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We’re back,

About two more rounds of the slow mock draft have been completed in the past
week, so Click
to check in on the recent results and commentary.

This blog was also very busy last week.  Below are the links to the latest

Question of the Week: Overvalued Starting Pitchers

on adjusting projections for position scarcity

analyzes the very latest transactions

List of 12

Topics on today’s podcast will include the Orlando Cabrera and Melvin Mora
signings and Francisco Liriano’s 2010 outlook.



I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I can?t decide whether to keep Jayson Werth or B.J. Upton as my 9th keeper. My other keepers are Youkilis, Wright, Utley, Tulowitzki, Kemp, Holliday, Lincecum and Halladay. I?m planning on using Wieters, Beckham (hopefully at MI), and Hanson next year from my minor league roster (I also have Travis Snider and David Price). I?m leaning towards Upton?s steals and age over Werth?s power and RBIs, but I?m seeing ADPs for Upton all over the board and I?m getting nervous. Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Hey Guys. Zach, thanks for the advice on the Wright/Braun trade. Unfortunately the guy declined so I have to look other directions. Here are some potential options for my last keeper. I’m leaning towards a bat because I’m already keeping Greinke and Wainwright and we can only keep 6 total. My hitting keepers are Wright, Sizemore, and Mauer. The round that the player could be kept in is in parentheses.
Javier Vazquez (13th)
Travis Snider (23rd)
Kendry Morales (22nd) – via trade
Dexter Fowler (30th)
Asdrubal Cabrera (16th)
Brett Anderson (30th)- via trade
Tommy Hanson (29th) – via trade

I’m leaning toward trying to trade Vazquez for Morales, but there are a lot of options here. What’s your take?


Trying to figure out what kind of season Upton will have in 2010 is giving me headaches too! I think you still have to go with B.J. We know he’ll steal 40 or so bags and the potential for an across the board breakout is still there. Remember, he’s just 25, five years younger than Werth. In a long-term keeper, letting Upton go at this point could very well come back to haunt you. There’s enough stability already on your keeper list to allow for somewhat of a gamble. Upton remains a gamble worth taking.



Love the Vazquez for Morales trade idea. If you can pull it off, this would be my first choice. Kendry’s definitely the best keeper of that bunch. I’m intrigued by Fowler’s high end speed ability and you’ve got him at great value but the crowded OF situation in Colorado scares me a bit. Cabrera could turn out to be a decent choice too considering the utter lack of depth at MI. Try trading for Morales and then check back in with us!


Hey Zach
12 team H2H points league keeper question
Can keep 11 guys, So far I have
V Mart
M Holliday
Johan Santana
Aramis Ramirez

Im stuck on the last 2 spots. Im between Quinten/Werth/Carlos Lee/ Nolasco/S Baker and Wandy

Would like to know which 2 guys you would keep for the last 2 spots


Hey Jordan,

You’re already keeping three pitchers so I think you definitely have to go with hitters here. Werth and Lee would be my choices. Quentin is too much of an injury liability to trust at this point. Excellent keeper list by the way!


Hey 411,
Here’s an update on my keeper situation. Last time I talked to you I was trying to trade Vazquez and guys I wasn’t going to keep for Morales (22nd). I do still have that option open, but I also have another option that I think may be more beneficial overall. One of the teams needs pitching and is willing to trade me Jeter (5th) for Vazquez and Haren (who I’m not keeping due to better round values on Greinke -7, and Wainwright – 9). This would give me my 4th round open and I think I could get a big hitting 1B in that spot along the lines of Dunn or Pena, who I think will be thrown back. Kendry is definitely a better round value, but SS is so shallow that I think this might be the way to go. What do you think?

Just to expand, if I kept Jeter my round specific keepers would be: Wright (1), Mauer (2), Sizemore (3), Jeter (5), Greinke (7), and Wainwright (9). If I kept Morales I would have him in the 22nd instead of Jeter in the 5th which would open up my 4th and 5th rounds, but I’d be looking at taking **** like Asdrubal Cabrera as all of the top SS will be kept. Thanks again.


I fully endorse the Jeter for Vazquez deal. As I’ve stated in a previous question of the week, I’m not at all comfortable with the SS pool this year and will try my best to get a top-5 guy in all my drafts. You’ve certainly got enough depth at SP to afford the loss of Vazquez, who will actually be overvalued heading into this season. He’s not putting up a sub-3 ERA in the AL East, that’s for sure!


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