All-Underrated Teams for 2010


Hey everyone,

On today’s podcast, Mike and Cory unveiled their All-Underrated teams for the upcoming season. Below are the picks. Wednesday’s podcast will focus on the All-Overrated teams.



C   Jorge Posada
1B  Lance Berkman
2B  Kelly Johnson
SS  Alexei Ramirez
3B  Alex Gordon
OF  Carlos Gonzalez
OF  Denard Span
OF  Ryan Ludwick
SP  Jonathan Sanchez
SP  Max Scherzer
RP  Brad Lidge


C   Ryan Doumit
1B  Adam LaRoche
2B  Rickie Weeks
SS  Elvis Andrus
3B  Edwin Encarnacion
OF  Corey Hart
OF  Torii Hunter
OF  Jay Bruce
SP  Ricky Nolasco
SP  Scott Baker
RP  Chad Qualls


Edwin Encarnacion?
I have not listened to the podcast yet, but all I have to say is that old habits die hard for Cory🙂
To use one of Cory’s favorite analogies from the old show, Edwin is like that girlfriend who looks really great before you date him (Dusty Baker won’t let her off the bench) – then you finally get her out on a date and….. disappointment
I’d be more optimistic about the move to Toronto if Cincinnati wasn’t such a hitter’s park already.

Hey guys… I have been offered Nate McLouth for Bobby Jenks..
My OF’s are Holliday Quentin Bruce Hawpe and Morgan…we play 3 OF and have 2 UTIL spots.. and my closers are nathan, soria jenks and mike gonzalez… this is a non keeper 6×6 with extra categories being OPS and QS…

I think i should make this deal right? Thankssssss….

Hi guys,

As an international who cannot get enough of you I have two questions:

1. Will the preview show be available at or elsewhere after it have aired on MLB Network?

2. Will the long Friday shows with/on Sirius/XM continue this year and if so will they be available on iTunes like last year?

Bertil from Sweden
(Proud last place finisher in the Paul C Smith league)

I have to set keepers in a 12 team mixed with salaries. We are allowed 8 keepers and so far I have 7 finalised (4 bats and 3 great SP’s), but with my final spot I can keep Aardsma at $1 or R.Soriano for $1 . I want to keep one decent value RP, but are either of these worth the risk this year.
Kevin from England

I have to set keepers in a 12 team mixed with salaries. We are allowed 8 keepers and so far I have 7 finalised (4 bats and 3 great SP’s), but with my final spot I can keep Aardsma at $1 or R.Soriano for $1 . I want to keep one decent value RP, but are either of these worth the risk this year.
Kevin from England


Given your league’s lineup format, this trade is far from a no-brainer. By acquiring McLouth, you’d be benching one of your other OFs so this must be taken into consideration as well. That said, I’d still make the deal. You have enough closer depth and I see McLouth having a strong bounce back year. You can always trade one of your OFs later on to upgrade at another position.

Yes, the MLB Network preview show will be available via podcast on It’ll probably go up at some point on Monday the 22nd.

As for the status of the Sirius show, it has yet to be determined. We’ll let you all know when there’s news to report.

Either of those two are definitely worth keeping at a buck. Despite the injury risk with Soriano, I’d lean towards keeping him over Aardsma due to the more extensive track record but it’s close.


Can you guys rank these players for a Util spot in a 5X5 keeper league? Berkman, Dunn, Butler, D.Lee, C.Lee, Abreu.

Thanks Zach…
Trade accepted!!

Hi Guys,
I need 2 keepers from this underwhelming list (10 team NL-Only):
Prado, Y Molina, Lilly, Arroyo, Homer Bailey, DeRosa.


Those guys are all very close but I’ll take a stab at it and say Dunn, Butler, C. Lee, D. Lee, Abreu, Berkman.

I’d actually choose Molina and Bailey. Prado’s position versatility is nice but I just don’t see him as anything more than an average major leaguer with limited upside.


Hey guys, love the blogs. I miss the call in format from years passed, but hey… that’s the way the pitcher crumbles, right?

I’m in my first auction draft league this year and I’m having to look at things differently. I’ve heard the Fantasy411 MO is to draft starting pitching late, bullpen and bats higher. Well, in a draft league (5×5 NL only, 12 team, $260) how do you budget your pitching? do you look for a certain percentage? Like: %75 bats %15 Bullpen %10 Starting?

You can’t think in terms of draft position in this thing, you have to think in terms of vaue, and I’m not used to doing that yet – though it is a blast!

Thanks for the great info. You guys rock.

Hey Cory

When are we going to see first set of revisions to the projections and is there going to be just the 1 set of revisions or 2 sets again?
Hate to get too deep in draft tools and have to change a whole lot in projections.

Hi guys!
Keeper question for you. 12 team vanilla league with only 3 keepers. I have desperately been trying to work out a deal to upgrade my keepers but it is very hard getting something done. Last season I traded away some hurt big names to try to win then but ended up at second place

Im keeping Ryan Braun but after that its more difficult, need two of these (if i dont keep 3 i get an extra pick at the END of the draft)
Jose Reyes, Adam Dunn, Carlos Pena, Carlos Lee
Potential Pitchers but skeptical Joe Nathan, Soria, Carpenter,

What do you think?


I’ve found that in auctions it pays off to spend a little more on pitching than you normally would as other owners could easily outbid you on all the “sleepers.” Figure anywhere from 80-100 bucks on pitching. I try to set my budget at around 90 but be prepared for the unexpected. You never know what’s going to happen in an auction. It’s important to be both aggressive early on but also patient. A tough balancing act, I know, but bargains will be there towards the end.

Despite the injury risk I think you’ve got to stick with Reyes due to the huge upside and position scarcity at SS. As for the other keeper, I’d actually go with Nathan, a dominant closer. Pena and Dunn are very similar in value as they’ll both give you plenty of power but low averages. Lee is solid but also aging and his homers are in decline. Neither of these players (Nathan included) are legit top three rounders but I like the security of Nathan.


I have the 10 and 11 pick in my 5 X 5 draft. I plan on grabbing Big Tex and Halladay, is this a good choice?
thanks Tim from San Antonio

Tim, if you’re going to take a pitcher that early Halladay is a fine choice, but that’s not an approach we endorse. Wait a few rounds and find good pitchers who slip and build the core of your offense first. Plus, I think 10 is too early for Tex, given the extreme depth at 1B… I’d rather have Crawford or Longoria or Tulowitzki.


Hey 411,

With the news of Joe Nathan possibly heading for TJ surgery after meeting with Dr. Andrews, this is the exact reason why I was asking about who to keep b/w Kershaw, Gallardo, Nathan, Carpenter, Rivera.
I had been leaning towards the 2 young pitchers in the Claw and Gallardo due to the fact Nathan was coming off of elbow surgery in the offseason and is 36 while Rivera is 41. It was only a matter of time before an injury did hit one of these 2 great pitchers.
I know you love the 2 power closers Siano but this was not the year for me to go with Nathan and Rivera. Maybe in a one year league but when you have the option of getting Kershaw and Gallardo for a keeper league and the next 10 years, I think you have to do it. I will be targeting Soria and one other RP in the draft.
Anyway, thanks for the shout out on the podcast and do you still believe D Wright should be drafted 27th overall in drafts?🙂
Also is this year B Upton finally gets to 270, 20, 80, 50?
Thanks as always,

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