411 Question of the Week (Outfielders)



Wrapping up the ADP series, what would you change about this Mock Draft Central Top 25
ADP list for outfielders?


  1. Ryan Braun
  2. Matt Kemp
  3. Carl Crawford
  4. Jacoby Ellsbury
  5. Matt Holliday
  6. Justin Upton
  7. Jason Bay
  8. Grady Sizemore
  9. Jayson Werth
  10. Ichiro Suzuki
  11. Curtis Granderson
  12. Nick Markakis
  13. Adam Lind
  14. Josh Hamilton
  15. B.J. Upton
  16. Manny Ramirez
  17. Nelson Cruz
  18. Andre Ethier
  19. Shin-Soo Choo
  20. Adam Dunn
  21. Carlos Lee
  22. Shane Victorino
  23. Bobby Abreu
  24. Alfonso Soriano
  25. Hunter Pence


I think
this list is going to be more about fluctuation than where everyone is now. Can
Jason Bay have the same kind of year in Citi
Field? Is BJ Upton at #15 going to live up to his top 5 talent? Is Josh
Hamilton a better pick than Choo? There are some really good players in this
top 25 but just as many question marks. Braun, Crawford, both Uptons, Sizemore
and Granderson have been targets of mine in all leagues while guys like
Markakis and Werth are superb fall back options if not targets as well. I’ll be
passing on Hamilton,
Cruz, Manny and Ethier who I think are useful players but not my type for 2010.
Keep youngsters like McCutchen and Carlos Gonzalez on your radar and don’t
forget Span, Delmon Young, Damon and Ludwick.



That’s a
nice hedge by the birthday boy Siano, but the reality is that Jason Bay
doesn’t belong in the top 10 at this position. He’s becoming an increasingly
swing-for-the-fences player as he’s aged, which is nice for the power numbers
but poor for the average, which won’t get any better as he moves into pitcher-friendly
Citi Field, and the weaker Mets lineup will likely result in fewer runs and
RBI’s. The 10-12 steals per season help bolster his value, but with a history
of knee problems, that’s no guarantee, either.  Bay is a solid player, but
I see much more potential and upside in the two players right behind him,
Sizemore and Werth, as well as some others.



I’m making
it a point to avoid Josh Hamilton in all my drafts this year. Simply put, the
guy just can’t stay on the field. After being sidelined for roughly half of
2009 due to a variety of injuries, he’s already missed some time this spring
with a bruised shoulder. Then there’s the thin track record factor. Yes, Hamilton put together a
terrific season back in 2008 but it was only one season. Is he an absolute lock
to go 30-110 even if he does play a full year? Spending an early-round pick on
someone with this many question marks is asking for trouble. There are a bunch
of players ranked below Hamilton who I’d rather own, including B.J. Upton, Adam
Dunn, Carlos Lee and Hunter Pence.




check out my blog that I am trying to build up as a source for players in keeper leagues.


Keeper question, for a 12 team vanilla. Tried to work out a last minute deal but nothing has worked out, keepers lock wednesday 5 pm. Only three keepers and I had both Nathan and Reyes as potential keepers but that does not feel very good right now.

So I have the following players Ryan Braun, Adam Dunn, Carlos Lee, Carlos Pena, Reyes, Abreu, Kubel, Soria and Nathan.
Im thinking of Braun, Dunn and Pena and focus the draft for avg and speed. What do you guys think?

Congrats on getting the show picked up by the network!
12-team 5×5 dynasty league with no minor-league rosters. Would you trade Choo and Yunel Escobar for Jose Reyes? I’m rostering one too many outfielders so Choo would be replaced by Snider of Heyward (assuming he starts the year in the majors). Thanks, Bas


If you’re forced to keep three I’d actually go Braun, Dunn, Soria. There’s only so many sub-.250 AVG guys you can take and Soria’s an elite closer. Dunn gets the edge over Pena due to his more extensive track record and the fact that he has the potential to bat in the .260 range like he did last year.



In a single-season league I probably wouldn’t do that but in a dynasty format I’d pull the trigger and take the chance that Reyes eventually (maybe not this year) comes close to returning to the player he was a few seasons back.


im in a 12 team h2h mixed dynasty. Who has more value: Correia, maholm, Maine, Latos, Cahill, or rezepczynski?

Hey Guys, Great news on the show!
I need some advice in our vanilla keeper league. Have kept ARod, Brandon Phillips, both Uptons, and Matt Holliday. We have the 3rd pick, the top pick is Tulo, and we don’t expect to get him. Other options include: Youkilis, Kendry Morales, Aaron Hill, Lind, & Ethier. No elite SPs left, plenty of RPs to pick later. Thanks!
Jeff in Berkeley

Forgot to add: ZoBeast is also available!
Thanks, Jeff


Of that group I like Latos the most. Strong Minor League numbers (especially Ks) and a great home ballpark. I think he’s got the most upside.

I’ll choose Lind, now a legit #1 OF who could get even better. Scary but true.



I’d rank them Josh Johnson, Hanson, Ubaldo, Nolasco but you really can’t go wrong with any of these guys as your ace in a 20 teamer.


Hi guys,

20 team, 5×5, H2H keeper league and my keepers are Utley, Crawford, Beckham, Zobrist and Votto. That said, I’m looking for pitching in the first non-keeper round (I pick 2nd) and here are the best 4 available…how would you rank them?

Josh Johnson
Ubaldo Jimenez
Tommy Hanson
Ricky Nolasco




I know your thoughts on Harden being YPNM so my question to you is:

Would you drop him to pick up Ervin Santana as your 5th starter in a standard 5×5 roto league? My other option is drop Dotel and pick up Santana as a 6th starter.

what are your thoughts on Dotel this season? my closer situation is horrible with Baily who now seems to be having elbow problems and Gonzalez as my second closer.



While Harden is indeed YPNM for me, I’d still take him over Erv. With Harden you know he’s going to be dominant as long as he can take the mound. Santana, on the other hand, really only has one good season to his record and is also an injury risk. Both are fine #5 starters but if I had to pick one it would still be Harden. Definitely keep Dotel, who I view as a great low-end #2 or high-end #3 mixed league closer. He’s an injury risk too but I love the strikeouts and his established track record. He hasn’t had a ton of experience in the closer role but I think he’ll do just fine.


Happy March Madness guys,
I had my first big draft tonight and I’m curious your thoughts on some of my picks. Its a 10 team roto mix league. I had the 10th overall pick, wheel pick (Siano’s preference).

My first 2 picks were Prince Fielder and David Wright. I believe that was a steal on Fielder by the way.

Ryan Zimmerman – 3rd rd
Jose Reyes in the 4th rd (I’m optimistic)
Nick Markakis – 5th rd
Johan Santana – 6th
Gordon Beckham – 8th rd
Josh Hamilton – 9th rd
Andrew McCutchen – 10th rd
Joakim Soria – 11th rd
Francisco Cordero – 14th rd
Chris Davis – 15th rd
Nolan Reimold – 16th rd
Brandon Webb – 18th rd (Really curious what you think here)
Chris Coghlan – 22nd rd
Tim Hudson – 24 rd
Neftali Feliz – 25th
Miguel Tejada – 26th

My closer situations is a bit iffy so I’m curious on what you think of my trio?
Joakim Soria
Francisco Cordero
Mike Gonzalez

Charles, GMU

Gentlemen, hope everyone enjoyed a frothy Guinness as I did last night. My full keeper league lost a couple managers and I have #2 waiver. Currently my list is Sabathia for Jim Johnson, Wainwright for Kazmir, Wandy for Johnson. Would you agree with that order? Either way I end up with either CC or Waino(assuming #1 takes the other).
Thanks guys.



Looks like a solid team but you are taking chances with injury-risks (Reyes, Hamilton, Webb) that could either pay off big time or backfire. Still great value with Webb in the 18th. Now that there’s a realistic chance Nathan misses the entire season, I see Soria as a clear-cut top-5 closer so I actually like your closer trio a lot. Despite the declining K rate, I think Cordero definitely has another good year left in him and is a great #2. Gonzalez is an injury risk but an outstanding #3. I’m not a big Hamilton guy and if his health issues again become a problem you may need some more power, especially considering the questions surrounding Wright’s HR production and the risk of Chris Davis. Your SP depth seems a little thin but I’m sure you’re leaving out some guys on this list. This could turn out to be a very good team but I personally would’ve taken a few less gambles.



Wow, that’s a strange situation, using waiver priority to pick up CC! Anyway, yes, I totally agree with that order. Enjoy picking up a free ace.


hey guys I know the season has yet to start but I recently recieved an appealing trade for Andrea Ethier.. what’s your take on Adrian Gonz? I currently have Derek Lee filling the position but Adrian seems like an upgrade, thanks!


Assuming you could still play Lee, either at CI or Util, I like the deal. I’m just not a big Ethier guy this year, particularly in the power department. I need to see him hit 30+ homers again before being sold.


Need some help fellas,
On Sunday need to hand in my keepers for this season, first time playing in a keeper league. Penned in Miguel Cabrera, Jose Reyes, Andrew McCutchen. Thinking about, CarlosBeltran (put him in a DL slot), AdamLaroche, Dan Uggla. Joe Nathan is now dead to me but want to still keep a pitcher: justin Verlander, Javier Vazquez are my preferences, but could choose from: Francisco Rodriguez, Scott Feldman and Edwin Jackson.

I already know I have pick 3 in the draft, so I will be grabbing the best available player regardless of position (not a pitcher).


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