411 Blog Recap (12/14)

Hey all,

As we do every Monday, below you’ll find the latest and greatest content from the blog.  Also be sure to monitor the ongoing slow mock draft organized by the guys over at fantasybaseballtrademarket.com.  Round 5 is underway.

Cory on player valuation from a fantasy perspective

411 Question of the Week: Hunting for “soft aces”

411 on Winter Meetings moves

2010 List of 12

And the links to the podcast pages on iTunes:

Fantasy 411 Audio Podcast

Fantasy 411 Video Podcast

Should be an eventful next week or two as most free agents like to have
things settled by Christmas…that is with the exception of Scott Boras
clients.  Something tells me it’ll be awhile before Matt Holliday signs
with a team.  Over here in New York, the Johnny Damon saga continues. 
Johnny, I thought winning was the most important thing?

Stay tuned…


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I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. Who would you rather have as your 9th keeper: Jason Bay, Justin Morneau, or Jayson Werth?

Based on Zach?s advice I?m keeping Youkilis over Morneau. Other keepers are Utley, Tulowitzki, Wright, Holliday, Kemp, Lincecum, and Nathan. Minor league players I plan on bringing up next year are Wieters, Beckham (hopefully at MI), Hanson, and possibly Price. Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Considering how tough it was to choose Youk over Morneau, I’d lean towards just keeping Morneau as well and have a dominant 1B/CI combo. Werth and his steals are tempting but he’ll still go last among the three in standard drafts and doesn’t hit for a great AVG. As for Bay, he’s definitely a top 30 guy but I also think he’ll be a bit overvalued, especially now that he won’t be returning to Boston. Unless of course he signs with a team like the Yankees, the chances of him driving in 119 again are remote.


Thanks for the advice, Zach. I’m now offering a trade where I’d give up Morneau and Werth and get Roy Halladay in return. I’m not sure if the other owner will bite, but he could really use some power in his 9 keepers. Damon in Seattle


Sounds like a good plan. Under normal circumstances, I’d obviously advise against that deal but these are unusual circumstances. Try hard to make a deal because the players here are just too good to let go for nothing.


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