411 Blog Recap (1/11)

We’re back,

Here’s a look at the latest results of the mock draft set up by Bob in Cleveland.  Last week’s question of the week focused on value picks and I can already see some nice choices in Round 11, particularly Billingsley, Bailey and Garza.  Webb is also well worth monitoring in Spring Training.  If healthy, he could deliver a monster year as he’ll be playing for a new contract.  I’m not at all afraid to take a gamble on the former Cy Young award winner at this stage of the draft.  Stay tuned for further updates.  Now let’s get to the most recent blog content:

411 Question of the Week: Mock Draft value picks

Siano analyzes the latest signings and trades

Cory on building better player projections

2010 List of 12

And the 411 podcast pages on iTunes:

Fantasy 411 Audio Podcast

Fantasy 411 Video Podcast

That’s all for now.  Today’s podcast will cover the Vlad, Huff and Chapman signings, among other topics.


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5 Keepers, OBP, HITS, HR, RBI, SB, R
Current 5: Fielder, Utley, Kemp, Holliday, Sizemore
Could trade Sizemore Plus Rollins (Not Keeping anyway) for M. Cabrera. Stand pat or trade?

Hey guys, Now that the 2010 Sporting News FBOM is out, trade proposals are flying. We use the magazine prices to set our new keeper contracts not set at the last auction or those contracts brooken since then.

Anyway I have a chance to trade Hamilton $23 for G Sizemore $30. I am leanning on making the trade…any thoughts.

Another question is if I should trade for Cano $25 or Nathan $28. I would trade Peralta, who I can’t keep.

We are 8 team AL only league $300 cap traditional roto style 5×5 stats. We can keep up to 8 players.

My current possible keepers would probably be

Morales 17
Longoria 7
A Rod 44
Quentin 6
Hamilton 23
Snider 5
C Davis 2
Youkilis 28

Lester 26
B Anderson 2
Aardsma 1
Zumaya 3

Not sure if Zumaya is going to get closer roll and closers go for over $40 at draft. That is why considering Nathan. Plus a couple owners are so wired into the internet, it is very hard to get a “just announced” closer.

My thinking is to cut Youkilis at draft and he will go close to $60 with A rod and Longoria out. Figgins is going to be kept too. I have seen the same on 1B when the top stars were kept.

Don’t know if you guys still buy the FBOM…though I seem to recall Siano saying he liked it to read on a plane or subway to have all stats in 1 spot..anyway, if you do have it…any players stick out as being underpriced?


As much as I like Sizemore this year, I don’t have a problem with that deal. Cabrera’s a legit first rounder while Sizemore still needs to prove he’s 100 percent healthy. Cabrera and Fielder are very similar players but there’s nothing wrong with having two 1B mashers. You’ve already got a decent amount of speed between Kemp, Utley and Holliday.



Love the Hamilton for Sizemore trade and would lean towards doing the Nathan deal considering how much closers go for in your league. Tough to lose Cano but I honestly can’t see him doing much better than he did in ’09.

I actually did buy the Sporting News magazine but it’ll be just one of a few resources I’ll use for draft prep. Don’t have the dollar values in front of me but I do remember disagreeing with a lot of those prices. In my experience, players tend to go for more than the projected amount which in this case actually helps you with regards to keepers.


hey guys I was in rebuilding mode last year in an NL only keeper auction 5×5 league 260$ cap. I think i have a number of good keepers but I’m trying to figure out which ones i need to trade away to keep within the 12 player limit (roster is 15 offense (2 C 5 OF MI CI U )and 9 pitchers). all minor league players in your team come up with a 3 year 7$ contract once eligable.
felipe lopez 10$ 2011
casey mcgehee 7$ 2011
orlando hudson 12$ 2011
chris coghlan 7$ 2011 (drafted him in minor draft)
skip schumaker 5$ 2010
josh willingham 17$ 2011
jim thome 7$ 2011
broxton 29$ 2011
ryan dempster 7$ 2010
j. a. happ 1$ 2011 (best flier i made last year)
tim hudson 2$ 2011
josh johnson 7$ 2010
hiroki kuroda 12$ 2010
ricky nolasco 3$ 2010

i need to trade 2 of these players


I’d definitely look to deal Willingham. He doesn’t offer much outside of decent power and has proven to be very injury prone. 17 bucks is an awful lot for him. As for the other player, I think there’s a strong possibility that Thome signs with an AL club for 2010 which, assuming you lose guys who cross over leagues, would render him useless. If this isn’t the case or you can’t find any takers for Thome, Kuroda would be my choice.


Hey Guys,
At this time last year I was a big fan of Matt Kemp. How does Matt Kemp’s potential going it last season compare with that of Justin Upton?



The two are very comparable, both being up and coming power/speed guys with seemingly unlimited potential. I’m not sure if Upton will ever steal quite as many bases as Kemp, but he’s already a bona fide top-15 fantasy OF, which is saying a lot for any 22-year-old.


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