Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 9

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Huff @
Porcello   Looking for the K’s but a very
impressive ’09

Morrow @

Price   People will pitch Price and that’s OK but we’ll be conservative.

Vargas @

Liriano @ Danks

Wakefield @

Gonzalez @

Richard @ De La
   Richard has some sleeper value but not a good
idea in Coors.

Hudson @ J.
411 mancrush

Silva @
Bailey   Is this the start of a career for

Livan @

Kuroda @

Happ @ Norris   Not biggest Happ fan but vs. Astros why

Lohse @

Morton @ R.


Hey 411. I have an OF question. We start LF, CF, RF, and 2 OF in my 12 team H2H. We also have deep benches (6 spots). I only have 2 players w/ RF eligibility in LaPorta and Matt Diaz. I was really hoping Diaz would get the playing time but that doesn’t seem to the case. The best options on free agency are R. Sweeney, T. Buck, Spilborghs, Ankiel, Dickerson, Venable, and Gwynn. Any of those guys worth picking up over Diaz? Either way it will primariliy be a Monday-Thursday player, but I want to maximize my ABs since we have daily transactions. Thanks!


One more question… do you think Julio Lugo is going to work his way into regular playing time soon in Baltimore? I have him on my bench but I’m debating snagging Ronny Cedeno off of the wire at his expense. What do you think?



I like Ankiel. I think he’ll get the most playing time of that group and would take him over Diaz. Think 25 homers if healthy. As for your other question, I do believe that Lugo will eventually receive fairly regular at-bats and would take him over Cedeno. But in a 12 team mixed, I don’t understand why you need either of these light hitters taking up a spot on your bench. Use it for a more productive bat or for POD.


I’ve been watching C.J. Wilson’s start against the Jays and I have to say he’s pretty impressive. Throwing all three pitches for strikes, getting swings and misses. Is he still a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma or is he a possible pitch guy next time out at Cleveland?

hi cory, longtime listener of fantasy 411, good luck on tv. please answer this question. i just joined a cbssportsline league and the rules there are 10 teams, 29 players on roster, no dl spot, and NO INNINGS PITCH LIMIT, whats your advice, if i dont use pitch or ditch, on how many starting pitchers whould be on roster? thanks for the advice, eric from florida

Remember when we used to all say pitch middle of the road pitchers against the Twins?

I don’t think that is the case anymore.

I will not be starting Danks.

Hey fellas,

I have B Upton, Adam Jones, Lind, Beltran and Ludwick as my OFs and Gallardo, Kershaw, Wolf, Sheets, Danks, Floyd, Oswalt as my starting P. I know we discussed this to an extent but do you think it would be wise to drop Ludwick for Mat Latos?
I really think he’s going to be good this year even though he may have a innings cap. I believe Ludwick’s value took a hit when he got dropped from 5th to 6th in that lineup.

Good stuff guys,
Of these 3 SS’s, who is the odd man out and should be dropped? Yunel Escobar, Alcides Escobar, Jason Bartlett. Thanks for your help!

Hey 411. I have a good problem and could use some advice. I’m setting my lineup for tonight and I’m not sure if I should sit any of these guys and play G. Jones in their place: K. Morales, A. Dunn, Ichiro, Heyward. My gut tells me to leave Jones on the bench but I’d hate to miss out on a bunch of crooked numbers! What would you do? Thanks — Jay


Always tough to predict how a reliever turned starter will fare over the long-term but I still need to see a little more from Wilson. But another good start or two and he’s definitely in the POD discussion.

Assuming you play the standard 9 pitchers, I like to start 6-7 starters. Really depends on the quality of your relievers but I’ll always lean towards the Ks and Wins over the ratios in a no innings limit format. As for total starters on your roster, there’s no right answer but 9-10 seems like a good number.

I don’t see Danks as a middle of the road starter so fully agree with Mike and Cory on that one.

Keep Ludwick. I see him having a great year regardless of where he bats in the lineup and Latos is still unproven. I’ll always go with the hitter in these cases. The uncertainty surrounding Beltran makes Ludwick even more valuable to your team.

Drop Alcides. He has great potential but is clearly the least proven and could go through long cold spells in his rookie year. Yunel and Bartlett are simply not waiver wire material.

Jones is red hot so I’d put him in there for the next few days and sit Heyward. I don’t like Jones long-term but you just can’t leave him on the bench right now.


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