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Hey Mike

I am a long time 411 listener and fantasy player, but am just this year setting up a keeper league with some of my law school buddies. We are trying to figure out some of the ‘best practices’ for creating a keeper league, and I have a few questions. Maybe you can offer some insight. 12 team 6×6 rotisserie, k/9 and obs are extra categories.

1. What do you do about players that don’t yet show up in the espn player rankings? I can’t even find Strausberg and Haywood, and those are marquee prospects, I haven’t even looked for less popular guys. We were thinking about allowing for place holders, so at draft day you would announce who you draft and then take a no-name player to hold that spot. What do new leagues usually do?

2. What is the normal amount of keepers? I was thinking 4. some people want more. The league has about 5 die hard fantasy players, maybe 5 more good players, and 2 novices, so I want to keep the field as even as possible.

3. What is the usual trade deadline? Is there one?

I appreciate any help you might offer.




1. Hold that spot is fine just draft someone beyond obscure so nobody in their right mind would think you actually want them. The whole not showing up in rankings stuff is a problem but it?s manageable.
2. I think you should do a minimum of 3 and a max of 5 so 4 splits that difference. You never want to dilute draft day too much but you also don?t need it taking 9 hours. 36-60 guys off the board keeps the line moving on draft day but doesn?t make it boring and lacking of stars.
3. I would use at least one full week after July 31. You want the dust to settle on a flurry of moves on July 31 if it occurs and give your league time to adjust. No trade deadline is a recipe for disaster IMO. It allows stupid stuff to happen down the stretch that you don?t want to deal with.
Hope this helped??Mike

Hey guys,

My 11 team 5×5 roto league is going down to 10 teams. How should I adjust my goal targets for each category?


any listener leagues i can get involved in?

Cory – are you going to share you preseason rankings/ projections as in years past?


Hey fellas – great work on the fantasy preview!

Quick question – What is the source of the 2010 projections, and is it possible to get a spreadsheet of the entire set?

Add my name to the list of 411 fans waiting for Cory’s annual combined projections!




I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference but you’ll obviously need to aim for higher counting stats…no set formula though. You’ll see the difference during the draft and will just have to adjust accordingly.

We’re currently surveying the listener leagues to find out if there are any available spots and Siano will then determine what to do from there.

Yes, Cory is working on those projections and will make them available fairly soon.

The writers of each of the positional previews (Cory did 3B, I did RP) make their own projections which are then tinkered with by the editors based on any breaking developments. Not sure if I can get my hands on the complete spreadsheet but I’ll look into it.


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