411 Blog Recap

Hey guys,

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday and await the MVP award announcements, here’s a look back at last week’s blog content:

Schwartz on how he won his NFBC league

Siano on how he almost won AL Tout

411 Question of the Week

And of course, the 2010 List of 12

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What are your thoughts for Drew Stubbs and Rajah Davis heading into next year? I have both of them on $1 but not sure if I have space to keep them. Is Stubbs a mini-Sizemore and if so does that mean we have to live with a poor AVG?


Hard to say whether or not you should keep them without knowing the league format and your other keepers but I’d generally take Davis over Stubbs as he’s already proven to be a top notch speed source at the big league level. You know what you’re getting. Stubbs clearly has the higher upside but I don’t see a mini-Sizemore. Will he run enough? Probably. But he’s yet to develop consistent power and the eight homers in 180 ABs last year is just not enough of a sample size. The jury is still out on him and I don’t think (unless this is a very deep league) that his perceived value is high enough to prevent you from getting him back for a couple bucks, so the saving here is minimal. All in all, I’ll lean towards keeping neither but if I had to pick one it would be Davis. He’s the safer choice and even more importantly will likely go for a higher price on draft day.


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