Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 22

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Wilson @

Sabathia @

Shields @

Talbot @

Verlander @

Gorzelanny @ J.

Jimenez @ L. Hernandez – Hard to take Livan seriously despite the 0.00 ERA

Padilla @ Leake – Could be 1-0, could be 12-9… I’m staying away

Moyer @ Lowe – Lowe
too erratic to trust vs. an elite offense

Wolf @ McCutchen – Wolf
should be solid against lower-tier offenses

@ Paulino – Sanchez
OK his first time, awful the last time… let’s see if Houston can get him

***Siano says “I agree with everything Cory said except I’m ditching Saundo. His two stinkers have been at home. If he pitches well here I’ll be more inclined
next go round.”



What’s with the unhealthy obsession with Joe Saunders? Seems like you recommend him as a “pitch” just about every time he goes out. You also speak about him very favorably on the radio/tv/podcast/whatever shows (which I’ve been listening to on the drive home since the start of the 2009 season).

I just don’t get it, especially with you being a stats guy. Even Siano is now off the bandwagon. Saunders had 1 lucky year in 2008 with an abnormally low BABIP and an ERA more than a full run below his xFIP, ending up with 17 wins. Other than that he’s been what he is – slightly below mediocre. His real ERAs haven’t even been good outside of that 2008 season. His K rates are downright garbage, which he could get away with a little more if he were an extreme groundball pitcher, but he’s not. His K/BB rates are not good at 1.79 for his career (BaseballHQ’s bare minimum for a pitcher is 2.00). xFIPs the last few years of 4.52, 4.65, and 4.80. He then somehow lucked into 16 wins last year, despite the same crap for numbers.

At least Siano’s Big Erv obsession is somewhat supported by the fact that Santana has some evidence of having very good skills (see his 2008 season). Saunders has no skills and never has.

What gives? Time to get off the the Saundwagon.

Free agent question guys…should i pick up pence or borbon?? im number five on the waiver outta twelve… i got kuroda to drop or marcum.. but borbon clears tmrw and pence the day after… tough decision.. could use the speed a bit more than the power.. im stacked in a twelve teamer… also colby rasmus is there as a FA.

1st howard
2nd cano
3rd longoria
ss jeter
OF kemp
OF Cargo
OF werth
Util S pod
B quentin
DL hill

Slow start question. I am in a 5×5 league with C,1b,2b,3b,SS,MI,CI, 4 OF,Util, 5SP, 2RP, 1P and a 6 man bench. I have a number of players off to a slow start and wondered which you think I am OK to cut and who I should hold on – I have made bad calls on this in the past

My slowest 6 are

Yunel Escobar
Grady Sizemore (yes I know he’s a hold but he’s here for completeness)
Ryan Doumit
Adam Jones
Chris Coglan
David Ortiz



Please rank the following pitchers in a 5×5 standard mixed: Hughes, Pelfrey, Garcia, Sheets, Bucholtz


Hi Guys,
A quick question. I have Miguel Montero and Mike Gonzalez on the DL. Brad Lidge is on the WW so I was wondering if it’s worth dropping Gonzalez to pick up Lidge. Also I really need a C that can hit (my other C is Iannetta) so is it foolish to drop Montero outright? Thanks for the advice. Best Fantasty show on the planet.

-Ben in Boston

I have 5 players for 4 spots. – Kemp, Victorino, C. Lee, Werth, Jose Guillen. I am sitting C. Lee right now in a weekly 12 team h2h. I read E-mack’s chat trascript and he says now C. Lee is a must start with Berkman back. With Guillen still raking can I really sit him? Maybe Victorino? Ugh! Thanks again!


Answered your question earlier on the other post.

Very worried about Papi as he looks lost at the plate and could be nearing the end. Don’t be surprised if the Red Sox start to platoon him or even bench him for awhile. Things are that bad. Jones worries me a little too as he’s taken a huge step backwards after enjoying a breakthrough season last year. I think he’ll snap out of this extended slump but would definitely bench him in just about any format for the time being.

I’ll say Sheets, Hughes, Pelfrey, Garcia, Buchholz. I just don’t have confidence in Clay as a reliable start to start guy. He’s a five-inning pitcher right now.

Yes, I’d make the Lidge pickup immediately. Lidge is coming back soon and has looked good during his recent rehab outings while Gonzalez’s return date is still up in the air. He’s also paying a visit to Dr. Andrews which is never a good sign. As for Montero, I’d try to hang onto him. Someone would almost certainly pick him up and you’d be in a worse situation than you’re in now. Catcher is such a thin position that you’ll be glad you kept him.

Stick with the hot bat (Guillen) and continue to bench Lee for now. Just because Berkman’s back doesn’t mean he’s a must-start. That’s pretty ridiculous. Eventually you’ll probably be going back to Lee but let’s see him put up some numbers first.


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