411 Question of the Week (2/12)


If you could make one change on these Catcher rankings (ADP list from Mock Draft Central), what would it be?


  1. Joe Mauer    
  2. Victor Martinez
  3. Brian McCann
  4. Matt Wieters
  5. Jorge Posada
  6. Kurt Suzuki
  7. Russell Martin
  8. Miguel Montero
  9. Geovany Soto
  10. Bengie Molina
  11. Mike Napoli
  12. Chris Iannetta
  13. Ryan Doumit
  14. Yadier Molina
  15. Miguel Olivo


Matt Wieters may yet live up to his Mike Piazza-meets-Zeus hype, but ranking him fourth overall among catchers is still over-optimistic based on what we’ve seen so far. Indeed he did finish strong last year, hitting .333-4-17 in September, but his .882 OPS that month was 115 points higher than in any other month, and those five count also. If he were to maintain that level of production for six months this ranking would certainly be justified, but anything short of that represents too high an investment for this big a gamble.




Going off what Cory said I would simply flip Wieters and Suzuki. Suzuki showed what an asset he can be over a full season and he should get better at 26. Hanging .275/20/95/80/12 on Kurt in 2010 is not a huge reach and we love speed from the catcher position. I would have put Posada 4th if not for age and injury issues, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the spot with Suzuki a close 5th. Then again, Soto and Martin can be re-born and blow it all to bits.




Bengie Molina has been one of the more consistent offensive catchers over the past several seasons but I’m not high on him this year for a couple reasons. At 35, he’s reached an age when most catchers begin to break down. Playing in the NL certainly doesn’t help matters as the Giants will not have the DH option to occasionally give him a break from backstop duties. Then there’s the Buster Posey factor. Should Posey not make the big club out of spring training, chances are he joins the team by June at the latest. Molina’s value would obviously take a major hit if his title changes from starting catcher to Posey’s babysitter. I’d knock Molina down at least two spots on these rankings, placing both Mike Napoli and a healthy Ryan Doumit ahead of him. Chris Iannetta might even wind up with better final numbers than Bengie.





Besides the top 3, I would not spend top 10 picks in a 12 team mix for the rest of the catchers… the value they deliver simply won’t justify.

But it seems like people can get Geovany Soto as late as round 15, which I think is a very high reward gamble. The only question I have is how much will Soto play on a regular basis? I played Napoli last season and his split role absolutely killed me.

Mike and Corey with a full season now at 3rd Base for
Jhonny Peralta. Can he have a return to form in 2010 or he one of those players you don’t know what you are going to get with him? Because he has one good week and one bad week and on and on and on.

Mike and Corey with a full season now at 3rd Base for
Jhonny Peralta. Can he have a return to form in 2010 or he one of those players you don’t know what you are going to get with him? Because he has one good week and one bad week and on and on and on. Name:Kenny Hometown:Ohio

hey guys, im in a 12 team mixed 5 by 5 keeper league. the way that we do keepers however is different than most, each players keeper value is tied into what round they were picked in (for example i picked justin upton in the 11th so he’ll b an 11th rounder this year). We keep 4 and i will definately keep upton (11) and A-Rod (2) for my last two i was wondering if i should keep kinsler (3), kendry (24), aaron hill (24), or wainwright (12). or would it b a good idea to trade for two first rounders, lets say miguel cabrera and tex?
-thanks, Max

Would you make this deal?:

Give: Alex Rodriguez and Johnny Damon
Get: Evan Longoria and Justin Upton

I have a dynasty draft coming up. Who would you pick as your top 10 if the only guys available were 2009 draftees and recent international signees (J. Iglesias, A. Chapman, etc)? Also, where would Starlin Castro fit into that list.


Hi Guys, Here is my tentative 7 keepers for my dynasty keeper league. It’s a roto league.

Looking for thoughts and suggestions.

My tentative keepers are Utley, Braun, Upton, McCutchen, Heyward, Kershaw, and Hanson.

C J.R. Towles, Hou C
1B Lance Berkman, Hou 1B
2B Chase Utley, Phi 2B K
3B Andy LaRoche, Pit 3B
SS Everth Cabrera, SD SS
OF Ryan Braun, Mil OF K
OF Justin Upton, Ari OF K
OF Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF K
UTIL Carlos Quentin, CWS OF K

Bench Nelson Cruz, Tex
Bench Justin Smoak, Tex 1B
Bench Jason Heyward, Atl OF DTD
DL Dexter Fowler, Col OF

P Francisco Rodriguez, NYM RP
P Leo Nunez, Fla RP
SP Josh Beckett, Bos SP
SP Brian Duensing, Min SP,RP
SP Carl Pavano, Min
RP Frank Francisco, Tex RP
RP Jason Frasor, Tor
Bench Clayton Kershaw, LAD SP K
Bench Wandy Rodriguez, Hou SP
Bench Tommy Hanson, Atl SP K
Bench Jorge De La Rosa, Col SP

Gentlemen, I’m looking forward to another great season of your show. However, I’m not looking forward to (in fact I’m dreading) my upcoming NL-only keeper draft. I’m one of those who opened the bank for Matt Holliday (to the tune of $67) when he returned to the NL in ’09. The gamble came up just short, leaving me 1.5 points out of 1st place. Now I’ve got a player I very much hoped would sign with an AL team gobbling up 24% of my team salary. I have 13 spots to fill (10 position players, 3 pitchers). Could you point me in the direction of a list of players in the NL who would qualify as bargains ($5 to $6)? Or maybe drop the names of a couple of guys you think I should be looking at?



I like Kinsler’s value as a third rounder but deciding between the other three is tricky. All are great options so if there’s a way to package two or even three of them to get a better keeper, that would be my first choice. If a trade isn’t possible, I’ll go with Hill due to the position scarcity factor. I’m not a real believer in Hill’s chances of coming close to last year’s production level but a 24th rounder is a small price to pay for a 2B who can hit even 20 homers, let alone more.



Normally I’m against any deal in which you’re giving up the best player but this is a no-brainer. Longoria and Upton are easily the second and third best players here and both could produce like clear-cut first rounders in 2010 and approach A-Rod’s level. Damon’s value takes a hit with his move away from the Yankees.

I’m in full agreement with your choices. The only debatable pick is opting for Heyward over Quentin or even Cruz given the fact that Heyward has yet to step onto a big league diamond, but Quentin’s injury-prone nature scares me and Cruz regressed in the second half last year. There seems to be little doubt that Heyward will become an All-Star caliber player down the road so I’ll stick with him.



Being “stuck” with Holliday is no terrible thing but that price is obviously enormous. As for NL OFs, a few guys that come to mind are Milledge, Carlos Gomez, Xavier Nady (if healthy and playing), and Ryan Church (if healthy and playing). Definitely pay close attention to key position battles in Spring Training.


I play in a H2H points keeper league with no limit on how long you keep players. Would you trade Hanley for Howard and Jose Reyes? I could draft someone like Billy Butler if I kept Hanley. Which 2 would you prefer long term? Thanks,


Shortstop is extremely thin this year which makes owning a guy like Hanley a huge luxury. Perhaps no player is more of a high-risk high-upside choice than Reyes. Considering that his injury directly affects his greatest attribute (speed), I’m concerned that if he is not fully 100 percent now, his health issues could linger going forward. Howard’s probably the game’s most consistent power hitter but Butler has a decent amount of upside and there are a lot of very solid first baseman. Of course few can compare to Howard, but I’d place a greater importance on owning the #1 SS for years to come.



That’s a great question. I am hoping to have draft guru Jonathan Mayo answer and then post his answer here. Stay tuned……Mike


I think Peralta can have a bounce back year and it?s no better time than now to get him since his MI days appear over. For him to have value as a 3B in 2011 he?d have to have a big 2010.



***Here’s Mayo’s answer:

Starlin Castro
Drew Storen
Aaron Crow
Jacob Turner
Tyler Matzek
Mike Leake
Jose Iglesias (not sure how much he?ll hit)
Aroldis Chapman

My feel for the international guys is a lot shakier.

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