411 Question of the Week (1/7)


Who do
you think was the best value pick so far in the ongoing
Fantasy Baseball Trade Market Expert Mock Draft?

Maybe it was the
switch back to the AL,
but for whatever reason Cliff Lee went with the 8th pick of the 8th
round. If I was a weaker man I could have taken him with the 7th
pick but I stuck to my guns on no SP until the 10th or later. It’s
not like he is going to Texas,
but the popular knock was the lack of strikeouts. Honorable mention goes to me
getting Sizemore in the 2nd.


Value is a relative term; plenty of top starters went later than would
typically be expected, but once they started going off the board they went in roughly
the order that would be expected, other than Cliff Lee as my compadre Siano
noted. Real value comes early in the draft, when an elite or All-Star caliber
player falls even a round or two, which is a much more critical distinction
early on than it is when deciding to take a player in the 12th or 13th round.
Consequently I think Kevin Youkilis was a very undervalued selection in the
early fifth round, especially considering that, with third base eligibility, he
matches up very favorably with earlier picks like Ryan Zimmerman, Pablo
Sandoval, Joey Votto, Justin Morneau and Kendry Morales. While Youkilis’ 2008
season may have been viewed as something of a fluke (yes, even by me), all he
did in 2009 was go out and duplicate it, and at the age of 31, he just might do
it again in 2010.


I really like Bob’s Joakim Soria selection with the 10th
pick of the 9th round. The guy holds a career 2.09 ERA, 0.97 WHIP and 9.98 K/9
rate. He should definitely be drafted ahead of Marmol, who is far less proven
in the stopper role. Yeah, Joakim is on a bad team, but with high-end relievers
I always value the ratio stats over a saves total that fluctuates from year to
year. Soria is dropping in a lot of mocks and I’m already targeting him as a
great #1 closer option should I decide to load up on hitters early.



MANY MANY Thanks for the coverage, guys! I really appreciate it! What great support you three have thrown my way! Thanks!!

Special ‘shout out’ to Zach for liking my choice of Soria. I can’t agree with you more, Zach. I pick my closers based on their core skills (WHIP, K/9 rate, K/BB rate). It seems that, each year, Joakim is one of my favorites.

-Bob in Cleveland, Fantasy Baseball Trade Market

While I am pleased that Mike approves of my pick of Cliff Lee, I still find it hard to believe he was still available for me at that point in the draft. I posted what I thought when I made the pick in my latest Fantasy Gameday article. The draft still has a lot of value available, just not with 5 category studs. I also agree that Soria was a great pickup, and I continually watch Youk fall too far in mock drafts for some reason or other. I also believe that Granderson in the 5th round and Derek Lee in the 7th round were high value picks.
Ivar Anderson

guys comeon.. it has to be david wright in the third round… as per ur mock draft i cud have taken hanley in the 1st , kinsler in the 2nd and wright in the 3rd!!

I completely agree with the above post. How does a top 5 pick from last year slip to the 3rd round and 31st overall? He is only 27 years old and we all know what they say about that age. If you can get .315, 25, 100, 25 (with potential for more) in the 3rd round then that’s a steal. Look at his numbers before his one down year and they are off the charts. Even last year’s numbers weren’t “horrible” and once he gets a healthy Mets lineup back around him with the J Bay addition, watch out! There is no way he will fall past pick 12-15 in any draft this year and I find it hard to believe he could slip to 31 in an “Expert Draft.” You would think a few NY boys would have jumped at D Wright after slipping so far.🙂
I find people really get caught up in the “what have you done for me lately stance”. We need to have a wider focus and not concentrate on just one previous year. This is what wins fantasy titles.
Anyways, always a pleasure

One more thing…
Are Jeter, Ellsbury, Pedroia, Beltran, Zimmer, Rollins, Sandoval and Roberts really going to be more valuable and productive than D Wright. I know a lot of these picks are made based on need and previous selections but who would have ever thought these players would go ahead of Wright 2 years ago? Amazing

Hey Guys,

How would you compare the use of three year average to the use of projections in terms of determining fantasy value for a player?

Also, can you give us an update on the podcast schedule and when the radio show will start up again?

In response to the Wright comments: Are we forgetting the guy moved into a new ballpark which came off as a bad fit for Wright in year one? Could this be an anomaly? Sure but it could mean Wright doesn’t return to the player he was unless he chooses to make that adjustment. If the Mets come back healthy and with the addition of Bay I could argue Wright doesn’t see a need to hit homers anymore. Those who think Wright’s year is worthy of 1st or 2nd round is looking at his stats through Orange and Blue collored glasses. He went -23 in homers, -50s in RBI, +22 in Ks. The bump in steals and tiny tick up in AVG was nice from 08′ but nobody drafted him for that. Wright is going right where he belongs IMO. If he becomes a steal great…..Siano

I don’t ignore or obsess over three year projections. I think they are useful for the young and old player to see progress and declines. I like taking a little bit from everything to project out what I think a guy will do and the three year projection is definitely part of that. As far as the radio show and anything else goes that is TBD. We are working on plenty of stuff so don’t worry about that but it’s just to early to announce anything and that is actually a good thing….Siano

Surprised Hanson dropped to 118. If he develops his changeup [vs lefties], and keeps dominating righties, he’ll be better than his MDC ADP of 85.

Nice value pick by Cory.

Hey guys,

got a trade question. I have Teixeira in a vanilla 12 team mixed league at $30 for one more year (265 cap). I plan on contending next season but have a chance to get Strasburg for Teixeira. If i were to make this trade, I would ask for 1 or 2 more players packaged with Strasburg. Guys I’m looking to package are McClouth (1), Cano (20), Werth (18).

Do you like this trade and if so, are these players good to aim for or should I shoot for better players?



McLouth, Cano and Werth all represent pretty good value, but if you’re planning on contending, I’d hold onto Tex. 30 bucks is a solid price and giving up the best player in a deal is always risky. Would I trade Tex for Strasburg, Cano and Werth? Maybe. But you’d then be taking on $9 in salary and not necessarily getting better for 2010. Stay put for now.


Well, Dustin Pedroia scored me big last year so he’s one and don’t underestimate Jason Bay or Ryan Zimmerman. Bay is really good becuase he racks up hits like there’s no tomorrow and so does Zimmerman, giving your team an instant advantage when they play. Ichiro might be old but his speed will get you a good steal every other game. Don’t forget the San Fran Giants pitching they scored me the biggest in my league last year. If only I had my white sox pitching in the day Mark Beurle through that perfect game.

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