Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 8

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Fister @ Anderson
*Anderson looking to enter a new tier in ’10.

Willis @

Matusz @ Niemann *Ditch
on Matusz. I need to see it for a little longer. 

Masterson @ Floyd
*Masterson intrigues me this year but ditch. 

Romero @ Wilson * Romero maybe pulls a Marcum but it’s too tough a park/lineup. Wilson is an
enigma as a SP

Slowey @ Pineiro *Can Pineiro be a surprise again? If in NL, I’d like his chances

Kendrick @ Stammen
*Pitch Kendrick. I think he is in rotation to stay. 

Penny @ Arroyo *Both
have sleeper value but hard to trust in this matchup. 

@ Hanson *Better
matchup then you think. 

Billingsley @

Robertson @ Niese *NL-only alert on Niese.

***Cory says to pitch Matusz and ditch Kendrick.


Hi 411,

I have B Webb on my DL spot and it sounds like he could be there for a while. Is it worth holding on to him or should I drop him for a upside guy like Mat Latos or possibly solid options like Bud Norris, Harang, R Wells ? 5×5 roto…My other pitchers are Kershaw, Gallardo, Sheets, Floyd, Danks, Oswalt, Wolf.

Thanks as always

David Wright David Wright David Wright


Can’t you just keep Webb on your DL without dropping anyone? Regardless, your pitching is deep enough that I don’t think you even need one of those waiver wire guys. I’d stay put for now.


I can but I already have Beltran in my DL spot. My OFs/ Util are Ad. Jones, Ludwick, Lind, B Upton, Reynolds

Mike, Cory or Zach

I realize its only two days into the season but Ortiz is off too a 0/7 start and now hes blowing up at the media. Should I be as worried as I am about all of this? I have been scanning the waiver wire but the best options I have are guys like Huff, R.Rayburn, L.Scott and C.Davis. I also have J.Smoak targeted if he ever comes up this year but for now what would you do?


Thanks for the response yesterday. The team sitting with the number 2 priority will take whoever I leave. Its between Young 3B and Berkman1B in a league that counts OPS. My lesser guys are V Wells UTI, Stewart 3B and G Jones 1b. Whos worth the upgrade most? I do not have a DL spot open since i have beltran.

Corey Hart – cut him in a 10 team 5×5 roto league? How about 12 team? Is he platooning with Edmonds?

Hi guys,

Can somebody please post the URL for the mlb.com live simulcast of Fantasy 411 I can’t seem to find where to watch it live on the website.


Hello 411,
I have what you call a good problem. I have Mark Reynolds, Jorge Cantu, Kevin Youkilis, and Carlos Pena on my team. The problem is that I only have 3 spots (1B, 3B, Util) for these 4 players.

If all four play the same day, which one should I bench?

Hey guys,
Loving the new full daily show!
I picked up Carlos Gomez for my bench after Monday. But Vernon Wells and Garrett Jones are on waivers. Stay with Gomez or pick up one o the other two as a bench guy? My other OFs are Holliday, Cruz, Choo, Heyward, and Span.

Hey Guys,

Two things…
1.) Beltran’s out (and I’m not completely positive he’ll ever really be back), and I planned on B. Gardner as a fill-in. I’m worried about his at-bats though on such a deep team. C. Guillen and L. Milledge are the only alternatives with staying power. Which of the three would you guys be plugging into that hole? Am I over-thinking Gardner’s possible PT-problem? The league is very AVG heavy, and K’s are a negative.
2.) Access to you guys via Twitter is awesome. I’ve been listening for years, keep it up.

Great to have you guys back with 45 mins a day. I missed it last year. I actually had to work during the day last baseball season.


You’ve got to stick with Ortiz. Sure he’s not the Big Papi of old but the guy still had 28 homers and drove in 99 last year. None of those waiver wire guys are overly appealing at this point. Relax and don’t overreact yet. It’s three games!

Tough call considering Berkman’s health status and Jones’ red hot start but long-term I’d feel a lot more comfortable with Stewart as my 3B (don’t forget he also has 2B eligibility) than Jones as my 1B. Any chance you can trade Jones for someone decent? I’ll lean towards the Berkman pickup but you can’t simply drop Jones for nothing at this point. In the likely event that you’re unable to pull off a quick trade, I’d actually find someone else to drop and, for the time being, keep both Berkman and Jones.

By the way, was thinking about that Marcum for Ortiz deal you mentioned yesterday and I totally changed my mind. Do it. Great sell-high buy-low opportunity.

Looks like Hart is platooning with Edmonds for now but this could just be a motivational tactic to get Hart going. Regardless, I think it’s safe to cut him in a 10 teamer. Hold onto him for a little longer in a 12 teamer.

Bench Cantu. Simply put, he’s the least valuable fantasy player of that bunch. I know you’re sacrificing in AVG and owning both Reynolds and Pena is a little scary, but the power production of Pena is too great to ignore.

Unless you’re in dire need for Gomez’s speed, pick up Wells. His streakiness is frustrating but he has the most established track record of that group and I just don’t see Gomez getting on base enough going forward. Great start but I’m not hopping on the bandwagon.



I think Gardner will play often enough to make an impact, primarily in the SB department, but I’d sooner take a chance on Milledge. He’ll probably get the higher number of at-bats and I like his across the board upside more.


Hey 411, I have a question about a couple of outfielders, I have drafted J Pierre, and M bourne, There are two free agents I have been watching. Magglio Ordonez, and Franklin Gutierrez should I add/drop for either or both of these guys? No trades in this league.

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