All-Overrated Teams for 2010




C   Matt Wieters

1B  Nobody!!!

2B  Aaron Hill

SS  Jason Bartlett

3B  Mark Reynolds

OF  Matt Kemp

OF  Andre Ethier

OF  Nelson Cruz

SP  John Lackey

SP  Josh Beckett

RP  Andrew Bailey


C   Victor Martinez

1B  Justin Morneau

2B  Aaron Hill

SS  Jason Bartlett

3B  Casey McGehee

OF  Manny Ramirez

OF  Josh Hamilton

OF  Jason Bay

SP  Jake Peavy

SP  Josh Johnson

RP  Francisco


Guys –

12 Team, Weekly Mixed, 5×5 NK – snake draft…we start 10 bats each weeks (8 positions w/2 wild cards). Not sure of my draft slot just yet, but tossing around an idea.

With 1B so deep….can you find justification to use the #1 pick and take Hanley….then based on ADP, wait for picks 24 & 25 on OF (J. Upton) and say 1B (Votto) or (Sizemore OF), then wait for 48 & 49 to use on 2B Cano and/or OF Granderson or 1B Morales? either of these scenarios pass the smell test?

Basically, trying to find a way if at all that it would not be foolish to pass on “The Machine” (Albert) @ #1 and take SS postion over STUD Pujols???

– BDH in DC

Hey guys,
I’m getting an error message when I try to download yesterday’s podcast – it says the file is corrupt. Can you please repost it?

I’m getting the same error on itunes.


Just went in and fixed it. Try again in a few minutes.



Believe it or not, I totally agree with you. I’m taking Hanley in any draft where I have the #1 pick as I’m not at all comfortable with the depth at SS and the quality of 1Bs available a round or two later is still solid. A little risky passing on such a sure thing like Albert but I’m willing to go against conventional wisdom here.


Hey guys,

The overrated list has me thinking about the last keeper in my league. We start 9 bats (8 positions and UT) and its a ten team 6×6 league with holds. My choices for my last keeper slot are Morneau, McCann, and Cliff Lee. I’ve been planning to keep Morneau, but he’d play in my UT spot and is on your overrated list, so I’ve been thinking more about McCann because of position scarcity. What do you think? Hopefully I can trade all 4 for Mauer, but that’s not looking to likely.


I need more advice on keepers. $260 12 team mixed with 8 keepers. I can take Choo for $7, N.Morgan for $2 or R.Davis for $1. I already have Utley, A-Rod, Braun, Werth, so a good blend of power and speed which makes me lean towards more of that in Choo. Or I can take R.Soriano for $1 to kick start my bullpen. What do you think though.
Kevin from England

What’s the status of the radio show this year? Will you guys be on xm/sirius again? I hope so! That was a great program and a most bodacious way for the fans to talk with you directly.


Big keeper question – 14 team, 5×5 H2H, no CI or MI with 3OF slots and UTIL, keep by round value…

I’m already set on keeping:
Braun (Round 5)
Votto (6)
Greinke (8)
Sandoval (10)

And have to choose 1 of the following to round out my list:
BJ Upton (4)
Bruce (9)
Adam Jones (14)
Wandy Rodriguez (15)
Brett Anderson (19)

Trade options have been exhausted, and your advice would be greatly appreciated.

– Adam

Hey 411,

Just got my MLB.TV up and running. You know the regular season is close when you get to watch spring training games already!

Anyway, I have a keeper question to revisit here…

5×5 Roto League….

Which 3 do I keep of these hitters.. Votto, Reynolds, Hill, McCann, B Upton…. I already have D Wright

and which 2 of these pitchers….. Kershaw, Rivera, Gallardo, Carpenter, Nathan

Thanks as always…


I’ll go with McCann over Morneau there, the main reason being position scarcity. 1B is so deep and there’s a significant dropoff after the top 5 of Pujols, Cabrera, Fielder, Howard, and Tex. Morneau belongs in that second tier. McCann, on the other hand, is in my mind the #2 fantasy C behind Mauer.

Although there’s a little risk with Choo (relatively high K rate suggests AVG could take a hit), 7 bucks is too good a price to pass up for a guy who can still post #2 OF type numbers.

Status of Sirius show is still TBD. We’ll let you know when there’s more news to report.


Hey Guys,

What do you make of this Jose Reyes Thyroid news? I am actually thinking of targeting him somewhat late in my draft tomorrow on the hope he will fall to me in the 5th/6th round of a 10 team league. Thoughts? Last year Mauer fell in many drafts due to injury concerns, and we all know how that ended. Just thinking Reyes could be this year’s Mauer.


My choice would be Jones. He’s the best option when considering both talent/upside and round value. In a full healthy season he could easily go 25-20.

Votto, McCann, Reynolds. As much as I think Reynolds’ AVG and SBs will go down, the power is legit. I like Upton this year but still a few too many question marks with him.



I actually doubt he’ll fall that far but if he does I’d snatch him up in a second. SS is very shallow and you’d already have a core in place to offset some of the risk attached to taking him.


On second thought, Bill, after reading the articles more in-depth, this is definitely something to be a little concerned about. Hopefully we hear some more by the time of your draft tomorrow but I still take a chance on Reyes sixth round.



Just a note that Siano will answer a bunch of these questions on today’s podcast. We already disagree on one of them:-)


Thanks for all your help so far guys.
I’m wondering how you would rank these Juan Pierre imposters in a 5×5?
Bourn, Morgan, R.Davis, Podsednik, Span, Borbon.


Hey guys,
Wells or LaPorta for 5th OF spot in a H2H league.
The Manoman

totally disagree on wieters. he showed some power at the end of last year and finished very strong average wise. he seems pretty level headed in interviews i have seen. hopefully he will be a superstar. he is especially exciting for o`s fans cause they have never had a superstar catcher. i hope i am wright.

11 team 5×5 vanilla roto league
help me decide on 6 keepers

Miguel Cabrera, Choo, Derrick Lee, Brian Roberts, A-Rod, Rollins, Justin Upton, and King Felix.

10 team AL only keeper auction $260 budget… I have too many keepers and am trying to upgrade my last spot. I trade $1 Inge, $24 Torii Hunter, & $1 Morrow and get $33 Nathan. Thoughts?


Mike and Cory,

My draft happened a little early this year and i didnt have alot of time to prepare. I was curious what your take on my draft is. I noticed Nathan is having problems with his elbow still and Martin is having groin problems.

1. (24) Mark Teixeira $27
2. (52) Chad Billingsley $17
3. (54) Adrián González $21
4. (72) Andre Ethier $14
5. (81) Andrew Bailey $8
6. (84) Brandon Phillips $16
7. (89) Andrew McCutchen $14
8. (90) Adam Wainwright $19
9. (97) Elvis Andrus $15
10. (101) Jake Peavy $13
11. (106) Carlos Lee $11
12. (112) Jon Lester $16
13. (117) Chone Figgins $15
14. (122) Joe Nathan $9
15. (130) Raúl Ibañez $6
16. (135) Jorge De La Rosa $2
17. (137) Alfonso Soriano $7
18. (138) Carlos Beltrán $7
19. (140) José López $5
20. (147) A.J. Burnett $6
21. (157) Carlos González $3
22. (159) Russell Martin $4
23. (167) Francisco Rodríguez $5

Zach, thanks for your further answers to my keeper Dilemma. I agree with you on Choo over those other guys. But I have a trade offer to swap him at $7 for H.Street at $4. Would you do it. I am keeping 4 bats and 3 SP’s with the other spots.
Kevin from England


Just a note that Siano will answer a bunch of these questions on today’s podcast. We already disagree on one of them:-)

hahahaha….saw that. Looks like Cory will have to be the tie breaker…then again, I lean with you, so if Cory sides with Mike its only 2 to 2.

Really, I just see an “easier/cleaner” road to building a strong team with SS (Hanley) over 1B (Pujols) with #1 pick and how its sets up the wheel coming back each subsequent round.

– BDH in DC

BDH, I’m with Zach on this one… Pujols is a monster, there’s no doubt about that. But if I get #1 overall I’m taking Hanley because I think the depth at 1B is such that it’s easier to get a good “next-tier” 1B who will produce than at SS. In my updated projections, to which I’ve now added positional scarcity weightings, the raw stats have them in a dead heat but Hanley’s positional scarcity gives him the clear edge.


@thammill – You are right, Wieters came on strong at the end of last season, but he was just above worthless prior to that. Compare his stats thru 8/31 to his stats after that:

Thru 8/31 243 20 65 5 26 16 58 .267 .314 .379 .693
9/1 to End 111 15 37 4 17 12 28 .333 .395 .486 .882

So this the glass half full (the “real” Wieters emerged in September) or half empty (he stunk for more than twice as long as he was good). I’m not paying a 7th or 8th round pick to find out.


Cory –

thanks….clearly feel the same way. Sorry Mike!!!!

– BDH in DC

p.s….looking forward to the updated projections!

much appreciated.

– BDH in DC


If I had to rank them I’d say Bourn, Span, Morgan, Borbon, Davis, Podsednik but these guys are very interchangeable. I wouldn’t go out of my way to overpay for any one of them. Rather, I’d wait and see which one I can get at the best value.

Unless it’s a keeper league I’d go with Wells for the main reason that we’re 100 percent certain that he’ll get everyday at-bats. I’m not a big Wells guy but for a 5th OF you can do a lot worse.

Cabrera, A-Rod, Roberts, Upton, Rollins, Felix.

$33 for Nathan is a bit too much for my liking especially considering his new injury. I have no problem with using that package in a deal for an upgrade but try shopping it around some more to see if you can do better.

I like that team a lot. Can’t believe you were able to draft Nathan, Bailey and K-Rod for a combined $22. A bunch of other steals here, including Beltran for $7, Ibanez for $6 and Lopez for $5. Good work.



Sounds like you’re not keeping any other closers, so if that’s the case, yes, I’d make that trade. Street appears to be back to his old dominant form. He belongs in that second tier of closers right behind the truly elite guys but I don’t see the gap being that great. Solid Ks and excellent WHIP for $4? Absolutely.


Ryan Howard and Chris Davis are overrated at 1B

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