Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 13

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Niemann @

Bannister @ Willis – Nice start for Dontrelle, let’s see him do it again

Floyd @
– Nice start for
Romero, let’s see him do it again

E. Santana @

Anderson @

Maine @ G.

Arroyo @
– Don’t love either,
but good matchups for both

Kennedy @ Kershaw – Interesting contrasts
in their first two starts

Maholm @

***Siano agrees with all except Dontrelle. If you picked him up anyway, might as well start him vs. Royals.


5×5 12-team mixed keeper league. Nate McLouth has just been dropped in this league. Is it worth it using a a top waiver claim on him? Minor leaguers go into the free agency pool not waivers.
Thanks, Bas

Bas, I would definitely pick him up. McLouth is in his prime and is coming off back-to-back 20/20 seasons, so even with the poor spring and slow start he’s an excellent bet to provide good value this year, especially since you’re getting him for free.


Hey Cory, what do I do with M. Napoli? 12 team, 2 C league. Have Ruiz starting with Napoli. C. Snyder and J. Mathis are available. Would you roll the dice with Napoli or go for one of those guys?

Also have Napoli in a 12 team 1 C league. I. Rod, Iannetta, AJ, Ruiz, and Olivo are available. Who’s my best bet there? We use OBP and SLG over BA. Thanks.

Howdy gents. Two questions:

Who has the better year? Carlos Gomez, Jason Heyward, Brad Hawpe, Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano, Raul Ibanez … they wall went for about the same price in one of my leagues.

Also, what do I do with Geo Soto? His slow start is starting to scare me… should I be dropping him to pick up Chris Snyder?


Hey ramdes,

Just answered your question on the Q & A post from today.

I’ll officially hop on the Heyward bandwagon and go with him. I can see Gomez falling off a cliff and while those other guys are all solid, I just can’t pass on Heyward’s upside. I think he does enough this year to enter 2011 as a legit #2 OF in mixed leagues.

As for Soto, I’m dealing with the same issues as he’s on three of my teams. I say stick with him for another couple weeks. If he’s still this awful by the end of April, I’m fine with dropping him in mixed leagues.


Hey guys, I unexpectedly had to miss my draft and I ended up with a log jam of 1st baseman and outfielders. It’s a 5×5 mixed vanilla 12 team league with 1 1B, 3 OF and 2 Util. I’m carrying Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, Kendry Morales, and Lance Berkman as my first baseman. For the outfield I have Markakis, Span, Hamilton, Carlos Gonzalez and Juan Rivera. I have to keep one of the first baseman on the bench at all times, I’m not sure which one to trade and for who. I have a need at 3rd baseman (Mark Derosa), shortstop (Alexei Ramirez/Rafael Furcal), and closers (Valverde/Madson). Thanks. -Tom

Zach, Thanks for calming me down about Andrus.. He’s starting to pick it up now. However, I can’t say the same about Carlos Lee. 51k’s last year and through his first AB today he has racked up 8k’s and batting an astounding .125 Is he still a #2 OF ? I have him at Utlity behind Kemp, Werth, Victorino. Could I possibly pull him and put Chone Figgins, Kurt Suzuki, or Howie Kendrick in his place? Seems insane but I can’t help but think it.

Well, Roberts just hit the DL and I fear that Ellsbury may be next, so I could use a little help deciding who to add for the time being. For now I have McGehee starting at 2B since he was my back up. If Ellsbury goes down, I could move Werth from Util to OF and free that spot up for any position player. My other bench players are Swisher and Andrus. Here are some of the top players on my watch list. Who should I add? Willingham, Francouer, Loney, Inge, Rajai Davis, Desmond, Gaby Sanchez, Helton, Willy Aybar, Ryan Ludwick, Aki Iwamura, Kouzmanoff and others.


Hi 411,

5×5 roto league where we start 3 OFs. I have Lind, B Upton and Adam Jones. Should I drop Beltran and pick up Chris Young. I think CY could possibly hit more HRs and steal more bases than Beltran when he comes back. I can’t see Beltran running a lot. The only downfall may be his OBP/Batting average taking a hit and being lower. Thoughts? What about adding McLouth and dropping Beltran?
Thanks as always, I appreciate it.


Great show today!
You talked about the Montero injury, but would you expect anything from him (as long as it’s just a meniscus tear)? I stashed Bedard and Lidge in my DL slotsfor now. Keep Montero?
Also you said if Wolf survived the Cards he’d graduate, so after Sunday would you put him on your roster?

Hey guys,
I asked on twitter but you can disregard it there. I’m in a 12 team mixed points league and i’ve been offered k.morales and adam jones for a.gonzalez. should i do it?
My OF is currently ellsbury, victorino, ibanez, francoeur and rajai.


Hi there,
I am looking 4 a 3rd closer, Im in the hunt, have Motte, could pick up Jim Johnson. Since Motte isnt exactly performing, should I pick up JiJo? Any other candidate closer in line? Gregg is already gone…

thx from Euroland,

I play in a 12 team Mixed Points League and I’m in last place after week 1. Should I be worried??? We start: 1– catcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, DH, 3 — OF, 5 — SP and 3 — RP. I have, Jeff Clement, Shoppach, Iannetta, Nick Johnson, Morales, Weeks, Kinsler, Michael Young, Car-go, BJ Upton, Justin Upton, Hunter, Jay Bruce, Hanley and Asdrubal Cabrera. My Pitchers are Bell, Scott Downs, Soriano, Chris Young, Harang, Harden, Carmona, Jurrrjens, Lester, Bedard, Volquez. We have 2 DL spotts also. What do you think??


Berkman’s definitely the guy to trade but considering his health status you probably won’t get fair value for him. See what you can get for Morales. Maybe offer him and throw in Madson for an elite closer like Papelbon or Mariano? Seems fair to me. I’m not all that concerned with your SS situation but if you can bolster that bullpen (which right now includes only one full-time closer) I’m all for it.

I’m a little concerned about Lee but he’s bound to pick it up, especially when Berkman returns and provides some lineup protection. As an “El Caballo” owner, I’m frustrated too but you just have to keep him in there.

I have no idea why Ludwick is available in your league so overall he’d be my top choice. As for the rest, it really depends on what categories you need (Davis for speed, Helton for AVG etc.)

Can’t you just keep Beltran on your DL or no? Regardless, I’d hold onto him. The quality of the waiver wire in your league seems pretty high so there should always be solid options. It’s not like any of these guys would crack your starting OF anyway.



Yeah, I’d try as much as possible to keep Montero around and then just put him in Lidge’s DL spot when Lidge returns. As for Wolf, I’m fine with you adding him. I think Mike and Cory would agree.

I think you should do that deal. Morales isn’t really that much of a downgrade, if at all, from Gonzalez and Jones would be a definite upgrade over someone like Francoeur.

I absolutely prefer Johnson to Motte for the simple reason that Mike Gonzalez has at least temporarily been removed from the closer role while Franklin has a very long leash. It’s not out of the question that Motte ends up being the Cards’ closer by year’s end but don’t hold your breath!

Looks like a solid team so no, you shouldn’t be worried. The standings after one week are totally meaningless. I personally don’t even pay that much attention to them until at least the beginning of May.


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