Pitch or Ditch for Sunday-Monday, April 4-5

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SIANO’S PICKS  (Bold = Pitch)


Sabathia @ Beckett


Halladay @ Lannan

Josh Johnson @ Johan

Carpenter @ Harang

Padilla @ Duke

Jimenez @ Gallardo

Zambrano @ Lowe

Garland @ Haren

Lincecum @ Oswalt

Westbrook @ Buehrle

Marcum @ Feldman

Verlander @ Greinke

Baker @ Weaver

King Felix @ Sheets

***Cory says to pitch Padilla and Feldman.


No love for Harang-a-tang? I think I’ll start him

since Blanton went down, I have to start Marcum… lame. I hate having to choose between all these bad options for my 5th SP

What is recommendation when pitchers on the same fantasy team go against each other in a H2H points league?

Why wouldn’t you pitch Sheets against the Mariners?

why wouldn’t you pitch sheets against the mariners?

Personally I would take a shot with Sheets, but Siano is obviously fearful of the fact that Sheets missed all of last season and was horrendous during spring training. Those are reasonable and valid concerns.

Dan, start them both and root for a 1-0 game!


Watched your show and it was great – go Harold! Glad to see you two guys doing all this for us fans online. I work late so I’ll have keep checking here for the latest… thanks again! Joe in Florida

Cory & Mike,
Between the Preview show, the podcasts, and the blog this year, I haven’t seen you two very high on any 3B between the studs (Longoria) and late rounders Alex Gordon / Edwin Encarnacion! If I’m in a shallower league and I miss the top studs at 3B, do you have any favorites in between those players that I should target, or are there really no notable bargains? I still have 2 drafts this week!
Another Mike

What do you think of this team? 4×4 NL Only Keeper League … I’m not too happy with my CI, feel weak in BA, but otherwise I feel pretty good.

C Yadier Molina
C Geovany Soto
1B Lance Berkman
2B Brandon Philips
3B Troy Glaus
SS Stephen Drew
MI Jose Reyes
CI Ian Stewart
OF Andre Ethier
OF Ryan Ludwick
OF Colby Rasmus
OF Brad Hawpe
OF Jason Heyward
OF Kyle Blanks

P Chris Carpenter
P Ubaldo Jimenez
P Homer Bailey
P Ian Kennedy
P Edwin Jackson
P Brad Penny
P Chad Qualls
P Billy Wagner
P Brian Wilson

Hey guys, somebody offered me Brandon Phillips, Jimmy Rollins and Jonathan Sanchez. I give up Manny, Elvis Andrus and Jake Peavy.

My lineup includes Miguel Cabrera, David Wright, Adam Lind, Derek Jeter, Hunter Pence, Carlos Quentin and Carlos Gonzalez. I can play an extra IF.

My pitching staff includes CC, Verlander, Brett Anderson en Justin Duscherer.

Should I do it?

Through a quirk of an very early auction in my 12-team NL only, I ended up with 4 pitchers who have been named “Opening Day Closer” — Marmol (ChC), Lindstrom (Hou), Franklin Morales (Col) and Madson (Phi). Obviously I got Marmol first, and picked up the others cheap, not knowing if they’d be “real” closers this year.

Now, I feel like I should try to trade some of them, but don’t really know what to ask for. Who do you ask for in exchange for a closer who might lose the job in a week or two when the “real” closer comes back, or might end up with the job all year? Is a regular starting position player too much to ask for a guy who, except for the Saves, is worthless? Or is trading one for a fourth outfielder not enough for a guy who might end up with 30+ saves?


Yeah, the 3B landscape sure is murky this year. Personally, I’ve always liked Beltre and this year is no different. He’s the Adam LaRoche of third baseman. You know what you’re going to get. Last season’s injury-plagued year has significantly depressed his value and I can even see him approach 30-100 batting in a much better lineup and much more hitter-friendly park.

A very strong team for an NL-only. Ian Stewart at CI isn’t bad at all. I’d be most worried about Glaus, who’s injury prone. That’s really the only weakness I see. AVG should be respectable enough to place you in the middle of the pack.



Do it. Peavy may very well have a great year but you can’t ignore the injury risk. I’m very high on Sanchez this year as a breakout candidate, so while the downgrade from Peavy to Sanchez is legitimate, it’s really not that bad. Andrus has tremendous upside but he’s still unproven while Rollins is pretty much a lock for around 20 homers, 30-plus steals and 100 runs. Phillips further bolsters your middle infield with top notch production. Love how you’re addressing position scarcity here by acquiring two of the more reliable MIs.

I like the idea of trading one or two of those guys while they have decent value but would still be careful not to aim too low. While you’ve got four closers now, the number might be down to one within a few weeks so a perceived strength could even possibly turn into a weakness. I’d make it a point to find out what others are willing to give up rather than asking for something specific. I think you’ll get the best return if you take this approach. A regular starting position player is certainly not an unreasonable price for one of those closers. After all, saves is a category and in a non-mixed they’re even harder to find.


I’m looking for a couple players for my $30 YAHOO auction draft Tues nite @ 8:30 CT. Anyone interested email: nupe39@yahoo.com

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