411 Blog Recap (1/19)

Hey everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  Just a reminder to check out the ongoing mock draft that Mike and Cory are participating in, complete with comments from many of the “league” members.  They’re currently in Round 14.

And here’s a rundown of the latest blog content:

Tout thoughts from Siano

411 Question of the Week: Overrated closers

Cory on building better player projections

2010 List of 12

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Hey guys,

Wanted to hear your opinions on these players for the coming season. What type of production could I expect?

-JJ Hardy
-Ervin Santana
-Homer Bailey

note: 12 team 5×5 mix, $260 cap


Just wanted to say thanks to Siano for posting his list of favorite baseball books back in December. I have been reading one after another since Christmas. Halfway through the Final Season and it is not what I expected but an excellent read.

I do have a Keeper question. 12 team mixed, H2H 6×6 (OPS/Holds) and every team keeps 7 w/ no penalty. You can keep them forever. I won last year so I also get the 1st pick, so essentially I get to keep 8. I of course am going to try to trade for better keepers but if I can’t who do you like w/ this format?

Adrian Gonzalez **
Curtis Granderson
Aaron Hill **
Andrew McCutchen **
Mark Teixeira **
BJ Upton
Matt Weiters **
Joe Nathan **
Jonathon Paplebon **
CC Sabathia **
David Price

I put asterisks next to the 8 guys that I plan on keeping at this point.


I like all three of those guys as sleepers. If you really want to go cheap at SS or MI, Hardy’s a nice choice. Let’s not forget about his 50 combined homers over 2007-2008. Whether Target Field will be as good of a hitter’s park as the Metrodome remains to be seen, but Hardy will be an everyday guy and carries little downside.

I don’t really know what to expect from Erv but injuries probably played a role in last season’s struggles. He’s certainly worth a buck or two in mixed leagues.

As for Bailey, I’m very high on him. There’s a reason he was a top prospect and in the second half of ’09 he started to show it. I’m targeting him as a solid mid-rotation guy in NL-only leagues or a #5 type option in mixed.



Tough to narrow that list down but if I had to eliminate three, it would actually be Hill, Nathan and Price. As great as it is to own a 2B with power, I’m not completely sold on Hill and your current group of choice lacks speed. I love Granderson hitting in that ballpark and Girardi is an aggressive manager when it comes to steals. 30/30 with 110 runs is very possible. Eliminating Nathan is extremely difficult but he’s getting up there in age and you’ve already got Papelbon. B.J. still has major upside and will provide plenty of steals. The fact that this is a long-term keeper league makes him even more appealing. Yeah, you’d be keeping a lot of OFs but McCutchen, Upton and Granderson is an outstanding young trio.


Hey guys,

Doin some early prep before we have to submit keepers next month – im tryin to make a move to trade up, but assuming that doesnt happen, could use some input on the following keeper list. 12 team mixed vanilla, we keep 7 (no round value attached).
Definitely keeping Hanley, Prince, Markakis, Votto & Greinke. Leaves G. Beckham, Carlos Gonzalez, Beckett, and Tommy Hanson for the last 2 spots.

– greg, LI

Does anyone have a free site that has some AAV for 2010??


CBS Sportsline just put these auction values up a couple days ago:




I’d go with Gonzalez and Hanson. They might not be top-seven round guys right now but can definitely perform at that level in 2010.



Knowing Homer Bailey may be set for a “breakout”, would you bless this trade?

I give up Bailey ($1) for Jason Heyward (minors, no salary right now but $5 if promoted)

This is a 12 team mixed, 5×5 keeper league, $265 cap.


ps i also have cueto ($1) and bucholz ($5). trade partner is interested in bailey but should I attempt to move one of these guys first?


Tough to take the pitcher over the hitter, but I’ll do just that. I’m very much on the Bailey bandwagon and as great of a prospect Heyward is, let me see him perform at the big league level first before making this kind of trade.


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