411 Blog Checklist (1/25)

Hey guys,

The Slow Mock Draft is moving along…at a snail’s pace. Check out the latest results and commentary here as Round 16 nears completion.

On to the rest of the recent blog links:

411 Question of the Week: Which position is the weakest in fantasy this year?

Siano analyzes the very latest transactions

Cory on building better player projections

2010 List of 12

And the 411 podcast pages on iTunes:

Fantasy 411 Audio Podcast

Fantasy 411 Video Podcast

Lastly, be sure to catch today’s podcast. The audio version is already out.  Mike and Cory discussed the Rick Ankiel and Octavio Dotel signings while touching on the mock draft.


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Mike and Cory which players on the cleveland indians can have the biggest impack in fantasy in 2010?

16 team keeper league rank these catchers. McCann, Posada, M Montero. Thanks.

Mike, Cory,
You pick closers instead of bats in the early rounds, not for saves but for other stats. Doesn’t one super-ace starting pitcher in the early rounds make up for the follies of 2-3 mediocre closers because of the innings pitched? I draft closers early and pitchers late myself, but mostly because you told me to. Why? It’s because the List of 12 is so $$$, right? Bargain value bats are harder to find than bargain value pitchers? Is this an argument that can be backed up statistically?
Another Mike

Ken, watch Sizemore in spring training to see if he’s healthy again. Asdrubal Cabrera provides strong value with 2-category eligibility, and if Jhonny Peralta’s power returns he could be a nice pick in his last year of MI eligibility. Matt LaPorta could provide a nice power/AVG combo if he’s healthy, and of course Carlos Santana is an elite prospect who could win the catcher job over the summer. Pitching-wise, it’s all about Chris Perez… how long ’til he takes over the closer gig?

Al: McCann, Montero, Posada. All three clear-cut.

‘nother Mike, an elite SP is of course worth every bit as much as (if not more than) an elite closer, but the problem is that even the elite SP’s can be very flaky in terms of performance. Nearly every SP you’d think of as a top 10-15 guy this year has had at least one season in recent memory where he was less than stellar, or injured, or both: Johan, Halladay, Oswalt, Verlander, etc. Lincecum hasn’t yet, which is why he’s the clear-cut #1 guy, and CC has been remarkably consistent. But we thought that about Brandon Webb last year, too…


Hey guys,
What are your thoughts on Kershaw for next year? I know he is going to be a stud, but I’ve been reading about his low HR/FB rate last year, as well as his high BB/9 rate. Something that people aren’t talking about yet, is the lose of O-dog. If one of the best defensive 2nds leaves, I think that could cost him some numbers as well.
In my keeper league, I have been offered Wainwright for Kershaw. My other pitching keepers are Felix, Gallardo, Jiminez and Nolasco – so I’ve got a lot of young, live arms already.
Do you make this deal based on the fact that Wainwright will be better in the immediate future?


Yeah, I’d make that trade. Not only is Wainwright the more polished pitcher right now, but who’s to say for sure that Kershaw will turn out to be better than him? It’s not like Wainwright’s an old man either. I think in keeper leagues there’s a point where we can put too much value in how great a player can be in the future. I’ll take my chances with the guy coming off the Cy Young caliber season.



Just wondering if you’re going to update the awesome player projections you provided last year for 2010 … any chance? I was following your SGP guidance and realize I don’t have reliable projections to build off of … anyway, let us know as I’m sure there are a bunch of us following this blog that’ll find it useful.


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