Fantasy 411 Network Preview Show Recap


** Fantasy 411 lands on MLB Network for 2010**

Hey everyone,

For those of you who were able to catch the Fantasy 411 Preview Show on the MLB Network last night, hope you all feel much better prepared for draft day. For those of you who missed it, below are links to on-demand clips of each individual segment. In addition, audio and video podcasts of the show can be found by going to this page

General Strategy Tips for 2010

Catcher and DH

First Base

Second Base


Third Base




Young Outfielders

Value Picks for 2010

Top Prospects to watch


Mike and Cory great work on the Fantasy 411 dradt preview show on MLB Network I liked it. Fantastic work as allways guys. Also Cory I like Gameday and the in line gameday audio to follow along with the stats. Keep up the good work guys. Kenny in Ohio.

Mike and Cory –
Did you two participate in the NFBC main event over the weekend? If so, I was wondering if Cory was going to release the draft results/breakdown of your team.
Jack Burton – Chicago

Would you make this deal?:

Give: A-Rod and Kemp
Get: Longoria and Braun

It is a 5X5 roto keeper league.



Quite a challenge trade! I’d do it. Braun is a small upgrade over Kemp and while Longoria is not quite at the level of A-Rod just yet, he could get there this season. Also, the keeper factor weighs in his favor.


i need help. I have gone through the projections. I have read all the experts. But I’m still up in the air over my 8th overall 10 man NL-Only pick. I think it’s gonna come down to Tulowitzki or Kemp. If Howard or Fielder are there, i probably take one of them (Holliday is someone’s keeper). Please weigh in.

Boys –

Great show…information packed really. My draft is Friday Night…still going HanRam over Pujols for SS position scarcity over 1B to set the tone.

The mocks I have done I seem to be able to follow up with J. Upton or Sizemore avail @ 24 (end of 2nd). My next 3 is Cano (2B); then grab best 3B or 1B or C thats avail. (C only if its Mauer, Martinez, or McCann) but more often then not by the time pick 48 rolls back to me, all 3 are gone. I have been passing on the opportunity to grab Wieters at this point.

Do you think Wieters @ 48 is too soon (we only need 1 C in our 12 team roto league). Also, is J. Upton over G. Sizemore a chocolate in your peanut butter type discussion?

Looking forward to the MLB daily fantasy show this season.

– BDH in DC

I was at STL NFBC this past weekend and talked to Pat DePirro for a few minutes after the draft. He ran down the order and stated which players Cory hated. Pat arrived just minutes before the start of the draft wearing a Yankees jersey. As he was settling in, some Yankee-haters tossed a few jabs at him. DePirro calmly replied,”So, that’s how you treat a world champion?” almost under his breathe, but loud enough for everyone to hear, which made the room break out in laughter. Very smooth. Yeah, I can see how Cory and Pat have remained good friends for so long.

Johnny Archive

Hey guys,

Stellar work once again by S&S Boys, always a worthwhile watch. I can’t wait for the show on the MLB Network, but why oh why at 2pm PST?

Draft is coming up this weekend, to be held at Spring Training in AZ. In this 10-team AL-Only keeper league, I have Youk, G. Beckham, N. Cruz, Choo and N. Feliz. For my first two picks, I’m looking at these options so let me know what you think:

1. Take King Felix and follow up with B. Butler or J. Hamilton
2. Take either Morneau or V-Mart and follow it with Peavy or Beckett.

I could go hitter-hitter, but I do like having at least one ace before waiting to fill out my starters later. I certainly would not go pitcher-pitcher.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac
Seattle, WA

Hey Guys,
I’m taking over a team in a 12 team Keeper H2H scoring league.
Scoring is:
Scoring Batter:
1B – Singles1 point
2B – Doubles2 points
3B – Triples3 points
BB – Walks (Batters)1 point
CSC – Caught Stealing by Catcher 1 point
DPT – Double Plays Turned 1 point
E ? Errors -1 point
GDP – Ground Into Double Plays -1 point
HP – Hit by Pitch1 point
HR – Home Runs3 points
OFAST – OF Assists1 point
PBC – Passed Balls by Catcher-1 point
R – Runs1 point
RBI – Runs Batted In1 point
SB-CS – Stolen Bases – Caught Stealing1 point

Scoring Pitcher:
B – Balks-1 point
BBI – Walks Issued (Pitchers)-1 point
BS – Blown Saves-3 points
CG – Complete Games10 points
CGL – Complete Game Loss-5 points
ER – Earned Runs-2 points
HA – Hits Allowed-1 point
HB – Hit Batsmen-1 point
HD – Holds3 points
INN – Innings3 points
K – Strikeouts (Pitcher)1 point
PKO – Pick Offs1 point
QS – Quality Starts5 points
S – Saves5 points
W – Wins5 points
WP – Wild Pitches-1 point

Kinda unique scoring thats why i posted it. You can only keep Guys drafted round 8 or later and you can keep 8 players. Who would you keep:
Geovany Soto C 11 Rd
Alexei Ramirez 21 Rd
Ryan Roberts 2B 22 Rd
Everth Cabrera SS 22 Rd
Andrew McCutchen OF 22 Rd
Carlos Quentin OF 20 Rd
Alcides Escobar SS 22 Rd
Jair Jurrjens SP 9 Rd
Yusmeiro Petit SP 22 Rd
David Price SP 12 Rd
Richard Clayton SP 22 Rd
Brian Tallet SP 22 Rd
David Aardsma RP 22 Rd
Ryan Rowland-Smith SP 11 Rd
Matt Gamel 3B 22 Rd
Zach Duke SP 22 Rd
Yovani Gallardo SP 19 Rd
Sean West SP 22 Rd
Ramon Hernandez C 12 Rd
Russel Branyan 1B 22 Rd
Morgan Nyjer OF 22 Rd
Xavier Nady OF 21 Rd

Thanks Alot,


Despite the position scarcity factor, I’ll go with Kemp. Love Tulo but like Kemp’s upside a little more. He’ll steal more bases and has a shot to go 35-35. The same cannot be said for Tulo.

I’d never draft Wieters that high. I’m not a big fan of the take a catcher early approach, particularly in a 1 C league. Also, the fact that this is a non-keeper further hurts Wieters’ appeal. As for Upton vs. Sizemore, it’s very close but I’ll lean towards Upton…higher AVG and probably more RBIs.


Looking for some advice on keepers. Mixed, 5×5, 12 team, 28 man rosters, $265 cap. I am uncertain on how many years I should keep these players for. I can keep them for 2, 3, or 4 years starting this year. Each year they are kept, their salary goes up $5 (ex: Choo for 2 years: 2010-$10, 2011-$15). These are their salaries for this year:

Choo $10
Cueto $6
Ervin Santana $6
Jered Weaver $9

How many years do think?


Scotty Mac,

I’d go with the V-Mart/Peavy combo. Peavy’s looked pretty good this spring and appears healthy while V-Mart gives you elite production from the thin catcher position.

Whoa, looks like your commish went stat crazy here. I think he may have just checked every single stat option they give you! Anyway, my eight would be McCutchen, Aardsma, Gallardo, Morgan, Quentin, Alexei, Soto, Everth Cabrera.

I would keep all of those guys for the minimum of two years. Choo comes the closest to three-year worthy but I’m not in love with a $20 price tag for him.


Great show Cory and Mike

Sadly we were DRAFTING from 8-12. So info was just a tad late for me

We’re 16 team mixed plain vanilla roto- 22 rounds [352 ttl]
[1-C,1B,2B,SS,3B,4 OF; 1-U] [ 8-P] [4 BENCH]
My if is solid [Morales, Cano, Tulowitzki,Figgins, Montero]
My p is the all recovery risk team [Hamels, Billingsley, Scherzer, Liriano, E. Santana, and Hanson] with a prayer for cheap add /drop saves [IFFY bullpen-Franklin,Lindstrom]

I drafted a number of players you didn’t talk about in the OF. My number 1 guy is Braun who needs no comment, but would like some comments on my 4 others, especially on Rasmus, please

Hunter Pence- pick 85
Alex Rios- pick 129
Colby Rasmus [young of stud or bust??]- pick 217
Chase Headley- pick 336
Aaron Rowand- pick 342

If Heath Bell happens to get traded, who would take over the closer role in San Diego?
Mujica/Gregerson/Adams perhaps?
Thanks guys,
Jean-Michel, Baltimore

I’m in a 15×15 mixed league. I’m punting stuff categories so could you guys give me 15 pitchers (at least 5 starters) who will definitely not pitch this season. And if you guys had to pitch one cheap reliever for one appearance for k/9 and whip, who would it be and when. Thank you guys love the show.

Hey guys!
My league this year is going from a standard mixed 5×5 h2h to a 6×6, extra categories strangely enough being K’s for batters and L’s for pitchers! How is this going to change my draft strategy, particularly in the first 10 rounds? What batters do I pass on because strikeouts matter? Do I still draft list of 12 underdog pitchers round 10 or later, ignoring wins?
-Another Mike

Loved the show. You guys are funny, but looks aren’t everything. Just kidding, I laughed out loud a couple of times and Reynolds seemed like a real good sport. (I finished my one draft and I’m a barely serious competitor, so I watched just for S&G, and it delivered.)

I hope you guys keep posting the shows here because Dish doesn’t carry MLBTV.


I think it would be either Gregerson or Adams but I’d lean towards Adams. He’s got a little more big league experience and was flat out dominant last year when he was healthy enough to take the mound. Both are probably worth a late-round pick in deeper mixed leagues.
Another Mike,

Losses are very hard to predict so I wouldn’t make changes to your valuation of pitchers. As for hitters, yes, you may want to bump down guys like Reynolds, Howard, Dunn and Pena, but also remember that strikeouts is only one category and the fact that many other owners will probably be avoiding these players may actually present you with a nice buying opportunity at a discounted price.


It looks like Phil Hughes is going to win the #5 spot w/the Yanks. Do you like him better than Price, Bucholz, or Sheets this year?

Im drafting tonight in my main league, Im really pumped up but Im getting jumpy and keep switching my rnds 1-2 draft style. I have the 10 spot in a 12 team H2H points league. Im almost positive that 9 straight bats will go when it gets to me, so besides tim-lim and halliday lingering my gut tells me Ill be choosing between Longoria and Miggy. I really like the idea of getting Longoria and Tulo back to back with position scarcity looming. I could go with a stud pitcher in this spot, but I have never gone pitcher round 1 and am trying to find reasons not to this year as well. Thoughts ?

Really happy to see you guys are getting a lot of tv time this year. Watched your preview show and had my draft right after it. I’m in a 10 team, 5×5 mixed league roto, no keepers. I currently have Colby Rasmus, Austin Jackson, and Chris Young on my team as possibles for my 5th outfield spot. Steals are my weakest point offensively (by far, with current lineup I’d project to finish in the bottom 3), so I’m also looking at Lastings Milledge and Scott Podsednik on the waiver wire. Who should I be starting to begin the season, and should I drop one of my OFs to pick up Milledge or Podsednik?


I wouldn’t place Hughes above those other guys at this point. He’s yet to demonstrate any sort of consistency as a starter and I can see the Yankees babying him (ala Joba last year) to the point where he’ll be frustrating to own. I think they’ll cap his innings which would limit his contributions in the counting stats. In a non-keeper, I wouldn’t be targeting Hughes.

In a points league, taking Lincecum or Halladay is tempting but I still wouldn’t do it. I like the Longoria-Tulo idea and maybe you can even get, say, King Felix, CC, Verlander, or Haren in Round 3.


Hey guys, lovin the draft preview show watching it now on demand. My draft is forthcoming and keeper selections are due, so I’m looking for a little advice, it is a 6×6 (extra cats are OPS and QS) H2H Keeper (5 per team) league, the roster size is 20 I am definitely keeping A-rod (3rd round), Justin Verlander (14th round), Kendry Morales (FA so 20th round. To fill the remaining spots I have Gordon Beckham (FA so 19th round w/ Morales) Carlos Gonzalez (FA so 19th or 18th), Ben Zobrist (FA so 19th or 18th) and Jason Bay (3rd round, 2nd Due to A rod). I was leaning initially toward Keeping Zobrist and Beckham, but I started thinking that with all the keepers the top of the draft is going to be depleted and that Jason Bay in the second round might be a good value, I also really like Gonzalez but I’m hoping I can still snag him in the draft at a decent value. Any thoughts? Thanks!


I like Pence and think Rasmus is in a very good position to succeed. You can’t label him a bust yet let’s hope for the best this year and see where it takes us. I like the pick. I am not a Rios fan, but if he is going to bounce back he’s in a good place to do it. I’m skeptical. Headley and Rowand were picked so late I’m not sure it matters. if they start the season off hot great if not you’ll have to start looking. I think you have a decent 1-3 with some potential so for a 16 teamer I like it except of course your bullpen ;-)??Siano

Thanks Zach, some followup questions though. How far down would I bump Howard because my league has strikeouts? Is 1 full round reasonable? Also, about pitchers, I understand that it is hard to predict wins and losses, but shouldn’t I, when the choice presents itself, lean towards pitchers that are on better teams? Does adding losses effectively kill pitch or ditch? I’m worried because you could see it as wins being twice as important, because every win you get is not a loss.
-Another Mike

Boys –

Update: I have been running more and more MOCKs over the last few evenings. Actually seeing value in selecting Albert @ #1 overall, and working a solid SS and 2B combo. I was so sure HanRam was the guy to go, but finding a it quite reasonable to fill the SS vacany, nearly as equal to filling the 1B vacancy if I went HanRam @ #1.

So, all in all, come Friday Night, The Machine could be my pick, afterall……so Mike could be correct. (LOL)

Will let you know. Appreciate all your input on this discussion and your 3 voices on my shoulder chirping in my fantasy ear.

– BDH in DC

I’m planning on trading one of my closers, Brian Wilson, in order to get more offensive power. Instead of adding another closer to my roster, would it be more beneficial to add a starter that also qualifies as a reliever? I know I’ll lose out on saves, but that’s only one category out of the 5 pitching stats and a starter impacts more stats better. Plus, a bad day by a starter is not nearly as bad as a bad day by a closer. Would it be more strategic to add a starter like Liriano or Masterson that can fit in the RP slot, or should I just get another closer like Lidge or Marmol (he was just dropped by another team. What does that tell you?) Should I even consider not having any closers at all under this logic? My first closer is Trevor Hoffman btw.


Hey turkeys. SO I finally got to watching the draft show … Great stuff. Though the room silence after west memphis 3 reference was deafening! So, I have three closers in my 9 team 4×4 NL only keeper league ($260 and no Ks). I have wagner for $3, Qualls for $1, and can keep B Wilson for one year at $15. Would you keep Wilson at that price? For $19 I get three somewhat risky closers, no horse. If one goes down I’ve got two more! If all three stay on track then I lock down saves category and compensate for the paltry batting average of my offensive keepers.



That’s a very dangerous strategy you’re using but this page will give you some info. A few names that immediately come to mind are Nathan, Jordan Zimmermann and Jose Arredondo.

If you’re strictly concerned with steals, Podsednik is the guy to pick up. Overall value I like Milledge. I’ll endorse grabbing either of these two for Austin Jackson, who is a big unknown at this point. Asking a kid who has yet to play in a Major League regular season game to hold his own as an everyday player is asking a lot.

I’d pass on Bay. I think that price is still a little too high. Go with your initial plan of Beckham and Zobrist. I like Zobrist’s multi-position eligibility and the fact that Beckham will soon gain 2B eligibility makes him an even more appealing option.
Another Mike,

Depends on your other options but yes, knocking Howard down even a full round is reasonable. It’s fine to use the “pitcher on good team” factor as a tiebreaker but don’t overthink it too much. I don’t believe this will affect pitch or ditch as you’re still under an innings limit so your PoD guys are just taking the spots of any other pitcher you’d normally use if you didn’t follow the strategy.

I think the two arguments pretty much balance each other out. Mid-level relievers still usually post better ERA and WHIP numbers than mid-level starters. Over the course of a whole season (larger sample size) it’s not really true that one bad outing by a reliever is more damaging than a bad outing by a starter as the starter is still giving up many more runs, hits and walks than the reliever (numerator bigger). I like the idea of replacing a reliever with another reliever…it’s just a safer bet to maximize your production in all the categories. I’d pick up Marmol.

15 bucks for Wilson in an NL-only seems about right and the fact that you’ve got the other two closers at crazy low prices gives you the flexibility to hold onto Wilson. Owning three closers in a non-mixed is a huge advantage. Not only can you dominate in saves but, like you said, you have some backup in the event of an injury.



In a Standard 5×5 roto league would you drop either of the following two players to pick up slowey off waivers?I think Chapman is the obvious choice but i need your opinion.

Aroldis Chapman

Rich Harden


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