Fantasy 411 lands on MLB Network for 2010

MLB NETWORK & MLB.COM TO PARTNER ON FANTASY PROGRAMMING THROUGHOUT THE 2010 REGULAR SEASON Fantasy 411 Draft Preview to Air March 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET’s Fantasy 411 to Air Daily on MLB Network and Starting April 6



March 15, 2010, New York & Secaucus – With 2010 fantasy baseball drafts underway, MLB Network today announced it will air the Fantasy 411 Draft Preview on Sunday, March 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Hosted by MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger and Harold Reynolds along with’s Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano, the two-hour show will provide detailed analysis and insight on the topics fantasy baseball enthusiasts will be focusing on as fantasy draft days continue before Opening Day, including:

         Position-by-position analysis and player rankings

        Discussion of strategy for draft day and in-season transactions

        “Breakout, bargain and bust” picks for the 2010 season

    Top picks for prospects expected to be called up during the 2010 season

Continuing with the fantasy programming, throughout the 2010 regular season MLB Network will simulcast’s Fantasy 411, the site’s longest-running hosted program, on weekdays at 5:00 p.m. ET, beginning Tuesday, April 6. The program, hosted by’s Jeremy Brisiel, will provide key insights from analysts Schwartz and Siano to help further fans’ enjoyment and knowledge in their respective fantasy leagues.

Schwartz, the Director of Stats for and a regular contributor to’s fantasy baseball section, has been competing in fantasy baseball since 1989, including expert competitions such as the National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC) and Tout Wars. Siano, the Director of Multimedia Production for, has been competing in fantasy baseball for more than 10 years, including the highly-competitive Tout Wars league. The Fantasy 411 can be found on its blog at and on Twitter at



Great news! Will this be available with an subscription to stream online?

Also, thanks Mike & Cory for the help via Twitter. Greatly appreciated.


Awesome News!!! Glad to have the 411 daily, again. How long is the weekday shows going to be? Congratulations on the show, you guys deserve it, keep up the great work.

Awesome News!!! Glad to have the 411 daily, again. How long is the weekday shows going to be? Congratulations on the show, you guys deserve it, keep up the great work.

I saw ads running for this on ‘the network’ this weekend and was hoping that you guys were to be involved. Great news – already have it added to the DVR…

Two Questions
1. How long is the show?
2. Can I download them on my ipod?


Congrats guys! It will be awesome to be able to have the 411 back in the daily rotation again. I’ve already started “going back in time” to work on some of the things said on last year’s 411 Draft Preview. Considering how well Cory did in the NFBC and the great year Mike had in Tout, it should be interesting to recall what was said heading into 2009. Good Luck to everyone involved in bringing the 411 to the MLB Network!

-Johnny Archive

I’ll answer all the questions at once:

-Yes, all the shows will be streamed live on for free. -We’ll also be making podcasts of them.
-They will be half hour shows.


This is amazing news I have been listening to you guys for years. I have gotten more YooHoo showers from your advice then I can count. I do have a questions is this a direct replacement for the podcast or will the podcast continue in its current for. Also same question as the last poster will this be available to DL to an iPod.

I can only hope we will see a repeat of the Brian Bannister v King Felix debate on National TV.

Congrats guys –

Well deserved and well earned. Was waiting for this day, as it totally seems logical during the season, and the explosion of Fantasy BB, tying perfectly into the MLB broadcasting angle with your knowledge and expertise.

P.S. I just received word I did indeed walk away with the #1 overall pick in my upcoming draft Mar 26th…….Mr. Hanley Ramirez come on down. Woot!!!!!

– BDH in DC

That is great news I can’t wait to tune in to the Fantasy 411 show on MLB Network. Keep up the good work Mike and Cory. Kenny Hometown:Ohio

Terrific news! A great decision by the network to include fantasy programming and an even better decision to have Mike and Cory do the show! Congratulations, gentlemen! Can’t wait for another season of the 411, this time on the small screen and the smaller screen!

Dave in Delaware

Thanks for the good words folks! Make sure to spread the good word so hopefully we can build up a nice viewer base on the Network and make the show a long-running part of their broadcast schedule…


Hey Zach – were you able to find the LABR results? I’ve found a few references here and there but nothing comprehensive… Thanks!

Great news, 30 minutes is ideal for my train journey to work and your show allows me to be competitive with my American leaguemates who eat sleep and breathe baseball

Any news on the Friday radio show?


I don’t think the full results have been made public yet but if you google NL LABR draft results a bunch of hits come up where you’ll be able to see the rosters of various teams with dollar values.


Great news. Will probably be the best and most informative program on the network. Congrats guys.

Excellent. No big leaguing the little guys while your bringing down the house.

from a long time fan. i know you’ll rock it
Jeff in Cleveland

Will the show be live or tape from the Studios or the MLB Network Studios in New Jersey? Kenny in Ohio

Great news guys. I’m a big (new) fan from last year and I’m sold. Hope you don’t mind giving me some advice on my keeper options this year.

Can you give me your opinion on which players to keep this year?

Standard 5×5 mixed rotisserie league 16 teams(league is expanding from 14 to 16 teams this year)

Roster includes:
3 OF’s (any)_
6 P’s(any SP or RP)

4 Keepers for each team as follows
$3(added to last year’s salary)

For each and any keeper right not used a “Topper” right is given.
A Topper right is the right to have a designated player for $1 less than the final auctioned price after the player has put out for bid.

Any player may only have a Keeper/Topper right exercised on him for 3 straight years. At that time said player is put back in the general auction for all teams to bid on.

Here are my realistic options for keepers this year.
M Wieters 7(all salaries listed are last year’s price)
E Andrus 1
J Upton 11(last year of Keeper rights)
C Gonzalez 5
B Butler 4
W Davis 5
G Gonzalez 5
N Feliz 1
C Kershaw 5
Y Gallardo 18

I appreciate your time and patience.

Frank Walsh


A lot of great keeper options here but I’d go with Upton, Andrus, Kershaw and Wieters. I like C. Gonzalez too but will opt for Wieters due to position scarcity. Andrus has the potential to carry you in steals and Kershaw will only get better. If he can cut down on the walks, watch out!


Help, my draft was set for tomorrow – so it’s before the draft show.

You’ve talked about some “soft aces” on your podcast. Who are some of these guys that you’d target?

You’ve mentioned: Garza, Nolasco, Hanson, and possibly Weaver. Any others you’d be willing to build a pitching staff around if you were to wait on pitching?

This year I’ll be doing my first auction league. 15 team 5×5 mixed roto league 260 budget 14 hitters, 9 pitchers, and 4 bench. How would the dollar values on fantasy preview be affected by this league setting?


A few other “soft ace” options who we’ve touched on are Ubaldo, Cain and even Billingsley, who was my personal pick on one of our blog questions of the week a few weeks back. He’s falling well into the double-digit rounds and can definitely approach ace status with health and improved control.

I’d bump everyone up 2-3 dollars. More teams=more total $$$ available, so when the demand goes up and the supply stays the same, the prices will go up. I seem to remember learning that in economics class:-)



Yeah, I’d do that. Niemann has potential but I wouldn’t call him a breakout pitcher just yet. He still needs to work on lowering that WHIP. I think gambling on Webb is safe here. The reward outweighs the risk.


Hello fantasy 411 gods,
Congrats on the new gig! In a 12 teamer H2H would you drop Niemann for Webb?
The Manoman

Guys, 12 team mixed. After asking lots of questions and following your advice I traded Choo for Street to fill my 8th Keeper spot as my only RP. Now with the injury worries should I still keep Street at $4 or my fall back options R.Soriano/Aardsma at $1 or R.Davis/N.Morgan $1.
Got to decide by Monday.

The network sure has been running a ton of promos, so anyone who’s watched for more than 15 minutes straight must know about the show. It worked, since I’ve now got more reason to tune in regularly. Break a leg guys.

– Jake in Columbus

Hey guys, great work on the show! My DirecTV HD DVR will be set to record every show of the 411! One comment I did want to let you know about a problem with the video podcast on iTunes. I have been unable to download the shows from 03-15 and 03-17 because of an “error”. The show from 03-19 is fine. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work!


Tough call but I’d actually shift gears and go with Soriano now. I understand he’s injury prone too but he was healthy last year and definitely has the ability to perform like a top 10 closer. Keeping a guy, also with an injury history, who will start the season on the DL is too risky for my taste.

Thanks for letting us know. I used to do the podcast posting myself but recently the production crew has taken over. I’ll forward this over to them.


Most of the way through the Network’s 411 preview show and it’s gold! Gold, Jerry!
Terrific lead-off for the season and the 411 on The Network.
The bar is set and it’s high. Can’t wait for April 6th!
Dave in Delaware

Hey folks, if you missed any part of the show last night and/or would like to re-live the magic, here are on-demand clips of each segment. Enjoy!


Well it’s that time of the year again: fantasy drafts. Unfortunately, I missed when my league was having its draft. (I was in the Capitol when Congress passed the health care bill. WOOO!!) I don’t think the autodraft did too bad of a job, but I would like to know what are some areas to improve upon over time. Here’s what I “drafted:”

C: Kurt Suzuki
1B: Ryan Howard
2B: Brian Roberts
3B: Aramis Ramirez
SS: Alexei Ramirez
OF: Matt Kemp
OF: Carl Crawford
OF: Jacoby Ellsbury
Util: Jayson Werth
SP: Yovani Gallardo
SP: Clayton Kershaw
RP: Brian Wilson
RP: Trevor Hoffman
P: J.A. Happ
P: Bronson Arroyo
P: Joel Pineiro
BN: Elvis Andrus
BN: Nick Swisher
BN: Casey McGehee
BN: Ricky Nolasco
BN: Mark Buehrle

Thanks for the help. You guys are awesome.

Glenn-NY (DC for now)


That’s an outstanding team, especially considering it was auto-drafted. Maybe you could use a little more power and I’m not a big fan of Brian Wilson…but that’s nitpicking.


Finally Finally Finally Finally Finally

Great news – can’t wait for the show to start. I’m really glad MLB network is starting to show some love to all the hardcore fans.

Splendid news guys!!! Following you for a few years now!! Still miss those almost an hour long audio podcasts!! this is even better !! Goood luck Guys!!
How about doing those FAB FIVE lists again once a month!! still cant believe siano has buffy the vampire slayer in there😛

Hi guys,
Great to see you back again for another season.
With all the talk of Doc, CC & Tiny Tim is Johan becoming undervalued this season?


I think Johan is definitely becoming a little undervalued. Of course there is some injury risk but so far everything is going smoothly on the health front. Within the next couple of days, I’ll be putting up a post detailing my NL-only auction from last night. Had about 20 bucks budgeted for my ace and was looking at guys like Cain and Nolasco but managed to snag Johan for $22, pretty good value in my mind. Everyone seems to be scared off by all the Mets and Johan is no exception.


I have S.Choo, A.Eithier, R.Ibanez and C.Granderson. Should I package Ibanez or Granderson in a deal or should I wait it out. Ibanez(Age,Batting 6th in lineup) or Granderson(Pressusre of NY,Batting 7th or 8th in lineup).

SUPER FANTASY BROS declares WAR on Fantasy 411!!!! Super Fantasy 411 has gone on long enough with lousy advice like “Don’t pitch Freddy Garcia against the Twins”. Enough is enough. Super Fantasy Bros are taking its rightful place among the fantasy elite. You can watch the “Super Fantasy Bros” every week on YouTube.

i was recently offered Victor Martinez and Brad Hawpe… for Brian McCann and Garrett Jones … should i pull the trigger. Victor is obviously better catcher also 1B ???

Should I throw in the towel on Curtis Granderson? Chris Young, Torii Hunter, Colby Rasmus, Michael Bourne and Rajai Davis are available in my league. My 3 starting OF’s are Josh Hamilton, Brett Gardner, and Ichiro with Carlos Quentin and Jose Guillen (who is my starting DH) on the bench. I am leaning towards picking up Young tomorrow.

Should I throw in the towel on Curtis Granderson? Chris Young, Torii Hunter, Colby Rasmus, Michael Bourne and Rajai Davis are available in my league. My 3 starting OF’s are Josh Hamilton, Brett Gardner, and Ichiro with Carlos Quentin and Jose Guillen (who is my starting DH) on the bench. I am leaning towards picking up Young tomorrow.

question: My AL team presently has Branden Dallas. Should I dump him in the second half in favor of Bruce Chen who seems to be overacheiving?


I’m not too high on either of those pitchers but I’d hold onto Braden. Chen’s last productive season came all the way back in 2005 and his entire career has been mediocre at best, so I’m very skeptical about his recent good fortune. Braden offers more upside.


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