Final Slow Mock Draft Results


That’s right! The Fantasy Baseball Trade Market slow mock draft has finally come to an end. Click Here to view the Round 23 results and use the links on the right side panel to see the rest of the draft results. You can also access the Draft Grid, a PDF document that shows the picks in grid format as well as each team’s roster.

A few observations:

-Habiger taking Aaron Hill over Dustin Pedroia in the second round is a risky move to say the least considering Hill’s very short track record. I wouldn’t have done it as Hill will need to go .280-30-100 minimum to make this investment pay off.

-The Markakis/B.J. Upton/Hamilton/Granderson debate: In almost all of the mock drafts I’ve seen so far, these outfielders have been taken very close together and in several different orders. This mock was no exception. I have them ranked Granderson, Upton, Markakis, Hamilton but an argument can be made for any one of these guys going first. I’m not willing to gamble on the injury-prone Hamilton in the fourth round and believe that Markakis simply does not have the #1 OF upside of Granderson or Upton.

-Top tier starters like Halladay, Sabathia, King Felix, Verlander and Johan not being drafted until the fifth or sixth round isn’t much of a surprise considering that all of these participants seem to be devout 411 followers when it comes to SP draft strategy but in most drafts you’ll never see all of them falling this far.

-Jay Bruce getting drafted in the early eighth round ahead of more established names like Hunter, Abreu and Ibanez says a lot about the perceived value of a high-potential former top prospect vs an older veteran coming off a very productive season.

-Corey Hart in the 19th, Harang in the 20th and Cueto in the 23rd are all outstanding value picks.

While Cory’s team lacks a true bopper, he somewhat made up for it by drafting above-average power guys at thin positions (Utley, Rollins, Zobrist) though I would not have taken Zobrist over Verlander. The underrated Valverde in the 12th and Homer Bailey in the 20th were, in my opinion, his best value picks.Rios could also turn out to be a steal if he can ever regain the form that made him a top-15 OF just a couple seasons ago.

As for Siano’s squad, his strength is clearly in the outfield as Braun, Sizemore and Werth were all gobbled up within the first four rounds. I really like the power/speed balance among this group. Mike usually tries to draft two closers back-to-back early on but made out real well  thanks to K-Rod falling to the 10th round. Love the Billingsley-Weaver-Burnett-Jackson foursome considering that all were drafted in Round 11 or later. Passing on Wright in the mid-third round in favor of Roberts is a little surprising, especially since third base lacks depth this year. I’m also not high on the decision to draft an aging Berkman over aces like Haren and Verlander but this can be explained by a difference in strategy. I have no problem with taking a starter in the sixth round if a truely elite one is still available.

Well those are just some of my quick thoughts. Let us know what you think.



Who would you rather have in a H2H league: Wandy Rodriguez or Jake Peavy?

How are the projections coming along, Cory?

Hey guys I have been searching the archives and i can not find a copy of your league bible. I just took over a league and i want to put together a bible of rules so the questions that plagued the league in the 7 years I have been in it will not plague us like the past. Thanks

Hi guys,
looking forward to another great season with the 411.

A question, related to 2 mental aspects, one vision aspect.

Brian McCann: would u still keep his visual issues in mind when drafting him? I usually pick a C within the first 4 rounds, will target Mauer-Martinez-McCann in this order.
Any concerns about .285, 25,90 with McCann, is his vision an issue? I always considered McCann a not-so-fit type of guy, having a few years behind the plate on his back and have health concerns here to.
I also lean towards Montero, consider him a break-out candidate.

2nd Q, stress related issues:
Votto and Greinke, no doubt about their skills, I am still cautious about Vottos issues, with Greinke, too (not gonna pick him anyway, too high of a pick). When Greinkes contracts expires, I regard him as a huge Yankee target, i, however, doubt his mental capability of handling Gotham City.

I d love to hear from u guys about the mental issue as well as the vision/fitness aspect of McCann.

Thanks and greets from Germany,


The guys will address your question on today’s show but I’d go with Peavy despite the injury risk. His upside is very tempting.

Cory continues to work on those projections. You’ll get them soon enough.

Not sure if the 411 ever put together a bible but I’ll find out from Siano. Feel free to ask any specific questions concerning problems that arose.

I’m not all that concerned about McCann. He’s still just 25 (26 on Saturday) and has been as consistent as they come from the C position though I agree with your ranking of V-Mart ahead of him. As for Votto, he was outstanding following his return to action last year so factoring in both his performance and his statements about being over the depression, I’m not worried. Same goes for Greinke.


I know you guys usually advise to wait for starting pitching. Do you still feel this is applicable this year? When do you think is a good round to plan on picking your first pitcher and who are some names you would consider?

Dallin from Idaho


I know Cory or Mike posted one in the last three years, if you could track that down that would save me a ton of time and have a template to work off of. thanks

Hi Guys!
Thanks for a great show and all the good information. Im in one league where we also have a slow draft and we draft at the values statued on the awsome 2010 Fantasy Baseball Preview. So not an auction just turn based but with values.

A bit of controversey has come up since two players has different values dependant on how you find them. Nelson Cruz cost $21 if you find him in the top 100 list but 22 in the OF list. Skip Schumaker cost $3 found under OF but $5 at 2B.

Its creating a huge argument in my league which price we should go for.

Any comments or what prices should we go for?

Johan from Sweden, loooong time listener

Guys, thanks for the best fantasy baseball show I have found! I have a keeper question. My selections are due next week, who would you keep?

After selecting my keepers, what stats/positions should I emphasize in the draft to field a competitive team?

10 team, Mixed League, 5X5, I can keep up to eight, less than eight gets picks at the beginning of the draft. Here’s my candidates:

Hanley Ramirez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Grady Sizemore, Dustin Pedroia, Victor Martinez, Derrek Lee, Andrew McCutchen, Carlos Quentin, Matt Laporta, Jay Bruce, Tim Lincecum, Brian Fuentes, Joakim Soria, Francisco Cordero, Brad Lidge

Mike and Corey hello gentlemen. How do you see Nate Mclouth doing this year in fantasy? 2 years ago he put up good numbers but last year he was hit by injurys after he was traded to the braves. What kind of season do you Mclouth having in 2010? Name:Kenny Hometown:Ohio

babu, I think you have to go Peavy, he has some question marks (injuries, move to AL) but pound for pound he is just flat out the better pitcher until Wandy shows us otherwise.


Kenny, I think McLouth will be closer to 2008 this year. He stays healthy he should at least get close.


Dallin, check out the mock draft results you’ll see the arms we got by waiting. In amixed league the 411 philosophy is stronger than ever!



Not sure exactly why those discrepancies exist but am surprised that a couple of bucks is creating THAT much of an uproar. I don’t think you can go wrong either way but would probably go with the position value.

My picks would be Hanley, Ellsbury, Sizemore, Pedroia, V-Mart, McCutchen, Lincecum, Soria. I’d emphasize power early on as you don’t have any definite 30-HR guys but someone like McCutchen is simply a better investment than Bruce or Quentin.


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