411 on Winter Meetings Moves

Hey everyone,

With the Winter Meetings now over, here’s a list of the more notable trades/signings along with Siano’s brief fantasy analysis. Cory chimes in as well.


New York Yankees – Acquired OF Curtis Granderson.

I could see a monster year here. I’ve always been a fan and think he puts up
#2 OF stats at worst in a 12 teamer.

Detroit Tigers – Acquired LHP Phil Coke and OF Austin Jackson from the Yankees, and RHP Max Scherzer from the Diamondbacks.

Coke a non-issue. Jackson a must in keeper leagues and worth a flier
late in mixed leagues. Will get drafted in all AL only leagues.
Scherzer is very attractive. Even though going to AL gets the park bump
and love the K potential. I’d draft him on mixed and AL only.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Acquired RHP Edwin Jackson and RHP Ian Kennedy.

Edwin is still a player in mixed leagues. Could be a great #3 if not
#2. I’d draft him in a mixed and bid on him in an NL only. Kennedy is a
sleeper in NL only at a buck. Change of scenery does work and out of AL.

Seattle Mariners – Signed INF Chone Figgins to four-year contract.

Cory says “I don’t think his value changes much, and the M’s might move him around a
little, possibly giving multi-position bonus value. Will he hit ahead or behind
of Ichiro? Wonder if that will change things.”

Baltimore Orioles – Acquired RHP Kevin Millwood.

I wouldn’t touch Millwood with a ten foot pole. From the frying pan
into the fire plus injury concerns. He’ll get drafted in a mixed late
but still YPNM.

Houston Astros – Acquired RHP Matt Lindstrom.

Siano says #3 in mixed. Cory more optimistic.  “Great K and HR rates
when healthy… If healthy again he could be a great #3 in mixed
leagues or a #2 for those who discount saves.”

Houston Astros – Signed INF Pedro Feliz to one-year deal.

Cory says “Worth about the same in Houston as in Philly.
Minute Maid is a great park for low-OBP righty power hitters (ie, Miguel Tejada).”

Texas Rangers – Signed RHP Rich Harden to one-year deal.


Washington Nationals – Acquired RHP Brian Bruney.

$1 in NL only. He can strike people out and be a low level closer if needed if he could ever stay healthy.

 Detroit Tigers – Signed INF Adam Everett to a one-year contract.

$1 in AL only at best.

Milwaukee Brewers – Signed C Gregg Zaun to a one-year contract.

$1 in NL only. Monday / Thursday in mixed.

The rest:

-Wolf is a must in NL only and TBD in mixed, probably a 4 or 5 when drafted but cut after a bad start and go POD.

-Lowell is interesting in Texas. He can hit and could be kept fresh at 1B and DH. Love him at UT or CO.

-Rafael Soriano if closing on TB has the stuff. Great #3 but could make it as #2 closer in 12 team mixed.



Is Austin Jackson a $10 OF in an Al Only League?


I’m excited at finally seeing Jackson in the majors, so I’m hoping he sticks. My league has minors rosters, and I drafted him in 2007, traded him away, then got him back. I’d rather have seen him on the Yanks, but this route to the majors is probably quicker.
Allan in San Antonio

I’m excited at finally seeing Jackson in the majors, so I’m hoping he sticks. My league has minors rosters, and I drafted him in 2007, traded him away, then got him back. I’d rather have seen him on the Yanks, but this route to the majors is probably quicker. Oh yeah, his salary to me is $1.
Allan in San Antonio

Hey Guys,
I’ve only got one year of Fantasy Baseball under my belt and the league I’m in is starting a keepers policy this post season for next year. From what I can tell its kind of strange. 3 keepers, can’t keep anyone who was selected in the first 5 rounds of last years draft. It’s a head to head mixed league we had 10 teams last season 28 roster spots with 2 DL slots… so I’ve got the following list of players I can keep and was wondering who you would keep… they are not in any particular order
Position Players
Bobby Abreu, Gordan Beckham, Rajai Davis, Matt Diaz, Miguel Montero, Hideki Matsui, Jaun Uribe, Michael Young
Garrett Jones
Andrew Bailey, Homer Bailey, Brad Bergesen, Joe Blanton, Scott Feldman, Adam Wainwright, Scott Kazmir, Tommy Hunter, Fernando Rodney, Ryan Roland Smith, Matt Thornton, Randy Wells, Michael Wuertz, Jason Hammel,
Chris Narveson

I know it’s not an impressive list…Any help would be great…



If Jackson is $10 in an AL only I think that will be due to hype. Not that he can’t earn it, but I wouldn’t bid that much on him b/c it makes him unattractive as a keeper unless he goes out and has a ROY type 2010. Personally I’d go to $5ish and have to really consider $6……Siano


You’re probably right and you have him at the perfect price…..Siano


I have to agree not too impressive but not the end of the world either.

If Bailey is a closer he is a lock. I also think you should consider Wainwright, Rajai Davis and Abreu. Beckham is intriguing but easier to get back……Siano

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