Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 7

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**MLB.com Fantasy 411 lands on MLB Network for 2010**

SIANO’S PICKS  (Bold = Pitch)

Tallet @ Harden (no sir not from me)

Pettitte @

Carmona @
Peavy (I’m keeping an eye on Fausto but not
there yet)

Scherzer @ Hochevar

Pavano @ Big
(C’mon Big Erv! Make a genius out of

Guthrie @

Rowland-Smith @

Kershaw @

Cain @

Hamels @ Marquis (Marquis may think he’s back in

Dempster @

Nolasco @


Cook @

Correia @
Kennedy (keep an eye on Kennedy. I feel we’ll be
recommending him at some point this season)

***NOTE  We might not be putting up a new separate Q&A blog post each day but there will always be a daily Pitch or Ditch entry where you guys can post all your questions and comments.


Just so you know, Cain goes Thursday, Zito is slotted into the number 2 spot. And no love for Duchsherer? He’s always thrown well when healthy, unless you’re afraid of his arm falling off in the 2nd inning he should throw well against a Seattle lineup.

Nevermind my comment about Cain, I entered a time warp and forgot what day it was.

I was wondering the same about Duchsherer. I watched his last spring outing and it was impressive to see him really changing the batters eye. If I had him I may have started him this week.

General Fantasy Advice Question,

I’m in a 12 team mixed league with usual 5×5 plus OPS and QS. There are only 9 starting offensive positions, thus 3 OF and 1 UTI. Now here’s the question,

An owner missed the draft and got auto’d too many bats so he dropped the following, Hawpe, Chipper, Michael Young, Berkman, Webb, Kerry Wood and Chapman. I have first waiver priority. My lesser guys are Garrett Jones @ 1B, Ian Stewart @ 3B, Pence, Wells. Pitching side Erv, Kazmir, Rauch, Marcum. Would you make any moves? I was also offered Ortiz for Marcum, would you do it?

Thanks! Andy

What about Rowland-Smith? He’s pitching against the A’s. Isnt this one of those games that you would actually start him?


Siano will try to get back to you per his POD picks when he has a spare minute! Crazy day here as you might imagine.

I’d take Young over Stewart any day of the week and would rather have Berkman than Jones. Maybe you can find a way to keep Jones and stash Berkman? Also prefer Hawpe to Wells. As for the Marcum trade, this might sound anti-411 but I’ll pass. Marcum has proven to be a solid starter when healthy while Ortiz worries me a great deal. I understand the idea of selling high but I’m just not a big fan of making trades on the second day of the year. Let the season breathe a little:-)


Zach, 12 team h2h points.
What do you suggest in this situation: I have on my bench Chone Figgins. I have Placido Polanco-2b and Longoria-3b Elvis Andrus-SS (booted category)…..so Chone was sitting out week 1 until he gained eligibility at 2B. I can do a couple things but not sure what would help me the most:

1. Trade Chone and hope to reel in a better SS. I really want Andrus gone…

2. Wait until Week 2 and play Chone at 2b and just bench Placido when the time comes, keeping Andrus at SS.


Why are you so eager to get rid of Andrus? Sure there will be bumps in the road but the guy will be a SB monster. I’d rather do Option 2 but I do agree that it’s pointless keeping all three if you can get a satisfactory return for either of them. My first choice would be to follow Option 2 while trying to trade Placido but it all depends on what kind of offers you get. Keep us posted.


I’m a little scared Duchscherer right now. Obviously he was never a very hard thrower or big strikeout guy, but the numbers I saw on him this spring had him throwing 84-85 and I don’t want to run him out there yet ’til I see if that’s the case or if he’s got some velocity back.


Hey Guys,

Where would I find the RSS feeds to get the podcast version of the tv show???

whats up fellas?
I’m in a 10 team h2h league and someone just dropped Chris Davis to pick up Aaron Harang. Is it worth my 3rd waiver spot to try and grab Davis? I already have Morneau at 1st and Cantu as my backup who is right now going to get a lot of time at UTIL for my team and Helton who i grabbed after the draft when someone went to the DL. I don’t know why this guy dropped Davis (and also Bourbon, not sure if he’s Rangers prejudice or what) but I feel like it’s worth picking him up. If you do suggest i pick him up in hopes of breaking out, should i drop Helton? I know it does no good to have 4 1B, so please shed some light on this situation.

Hey guys,

Congratulations! The show on the network was great! I’ll come back tomorrow for more!


Watched the show today gents,i also play in the nfbc so nice given them props.You guys didnt mention the wcofb which is paying 200.000 overall prize.Do you guys play the wcoff as this is their first year.You guys do a great job and its about time mlb has given us a weekly fantasy show.My only beef in the pitch and ditch are you kidding with Peavy and Kershaw.Nobody is ditching there top pitchers i thought that was horrible.Anyways good luck with the show and ild be watching. Eddie G

What’s your feeling on Troy Glaus this year? I just picked him up to fill my weakness at corner, rather cheaply I think for Bowden. 16-team, very deep league – no corners on the wire at all. He’ll hold the spot down until Pedro gets there.
Allan in San Antonio

One of those “Rate my Team” questions:
10-team mixed, vanilla, 27-man rosters (13/9/5 reserves). Standard positions except just 1 Catcher. I drafted this team from the 9th draft position. Drafted round in parentheses:

C: Miguel Montero (17)
1B: Teixeira (2)
2B: Jose Lopez (11)
3B: Gordon Beckham (7)
SS: Tulowitzki (1)
MI: Stephen Drew (12)
CI: Adam LaRoche (18)
OF: Werth(3), Lind(4), Adam Jones(9), Kubel(13), Juan Pierre(16)
Util: JD Drew(25)
Reserves: Fowler(21), Cody Ross(24)

P: Johan(8), Hamels(10), Peavy(14), Slowey(19), Niemann(20), Hughes(22), Tim Hudson(23), Fausto Carmona(26), Broxton(5), Mariano Rivera(6), Frank Francisco(15), Brandon League(27)

I feel I might be a little short on speed, but there should be speed available on the wire in this shallow format. Any comments, likes/dislikes, would be appreciated!

Call me crazy, but I really like this matchup for Rowland-Smith. Don’t be surprised if he has a solid WHIP/Low ERA game.

Elboberto, you’re right, Rowland-Smith is a pretty good gamble against the A’s. He won’t be great but he should be good to use in weak matchups like this.

Dave M., great team. Love the Broxton/Mariano picks at 5/6 and the discounted SP’s, especially Hamels and Hudson (an absolute steal in the 23rd!). Definitely light on speed and might have some AVG issues without any clear-cut .300+ hitters, but overall a very powerful offense. Good team to open with and depth to deal from.


Better Young this year: Chris (AZ) or Delmon (Min)?

Hey guys,

Nice debut yesterday on the flagship. Would you trade Beckett for Ichiro in a 10-team AL-only? I’m short on SBs and specifically in the OF (currently starting Travis Buck and Mark Kotsay… trust me, there is NOTHING on the wire) and have what I feel is a stacked rotation in addition to Beckett (Erv, Price, Scherzer, Monsterson, Liriano and Bondo, with Bedard in my IR slot). I’m bullish on Beckett and bearish on Ichiro, but I wonder if this is just a good fit for what I need.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac
Seattle, WA

Great Show guys.

I picked up Zito and won the lottery last night.

Was it Zito or are the Astros terrible?


You can access the audio and video podcasts from this page:


Yeah, I’d go ahead and claim Davis for Helton. You’ve already got a solid 1B foundation so might as well gamble on Davis’ upside.

I’m not a huge fan of Glaus this year, due to both injury risk and the low AVG, but in a 16 teamer he’s a more than adequate CI. Should hit 20-plus homers as long as he avoids an extended DL stint.

I’d opt for Delmon. He’s off to a great start and could really break out this year. I’ve lost all faith in Chris’ ability to get on base at a consistent rate. 2007 sure seems like a long time ago but even then, despite the homers and steals, he hit just .237!
Scotty Mac,

Yeah, I have no problem with that trade. Ichiro’s no longer the 30-steal lock of year’s past but he’ll still give you the runs and the AVG. In a non-mixed, I’d much rather be a little short on pitching than sub-par offensively.

Astros terrible…but I wouldn’t be surprised if Zito puts together a decent year, at least good enough to keep him on mixed league rosters throughout the season.


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