Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 23

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Scherzer @

Cecil @ Garza

Pavano @ Meche *I’m so happy I can jump right off Pavano train. You
know what some guys are just not consistent enough for me and you can disagree
with me it’s all good people.

Rowland-Smith @ Floyd *Both lineups are questionable right now so go for

Westbrook @
Duchscherer *Duch strictly POD for me but this
is a good matchup unless bats wake up.

Guthrie @
Lester *I like Guthrie just not

Burnett @ E.
*Big Erv with a big

Correia @ Cueto *Reds middle of the pack offense, Correia middle of the
pack SP. I’ll pass but feel free to gamble.

Kawakami @

Maholm @

Dempster @

Nolasco @ G.

Hamels @

Haeger @

Garcia @
*0.69 and 0.90


Scherzer @ Feldman

Cecil @ Garza

Pavano @ Meche – I think Pavano bounces
back vs. so-so Royals offense

Rowland-Smith @ Floyd – Mariners just the antidote to
Floyd’s early struggles

Westbrook @ Duchscherer – Not a big Duch fan, but
Tribe don’t score

Guthrie @ Lester

Burnett @ E.Santana – Can you blame me for
not trusting Big Erv?

Correia @

Kawakami @ Maine

Maholm @ Oswalt

Dempster @ Suppan

Nolasco @ G.Smith – Coors is scary for
HR-prone Nolasco, but I’m riding the horse

Hamels @ Benson

Haeger @

Garcia @ Lincecum – Tough matchup for Garcia but
results are impressive so far



Check out my risk assessment of possible streamers for Friday’s games at http://tiny.cc/rbb31 and other fantasy baseball-related articles at http://cosfba.blogspot.com

I appreciate any/all feedback.

Thanks for doing what you all do.


Good Morning Gentlemen… couple of q’s…

Ike Davis or Justin Smoak?

Of the early season waiver causalities in my league, which two players do you prefer… Adam Dunn, Carlos Lee, Raul Ibanez, Alfonso Soriano, Denard Span, or Jason Kubel? I’ve got a fairly balanced roster right now so just looking for best player available. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Good Morning Gentlemen… couple of q’s…

Ike Davis or Justin Smoak?

Of the early season waiver causalities in my league, which two players do you prefer… Adam Dunn, Carlos Lee, Raul Ibanez, Alfonso Soriano, Denard Span, or Jason Kubel? I’ve got a fairly balanced roster right now so just looking for best player available. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Hi guys. 16-team 7×7 (batter K’s, OBP, Holds, QS) auction. Salaries with escalators, can keep as many as you want subject to cap. 10 minors spots – separate auction to fill.

My team has started terribly, in last place and hitting .230 so far. I think I have every slow starter there is! I’m being hit up for Furcal ($8, $11 next year) by a few guys who need steals. I’m pretty solid in steals, standing 5th without Furcal, and I have Asdrubal, Roberts, Getz at MI, with Stewart’s dual elgibility as well. The current offer is McGehee at $4 ($9 next year). What do you think? I could sell high on Furcal, but I would also be buying high on McGehee. Hold on a bit to see if Furcal hangs in and wait until Roberts & Getz return? Or should I try to build a package to grab Posey ($1) from the guy instead?
Allan in San Antonio

Colby Lewis has an easy schedule ahead: Drop Madson, pick up Lidge to stash on DL along with Lewis? H2H, 12-team mixed, and I’ve already got Valverde, Jenks, and Gregg.
Also, start Smoak instead of Hawpe/Ordonez/Hamilton/Bourn for a Util? Should I use a waiver claim on Smoak or wait three days and pick him up for Hamilton?

Hey guys… Love the show.. I do have a suggestion for what its worth.. You have the Pitch or Ditch segment but you don’t revisit your picks on the next show.. Like if any of those guys has “graduated”…so I can hold on to him and not cut him…

and who has better value this year pence or abreu???
Thankss and great work on the show…

Thoughts on Peavy? Is he going to turn this around? Is he injured possibly? I think this could be the prime example of stressing patience and resorting to benching instead of dropping Peavy. There are still 5 and a half months left.

RE: Peavy

My Ps are Gallardo, Kershaw, Sheets, Oswalt, Floyd, Danks, J Garcia, Penny, Qualls, Rivera, Dotel, Jenks, Gutierrez. Should I drop Gutierrez for Peavy and how much of my $1000 should I spend on him?

Trade Value Q:

Johann Santana + Victorino = Lincecum?

Johann Santana + Carlos Lee = Lincecum?

12 team h2h points league.


I’ll go with Smoak. He projects as the better power hitter and will be playing in a much more favorable park. As for your other question, I simply cannot believe that all those guys were dropped. Dunn and Lee were likely the first ones taken in your draft and I’m a little concerned about Lee. Dunn would be my choice if you can stomach the low AVG. You know exactly what you’re getting with him.



A decent offer but I’d pass. I think Furcal is in line for a real solid year and that his struggles over the past couple of seasons were largely injury-related. Remember, he’s still just 32 so it’s not like he’s an old man and the SB production is very encouraging. I’m just not a big fan of McGehee and Furcal’s price is reasonable. Hold onto him for now, at least until you get a better offer.

I wouldn’t rush to pick up Lewis just because he has what seems to be a favorable schedule. The guy just hasn’t been all that good at the big league level and three solid starts to begin the season shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. I also think it’s a good idea to hold onto Madson if you can, at least until Lidge makes a few appearances for the Phillies to guard against a possible setback, even though that appears unlikely. As for Smoak, dropping Hamilton to pick him up is a bad idea. Stick with the guy who’s already produced in the Majors. Don’t get overly swept up in the hype, especially since this isn’t a keeper league. I’m fine with you dropping someone else to pick him up but I’d hold onto all those outfielders, all of whom have strong established records.

I still like Abreu as the safer option but it’s close. Pence will almost certainly hit more homers but Abreu should top him in RBIs, Runs and SBs. AVG will be close but I’d lean towards Abreu there.


Hey guys – I’m winning my league barely, close to tops in all cats except Steals and Ks. I was counting on BJ and Gomez to keep me competitive. Have been offered Bourn for Liriano and Ubaldo (Pass!). Counter with either of those pitchers or Wainwright/Wandy/Hudson/Shields/Leake? Stand pat? Please talk me down.


You said it right. Dropping Peavy is flat out foolish. There haven’t been any signs that he’s injured. The move to the AL will definitely hurt his numbers and he’s probably no longer a fantasy ace, but you can still do a lot worse than Jake as your #2 or #3. There’s a chance Gutierrez picks up some saves with Qualls struggling mightily but I’ll take the risk and drop him for Peavy. The $$$ question depends largely on whether you use FAAB for all pickups or just guys on waivers but assuming it’s just for waivers, a $200 bid seems about right. Your pitching is pretty strong already so no big deal if you don’t get him.

Would rather have Santana and Victorino than Lincecum but I’ll take Tiny Tim over Santana/Lee.


Hey guys,
Looking at 2 start pitcher matchups next week.
Who do i start? Marcum TOR or Sanchez SF.
Marcum has BOS and OAK while Sanchez has PHIL and COL. Both are at Home. I am Little scared of Halladay on Monday vs Sanchez, but even if Halladay wins, Sanchez may get 10 K’s.
Please help!

BTW your show is awesome. I watch every day. (if my wife let’s me) LOL

I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I?m hurting in saves right now as I drafted Valverde, Perez, Gonzalez, and Francisco as my closers. I?ve been offered Rivera, Zobrist, and Lester for Roy Halladay and Carlos Beltran. My other starting pitchers are Lincecum, Hanson, and Brett Anderson with David Price on my minor league roster. Zobrist would be placed in my utility slot, where I have Jose Guillen currently keeping it warm for Beltran. I?m seriously considering this offer as the downgrade from Halladay to Lester is offset by the acquisition of Rivera. I?m not sure why the other owner?s including Zobrist for Beltran, but with Beltran coming back slowly I?m thinking this is a good swap for me. What do you guys think? Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Shields or Hudson for Bourn is a more than fair offer. I might consider doing Wandy for Bourn but that’s the highest I’d go.

Sanchez is the clear choice. Simply put, he’s the better pitcher and the K upside is a huge plus. It’s helpful to think about matchups when the decision is close but this is a no-brainer in my mind. Forget the matchups!


Check out my comments to see how accurate (or not) my risk assessments were for possible streamers for Friday’s games at http://cosfba.blogspot.com/2010/04/steady-stream-04222010.html

Thanks to all of the people that clicked though to COSFBA!


Thanks guys – I will go with Sanchez and blame u all if it goes south and take the credit if i am right!


Considering the depth of your starting pitchers, I would be bold and pull the trigger on this. Normally, I would say that you’re only chasing saves and it’s more important that you hold on to the guys who have a greater impact on more categories. BUT, if you already have Anderson, Hanson and Lincecum with Price in the minors, I think you’ll be able to absorb the drop-off between Halladay and Lester — who, by the way, started out just as poorly last year, then torched the AL. As far as Beltran for Zobrist goes, you better jump on that fast. I am not a very big fan of Beltran, coming off all these injuries AND playing in such a pitcher-friendly ballpark like Citi Field. Nine times out of 10, I would never consider trading Halladay, but this is that one time that I not only would consider it, I’d do it.

Michael Echan
MLB.com Fantasy

Thanks for the advice. I pulled the trigger. I was hesitant about giving up the best player in the deal (in my opinion), but it still seemed to make sense for my team. Damon in Seattle

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