411 Question of the Week (2/19)



on our position-by-position look at ADP rankings, if you could make one change
on these Top 15 1B rankings from Mock Draft Central, what would it be?


  1. Albert Pujols
  2. Mark Teixeira
  3. Prince Fielder
  4. Miguel Cabrera
  5. Ryan Howard
  6. Joey Votto
  7. Adrian Gonzalez
  8. Kevin Youkilis
  9. Justin Morneau
  10. Kendry Morales
  11. Lance Berkman
  12. Carlos Pena
  13. Derrek Lee
  14. Billy Butler
  15. Chris Davis

The change
I would make has nothing to do with who is on this list, it’s who’s not on the
list, and that’s Adam Dunn of the Nationals. He’s never going to win a batting
title, but he’s about as close a sure thing as there is for drafting 40 homers
and 100 RBI’s, power numbers not dissimilar to Carlos Pena and clearly superior
to many of the second-tier names ahead of him. His outstanding plate discipline
leads to plenty of walks, and combined with the improved Nationals offense,
that should yield enough runs to at least partially offset the poor batting


I’d move Adrian
Gonzalez ahead of Votto. He’s been doing it longer and I believe he will end
the season in a different uniform which can only make his value rise. If you
disagreed I wouldn’t fault you. Weird to see Morneau so low but it’s
understandable. This position is so damn deep.  Did you know that, of the
top 16 players in the Majors in homers for 2009, ten of them qualify for 1B?


Chris Davis simply does
not deserve to be drafted 15th among first basemen. The guy was so
bad in the first half last year (.202 AVG, 114 strikeouts in 258 ABs) that he was
sent to the Minors for almost two months. While Davis performed fairly well down the stretch,
he was still one of the biggest fantasy busts of 2009 and has a lot to prove at
the big league level. Give me the steady yet underappreciated Adam LaRoche, Jorge
Cantu or Paul Konerko over Davis.
I’m just not a believer.




Not that you would consider playing them there, but I’d like to point out that Youk, Mark Reynolds, and Victor Martinez are also 1B-eligible. Considering the ridiculous depth, it almost makes me wonder about taking Hanley over Albert with pick #1… almost.

To answer the prompt, I’d move Billy Butler up ahead of Carlos Pena (mostly because I don’t like having to draft Ichiro to make up for the BA).

Patiently waiting for Cory’s Composite Projections,
-Glenn in Portland

Sandoval is another one of those players that qualifies at 1B, but, in all likliness, you aren’t going to play him there.


Billy Butler will outperform Lee and Pena, maybe even Berkman.

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