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March 6th: NY First Pitch Forum
March 21: Fantasy 411 Preview Show: 8 PM ET on MLB Network
March 26th: AL Tout Wars Draft @ Citi Field
March 27th: NFBC NY, Citi Field
March 28th: NL and Mixed Tout, Citi Field

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2010 MLB.com Fantasy Preview

Hey everyone,

It’s official. The 2010 fantasy baseball season is here. Why do I say this? Because the MLB.com Fantasy Preview is up and running, complete with rankings, in-depth analysis, projections, dollar values and cheat sheets. Check it out.

The slow mock draft is certainly living up to its name. Click Here for the most recent results.

Now to the blog links…

411 Question of the Week: Need for speed

on adjusting projections for position scarcity

analyzes the very latest transactions

List of 12

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Hi there – great to read and hear the 411 in fine form for 2010.

I was wondering what you thought of two Twins coming back from injury in 2010. Justin Morneau and Kevin Slowey.

I’ve heard reports that Morneau is coming back from a broken back – this sounds worrying. Could he wear down over the season or need periods of extended rest. Does he slip a round or two in your projections as a result?

There was a lot of hype around Kevin Slowey going in to last season as a potential sleeper starter in the mid-teens rounds. Before the mid-season wrist injury he was struggling in the ratio categories. Is there any reason to believe that he will come back and resume the position of a potential sleeper or does his performance in limited action in 2010 and the injury mean that you would stay away from him?

I’m in a head to head 12 team weekly points league in which speed is valued slightly less than in a regular rotisserie league. We play with 13 batters, 5 starters and 3 relievers. I tend to value starting pitching a bit lower than hitting in this league because there are so many more serviceable arms on the waiver wire.

However, I have a dilemma. My two highest points scorers last year were Zack Greinke and Felix Hernandez. I’m loathe to keep two starters but seems like I’d be stupid not to.

My other potential keepers are Lance Berkman, Dan Uggla (his poor average doesn’t hurt me in this format), Jimmy Rollins, Aaron Hill, Nate McLouth, Shin-Soo Choo, Ben Zobrist, Adam Jones and Grady Sizemore.

I’m planning on keeping Rollins, Sizemore, Choo and King Felix for sure. After this it is something of a toss-up.

I’m wary of Hill and Zobrist being able to repeat anything close to their 2009 numbers.

Don’t tell me to package the players up in a 2 for 1 deal – my league mates are notoriously suspicious of anyone offering them deals, so I may not be able to make a trade.

Thanks, David

Hey Guys,
I was just wondering if you have an estimated date of when Cory’s composite rankings will be available on an Excel spreadsheet like they have been in the past. You guys rock!

Do you think I should make this trade?:

I get: Torii Hunter and Adam Jones
I give: Matt Holliday and Carlos Quentin


I’m slightly concerned about Morneau as back injuries have a tendency to linger but his rehab is reportedly going very well. I think his upside outweighs his risk, especially considering that his stock has fallen quite a bit (ESPN ranks him as the #12 first baseman). Should Justin fall to say the late-fourth round, I’d be more than willing to scoop him up.

I’m a lot more worried about Slowey. Monitor his status in the next month or so because we really don’t know how he’s progressing. A pitcher recovering from a wrist injury is scary so withhold judgment until further notice.
In your case, I think you have to keep the two pitchers. Greinke is easily the best choice of that bunch and there’s always the option of trading him at some point down the road.



I’d pass on that one. Not a huge fan of Quentin considering the injury risk but all signs are positive with respect to his rehab. He says he should be 100 percent for Opening Day and we all know what he can do when healthy. The prospect of adding Jones and his sky high potential is tempting but this mostly comes down to Holliday. He’s clearly the best player in the deal and I’m expecting monster numbers in his first full season hitting in the same lineup as Pujols. As for Hunter, he’s getting up there in age and I don’t see his value getting much higher than it is right now.


Whom would you prefer this year and long term Markakis or Bruce?

Our offensive categories are OBP, Runs, RBI, and TB.


Hey guys. I m in a 10-team keeper league 6×6 with total bases and quality starts. I’m keeping Morneau, Votto, Cano, Wright, Crawford and Lester. My seventh keeper is up in the air. My choice is Choo, Dunn and Wieters.

Trying to spice things up for my league with some creative ideas for my league. Last year we implemented a rule that you can have up to 2 keepers for guys who are drafted after the 5th round, for example. Let me know if anyone has any cool ideas like that. Thank you!


Bruce’s upside is greater but Markakis has already proven to be a very solid Major League hitter and can still get better so I’ll go with him. The fact that your league does not use home runs also leans in Markakis’ favor as homers are the one category in which Bruce has a clear edge.



There are a lot of Adam Dunn haters out there but I’m a big fan of the guy. Sure his AVG is wildly inconsistent from year to year but you know he’ll hit around 40 homers every single season. Who else can we say that about? Pujols, Howard, A-Rod…the list ends right around there. Choo is coming off a great year but it is only one year and his high K rate suggests that he’s due for a correction in the AVG department. Tough to pass on Wieters but I think in a 10 teamer there’s a chance you can get him back. Your keeper group is very strong in AVG already so I think you can afford keeping Dunn.


I like that idea. In my keeper football league you can keep anyone after the 10th round but they cost you a 5th round pick so maybe you can use that. Don’t add too many keepers though, keep draft day alive, that’s the real spice.

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