411 Blog Recap (1/4)

Hey guys,

It’s been awhile so let’s just get up to date with the most recent blog content.

First and foremost, here are the latest results of the slow mock draft organized by Bob in Cleveland.  Mike and Cory & Co. are nearing the end of Round 9.

And on to the blog links:

Cory on building better player projections

411 Question of the Week: Overvalued All-Surprise Team members

Cory on player valuation from a fantasy perspective

2010 List of 12

Finally, the 411 podcast pages on iTunes:

Fantasy 411 Audio Podcast

Fantasy 411 Video Podcast

The new year means we’ve officially entered draft prep season!


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1 Comment

This question is for the 411 crew and any other listeners/posters that want to chime in. Got the Forecaster yesterday and am intrigued by the Mayberry Method. It seems to do exactly what Mr. Shandler wants it to do, but does it simplify things too much for Auctions in roto leagues? there seem to be too much missing to be able to put together a “team” of solid stats.

If used I can see someone easily winning Homeruns and RBIs but coming in last in Runs and SB. Pitchers it seems a little more usable but then you are working 2 different “types” of systems during the same draft. Not something that appeals to me.

Now where I can see this being very,very useful is perhaps in a H2H or points snake draft league where a tiering method is your primarily draft tool.

My .02, am I on track, missing something – please disagree with me so I can stop looking at this system from 1 side…

– Nate in Springfield

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