411 Blog Recap (11/30)

Hey guys,

In this age of constant weight watching and rigid dietary programs, Thanksgiving is one of the few days of the year in which overeating is actually encouraged.  Hope you all took advantage and thoroughly enjoyed your long weekend.

Now back to the business of baseball.  We’ve already heard plenty of free agent signing and trade rumors, but with the Winter Meetings starting up next week, the Hot Stove only figures to get hotter.  On today’s podcast, Mike and Cory will discuss the latest rumors surrounding Derek Lowe (possible trade?) and Matt Holliday while also taking a closer look at the 2010 List of 12, which happens to include 23 names!

And in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest blog content:

411 Question of the Week: Examining Early ADP Rankings

Schwartz on how he won his NFBC league

Siano on how he almost won AL Tout

And lastly, the links to the 411 podcast pages on iTunes:

Fantasy 411 Audio Podcast

Fantasy 411 Video Podcast

By the way, I love how it’s considered breaking news that Roy Halladay would waive his no-trade clause to go to the Yankees.  Really? 


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Trying to find an NL-only auction value list for 2010. Starting to think about keepers. 10-team league.



I’m having no luck finding reliable auction dollar values for 2010. Some rankings are out on CBS Sportsline and ESPN but no dollar values. I think we’ll just have to wait a bit longer.


Hey Guys, It’s Mark from Maine of Queens. Looking forward to the reports from the meetings next week.

In the meantime, I’ve begun my draft prep for 2010. In my league, we draft a 17 man reserve roster following the 23 player auction draft. The reserve draft is the only point of the year we can draft minor league players. This year I’ve decided to step up my minor league prep and am looking for minor league stats in excel format.

I have found 2009 MLB season stats but am having difficulty finding comprehensive minor league stats. Do you know where I could go to find 2009 stats on all minor leaguers?

Thanks in advance.

What are your opinions on Bartlett. I was just amazed to see he is the same age as Werth, but in Bartlett’s case his power came out of nowhere. I feel confident in the AVG and SB’s, but it is that power that makes him valuable.

be the ball,

Go to MILB.com. They’ve got everything there in the Stats section.



I too have been thinking a lot about Bartlett and I’m not sold on him hitting 14 homers again as he had absolutely no track record in the power department prior to last season. That said, his AVG and SBs make him very valuable especially considering the lack of depth at SS. A ton of question marks even in the Top 10 (Reyes, Alexei, Drew). If I can’t get Hanley, I’ll make a special effort to draft Tulo, Jeter or even Rollins, despite signs of his decline.


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