411 Question of the Week (2/26)



Continuing our position-by-position look at ADP rankings, what change would you make on this Top 15 SS list from Mock Draft Central?


1.    Hanley Ramirez

2.    Troy Tulowitzki

3.    Jimmy Rollins

4.    Jose Reyes

5.    Derek Jeter

6.    Jason Bartlett

7.    Alexei Ramirez

8.    Stephen Drew

9.    Rafael Furcal

10.   Miguel Tejada

11.   Asdrubal Cabrera

12.   Yunel Escobar

13.   Elvis Andrus

14.   Orlando Cabrera

15.   Erick Aybar





Elvis Andrus is waaayyyy too low on this list. If he builds on last year’s second half growth he could easily be a top 10 shortstop by the end of the season and possibly higher if he really goes wild on the bases. As it is he should be able to challenge 40 steals after bagging 33 last year, and maintaining or improving upon his .280 second half average would further solidify a much higher ranking. I’d take him over Bartlett, Furcal and Tejada, among others, without a moment’s hesitation.




I couldn’t agree more with Cory. When all is said and done I could see Andrus 6th or 7th with Alexei Ramirez taking the other spot. Looking more closely at the 6-15 spots and taking away old men Tejada and Furcal, the remaining players all have certain attributes and potential like Drew, but for pure ceiling and electricity it’s all about Elvis.




In addition to bumping up Andrus, I’d place Orlando Cabrera in the slot right below Miguel Tejada. From 2006 through 2009, Cabrera has averaged 93 runs and 20 steals while batting over .280 in each of those four seasons. Orlando’s consistency goes underappreciated in fantasy circles and I can even see him surpassing the 10-home run mark for the first time since 2003 with his move to hitter-friendly Great American Ballpark. Asdrubal Cabrera and Yunel Escobar probably have more upside but I’d sooner take my chances with O-Cab as a low-end starting shortstop in 12-team mixed leagues.




Hi guys,
Awesome podcast and blog, as always. I’ve just had a draft for a 12 team 5X5 mixed league and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind evaluating my draft. I had the 10th pick and I’ll list my players in order of round drafted. Thanks! Teixeira, Crawford, R. Zimmerman, B. Roberts, C. Granderson, J. Broxton, A. Dunn, Matt Cain, R. Ibanez, M. Garza, Brian Wilson, Brett Anderson, Alexei Ramirez, M. Montero, Carlos Gonzalez, J. De La Rosa, Mike Gonzalez, C. Bucholz, R. Harden, J. Chamberlain, C. Iannetta, D. Freese, E. Cabrera.
I totally appreciate it. You guys are the best and I can’t wait until you’re on every weekday.

-Ben in Boston

Hey fantasy 411 crew,
I just recently participated in an auction draft on espn.com (10 teamer H2H) and this is what I ended up with:
I know I need to improve my pitching and I will probably drop Brandon Lyon soon since Pettitte is a free agent. Would you recommend trading Butler and Piniero for Ubaldo and Garza? Konerko is a free agent and if I did this I would scoop him up. Also, would you recommend just dropping Freese and picking him up now?
So many questions, I’d appreciate your answers.
The Manoman

I also agree with what has been said about Andrus. But, the biggest error in my opinion is the altogether omissions of Alcides Escobar (good bet for .290, 30SB) and Everth Cabrera (a cheap 40 steals) . I would rank Andrus and A Escobar at 7 and 9 (Ramirez in between) and would take Cabrera ahead of Aybar and Furcal, maybe Drew. – Jim in Cali

Hey guys,

Russell Martin says he’s put on 25 pounds in hopes of increasing his power. What do you make of this? Do you fear his SB’s go down again?

Thanks-Bill in Chicago

Hey Guys:

I have the number one draft choice in my 12 team, 5×5 roto, daily move, AL/NL non-keeper league.

I have always liked being near the end of the draft order.

Thoughts on being first versus close to the end?

What would be a reasonable trade in draft picks?

Love the show. Have been listening the whole time you have been on air. Keep up the incredible work.

Bill in Birmingham

Hey guys. Where can I find the NL and AL auction I keep hearing Siano rave about … I peeped the mlb.com fantasy site but didn’t see it. Can someone post a link? – Perm

Hey guys! Thinking about strategy. I have the 1st overall. What kind of swing picks would you guys be looking at? I’m thinking about RP swing pick and a SP swing pick. At what rounds should I persue this. Thank you!


I like that team a lot. Great mix of power and speed and you drafted enough high AVG guys early on to make up for the potential low averages of Dunn and Granderson (though I see Curtis improving a lot in this area). Pretty nice pitching staff as well and solid closers.


13 team dynasty points league. I have Reyes and I’m worried. Outfield of Abreu, Borbon, Crawford, Kemp, Granderson, D. Young. Good power on the corners. Have and offer of Elvis Andrus for Granderson. Should I take it?


Nunez and Lyon is a very shaky closer duo so I’d actually try to use some of your hitting depth to upgrade there. As much as I don’t like Lyon, I wouldn’t drop him for Pettitte, who is just an average fantasy SP. Your closer situation is on the weak side to begin with so I’m not sure why you’d drop one of them, unless of course you can make a deal to significantly improve in that area. I’d make the Butler trade as the drop from him to Konerko is not great enough to pass on the opportunity to add two up and coming high K SPs, both of whom could reach fantasy ace status (or at least upper-tier #2) by year’s end.

I like Martin this year as a bounceback candidate and think he can definitely match his ’08 line of .280-13-69. I doubt he’ll ever steal 20 again and he may just be a 10-12 SB guy now but that’s still plenty valuable from the C position.

I’d actually rather be picking towards the beginning of the first as you’ll be getting a legit top-5 stud in addition to a high third round pick. Some people like the end due to the high second round pick but it’s really a matter of personal preference. Remember, you can’t win your league in the first few rounds but you can definitely lose it:-)

You’ll find them on the cheat sheet portion of the preview. Just click on NL OF for example.



I’m in a 12 team keeper points league where we keep only 3 players – I have Utley, Fielder, Crawford. Given how deep 1B is – I’m thinking of taking a second 1B in my first 3 picks – filling by UTIL slot early. What do you think of this strategy? It’s a little risky filling that slot so early, but it may be worth it to gain a big competitive edge in that slot compared to the other owners.

Also, I’ve heard some experts shy away for Justin Morneau due to concerns about the back and wrist? Is there much of a consensus on his value or injury situation?



Really depends on how quickly those positions are going off the board but if you want to use that approach I’d say Rounds 4-5 for RPs and 8-9 for SPs.

I’m passing on that one. Reports on Reyes are actually very encouraging so far and Granderson is a much stronger all-around producer than Andrus. As much potential as Andrus has, his present value pales in comparison to that of Granderson and you’ve already got more than enough speed in Kemp, Crawford, Borbon, Abreu and Granderson.

I’m not against that strategy but if 1B is deep, wouldn’t you want to address the thinner positions as well? I’d base my decisions more on the players available than on strictly the positions but I’m personally planning on filling at least one of the MI slots within the first three rounds. As for Morneau, I do think that the injury concerns are a bit overstated and he does offer solid value if he falls too far. But I’m more concerned about the inconsistent AVG from year to year than on his health.


Need Help!! Having problems setting up a league, even joining an open league at that. It lets me pick a date and time but does’nt let me submit. Can anyone help please! Thank You.

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