Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 20

**411 Valuable Resources**

***Mike and Cory agree on these 100%. Here are the picks with Siano’s comments:

Davies @ Eveland *Playing the hot

Lewis @ Wakefield *Patient teams will hurt Rangers
pitching. Wakefield probably on his way to pen.

Masterson @ Slowey

Price @ Danks

Porcello @ Kazmir *Kazmir in the Harden and Sheets
club right now. I’m passing.

Vazquez @ G. Gonzalez *You can hear some faint
music in the background for Javy. Brett Myers knows all about it.

D. Hernandez @ J. Vargas *Ditch these are AL-only plays at

De La Rosa @ Olsen *Bad job last time but I’m going
back in.

Bush @ Morton

Zambrano @ Pelfrey *Pelfrey win/save/win?? His
confidence has to be sky high.

Billingsley @ Bailey *Homer has been hittable and
Dodgers are hitting homers left and right in the middle of

Kendrick @ Hanson *Kendrick DTM as of

Volstad @ Myers *No K’s from Volstad but can be

Lohse @ Haren

J. Sanchez @ Latos *Sanchez coming off a
gem, thinking he keeps it up. I’m on the fence on Latos so just gonna pass until
he puts a few together. Low walks so one good sign.


Starting Masterson against a Twins lineup that’ll have four lefties and switch hitter? His platoon split is disastrous, what am I missing?

Speaking of Blanton… Which PoD guy would you drop upon his return? P. Hughes, S. Marcum, B. Zito? They are all in rotation for my 5th starter spot and I’ll have to cut one due to roster limits.

Hey Guys,
I’m in a 10 team NL-only league where we count K/9 instead of K’s. Would you pick up Nate Robertson and drop Joe Blanton who is eating up a BN spot since my DL is already filled? My other SP are Cain, Hamels, Wolf and Latos. As always, Thanks for the advice. — Jay


It is a bit risky but the guy’s been awfully impressive so far this year. Gotta ride him while he’s going this well.

That’s a pretty solid pitching staff for an NL-only. I also own Blanton in one of my NL-onlys and I’m holding onto him. I think you should too! I have absolutely zero faith in Robertson so I’ll pass.


hey guys, i gotta a league problem. the commish was trying to prevent POD so he made the max ip 1200. its a daily roto 6×6 with loses the extra pitching. we have 11 teams this year, with the hopes of expanding to 12 or more next. we have 4 sp, 2rp and 1 p in our lineup. most everyone is on pace to blow by innings pitched max… its really devalued pitching. what is the right “number” and how is the “number” calculated. thx

jeff in cleveland- go cavs!


I personally like something in the range of 1400-1500 and use 1450 in most of my leagues. But we play 9 active pitchers. For your format, I have no problem with the 1200 max. That’s just about enough to comfortably play five starters (figure 200 IP each) and three relievers (around 70 IP each) which means you’ll still have one slot for POD (can rotate in a bench SP) and a spot for a third reliever. Maybe the limit can be upped to 1250 or so but 1200 seems fine.


Thanks Zach.

i was on the opposite side of this i feel that in a 10-12 team league there is just way too much pitching available and it devalues good/great pitching because everyone has it. there is no need to gamble on a guy like gio gonzalez… somebody dropped vasquez and erv.

Hey 411. I have a couple of roster questions. I want to pick up Hermida since it looks like he’ll be in the everyday lineup with Cameron and Ellsbury both out. Who would you drop of the following: Olivo, Iannetta, Ankiel, LaPorta. Also, I may need to drop a second one off of that list to make room for Branyan coming off the DL. What do you think?



Branyan for LaPorta seems like a logical move as their playing time is somewhat connected. The other decision is a lot tougher. I still prefer Ankiel to Hermida and it’s hard to pick one out of the Iannetta/Olivo tandem. Looks like a strict timeshare right now but I think the Rockies are still of the belief that Iannetta’s their guy going forward and will give him every opportunity to earn more at-bats. If you’re set on picking up Hermida, Olivo’s the guy I’d drop but my first preference would actually be to pass on Hermida and keep that two-catcher platoon intact.


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