26 Gregg, Kevin RP CC

27 Harden, Rich SP CC

28 Johnson, Reed OF CC

29 Hernandez, Ramon J. ** C CI

30 Wells, Kip SP CI

31 Carroll, Jamey 2B/3B/0F CL

32 Ohka, Tomokazu SP/RP CL

33 Beimel, Joe RP CO

34 Betancourt, Rafael ** RP CO

35 Contreras, Jose SP CO

36 Embree, Alan RP CO

37 Fogg, Josh SP/RP CO

38 Giambi, Jason 1B CO

39 Herges, Matt RP CO

40 Marquis, Jason SP CO

41 Rincon, Juan RP CO

42 Torrealba, Yorvit ** C CO

43 Castro, Ramon Abraham C CWS

44 Dotel, Octavio E. RP CWS

45 Dye, Jermaine ** OF CWS

46 Podsednik, Scott OF CWS

47 Everett, Adam SS DE

48 Huff, Aubrey 1B/3B DE

49 Lyon, Brandon RP DE

50 Polanco, Placido 2B DE

51 Rodney, Fernando RP DE

52 Washburn, Jarrod SP DE

53 Calero, Kiko RP FL

54 Donnelly, Brendan RP FL

55 Gload, Ross 1B/OF FL

56 Johnson, Nick 1B FL

57 Boone, Aaron J. 1B/3B HO

58 Brocail, Doug ** RP HO

59 Erstad, Darin 1B/OF HO

60 Hampton, Mike SP HO

61 Hawkins, LaTroy RP HO

62 Michaels, Jason OF HO

63 Tejada, Miguel O. SS HO

64 Valverde, Jose RP HO

65 Chen, Bruce SP/RP KC

66 Crisp, Coco ** OF KC

67 Olivo, Miguel ** C KC

68 Wright, Jamey RP KC

69 Abreu, Bob OF LAA

70 Escobar, Kelvim J. SP LAA

71 Figgins, Chone 3B LAA

72 Guerrero, Vladimir OF/DH LAA

73 Lackey, John SP LAA

74 Oliver, Darren RP LAA

75 Quinlan, Robb 1B/3B/OF LAA

76 Ausmus, Brad C LAD

77 Belliard, Ron 2B LAD

78 Castro, Juan G. 2B/SS LAD

79 Garland, Jon SP LAD

80 Hudson, Orlando 2B LAD

81 Loretta, Mark D. 1B/2B/3B LAD

82 Mientkiewicz, Doug A. 1B LAD

83 Milton, Eric R. SP LAD

84 Mota, Guillermo RP LAD

85 Ohman, Will ** RP LAD

86 Padilla, Vicente SP LAD

87 Ramirez, Manny ** OF LAD

88 Schmidt, Jason SP LAD

89 Thome, Jim DH/1B LAD

90 Weaver, Jeff C. SP LAD

91 Wolf, Randy SP LAD

92 Cameron, Michael OF MI

93 Catalanotto, Frank OF MI

94 Counsell, Craig J. 2B/3B/SS MI

95 Kendall, Jason C MI

96 Looper, Braden L. ** RP MI

97 Lopez, Felipe 2B/3B/SS/OF MI

98 Patterson, Corey OF MI

99 Vargas, Claudio SP/RP MI

100 Weathers, Dave ** RP MI

101 Cabrera, Orlando L. SS MN

102 Crede, Joe 3B MN

103 Mahay, Ron RP MN

104 Pavano, Carl SP MN

105 Redmond, Mike P. C MN

106 Cora, Alex 2B/SS NYM

107 Delgado, Carlos 1B NYM

108 Dessens, Elmer RP NYM

109 Martinez, Ramon E. 2B/SS NYM

110 Putz, J.J. ** RP NYM

111 Schneider, Brian C NYM

112 Sheffield, Gary OF NYM

113 Tatis, Fernando 1B/3B/OF NYM

114 Damon, Johnny OF NYY

115 Hairston Jr, Jerry 2B/3B/SS/OF NYY

116 Hinske, Eric 1B/OF NYY

117 Matsui, Hideki OF NYY

118 Molina, Jose C NYY

119 Nady, Xavier OF NYY

120 Pettitte, Andy SP NYY

121 Crosby, Bobby SS OA

122 Duchscherer, Justin SP OA

123 Garciaparra, Nomar 1B OA

124 Kennedy, Adam 2B OA

125 Tomko, Brett D. SP OA

126 Bako, Paul C PH

127 Cairo, Miguel J. IF PH

128 Eyre, Scott RP PH

129 Feliz, Pedro ** 3B PH

130 Lee, Cliff ** SP PH

131 Martinez, Pedro SP PH

132 Myers, Brett SP PH

133 Park, Chan Ho SP PH

134 Stairs, Matt OF PH

135 Blanco, Henry C SD

136 Giles, Brian S. OF SD

137 Batista, Miguel SP/RP SE

138 Bedard, Erik SP SE

139 Beltre, Adrian 3B SE

140 Branyan, Russ 1B SE

141 Chavez, Endy OF SE

142 Griffey Jr, Ken DH/OF SE

143 Sweeney, Mike 1B/DH SE

144 Wilson, Jack ** SS SE

145 Aurilia, Rich 1B/3B SF

146 Howry, Bob RP SF

147 Johnson, Randy SP SF

148 Molina, Bengie C SF

149 Penny, Brad SP SF

150 Uribe, Juan 2B/3B/SS SF

151 Winn, Randy OF SF

152 Ankiel, Rick OF SL

153 De Rosa, Mark 3B SL

154 Glaus, Troy 3B SL

155 Greene, Khalil SS/3B SL

156 Holliday, Matt OF SL

157 LaRue, Jason C SL

158 Pineiro, Joel SP SL

159 Smoltz, John SP SL

160 Wellemeyer, Todd SP SL

161 Bradford, Chad RP TB

162 Crawford, Carl ** OF TB

163 Isringhausen, Jason RP TB

164 Percival, Troy RP TB

165 Shouse, Brian ** RP TB

166 Springer, Russ RP TB

167 Zaun, Gregg ** C TB

168 Benoit, Joaquin RP TE

169 Blalock, Hank 3B TE

170 Byrd, Marlon OF TE

171 Guardado, Eddie A. RP TE

172 Jones, Andruw OF TE

173 Rodriguez, Ivan T. C TE

174 Vizquel, Omar SS TE

175 Barajas, Rod C TO

176 McDonald, John 3B/SS TO

177 Millar, Kevin OF TO

178 Scutaro, Marco 2B/SS TO

179 Bard, Josh C WA

180 Hernandez, Livan SP WA

181 Kearns, Austin ** OF WA

182 Villone, Ron RP WA

183 Young, Dmitri 1B WA

** Potential Free Agent Per Contract Terms


What happens if the player doesn’t give notice within the 15 days. Are they no longer FA eligible?

** what does this mean?
The team has an option for additional year(s)
The player has an option for additional year(s)
or maybe one or both


Unrelated question:
We are considering changing a long term 12 team mixed keeper league from Snake draft to Auction. We figure that we can take the dollar values from last year to assign value to players currently on rosters and we will expand keepers from 5 to 6 players. But what are your recommends regarding inflation and contracts?
We had in mind a $5 inflation per year (Should that be applied the first year they are kept?) and then a 3 year contract limit. Would love to hear your suggestions and what you would do starting from scratch.

Resign Delgado , putz and tatis and then try to go for vladimir guerrero , matt holiday or jemaine dye and then finish off by getting marco scutaro as are second basement

Assuming in answer to my question above that we have a $5 inflation on players, then could you please help me choose between these Pitchers. I would like to keep 3-4 pitchers at most. (12 team mixed $260 budget)
CC $31, Nolasco $20, Greinke $19, Wainwright $14, Carpenter $10, R.Soriano $6, Aardsma $6


If the Mets don’t get either Holliday or Bay I think they’re in trouble. Francoeur is OK in right but they still need more power out of their outfield. Their reported pursuit of Figgins is interesting. Does this mean they’re not confident in Reyes’ health going forward and need another leadoff option?

I like Greinke, Wainwright, Carpenter and Aardsma. I see a nice bounceback year from Nolasco but 20 bucks is still too pricey.


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