Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 27

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Hughes @

Liriano @ Verlander – Scuffling
Verlander not an automatic right now vs. hot Twins
Buchholz @ Marcum
Marcum starting to prove himself
Sheets @ W. Davis

Buehrle @

Snell @ Greinke
So much for Snell as a sleeper; he goes to bullpen when Lee
Talbot @ Saunders

TBD @ J. Santana – Padilla goes
to DL, Dodgers rotation gets thinner
Garland @ A. Sanchez

Harang @
 – Norris 17 K’s in 12.2 IP
and Reds are erratic

L. Hernandez @

TBD @ Wolf
McCutchen sent down, Pirates rotation is just awful
Lowe @ Carpenter

Jackson @

Moyer @ Wellemeyer


hey guys, im in a 5 by 5 twelve team, mixed, no keepers league. im towards the top in rbi, runs, hr and avg, but in last place in steals. i got offered chone figgins for jose guillen, is this a good buy low sell high opportunity?
thanks, max


Absolutely! Do that trade immediately before your fellow owner comes to his/her senses.


Hey fellas, Ive been offered a trade. its a h2h 10 mixed league.. ive been offered zito, carlos mormol, and jason heyward for berkman and hamilton.. i think i should take hands down but would like some input. thanks

who should i start cj wilson for texas against mark buehrle for the white soxs or bud norris for houston against aaron harang for the reds

Hey guys, I am 10team ROTO league. I was just offered a trade. I get Furcal, Morneau, and Sandoval for Braun, Butler, and Asdrubal Cabrera. I got a pretty balanced team and at the top in all offesive categories except for R (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, SB). We have two UT spots, and my curernt 1B and 3B are Migueal Cabrera and David Wright while my other UTs are Podsednik, Jose Guillen, and Pena.

My other OFs are Cruz, Justin Upton. Thanks.

Hi 411,
Speculative play here: Should I add F. Francisco and drop O. Dotel in the hope Frank gets the closer job back from Feliz? Feliz is still limited from going back to back games and he hasn’t looked good. My other closers are Rivera, Jenks, Qualls. Thanks as always.

Hey zach…
Should I give up on Gavin Floyd.. Hes been bad and those werent even strong teams…Theres Phil Hughes on the WW….


Yeah, I like that deal. As I mentioned a bunch of times, I’m not big on Hamilton and both he and Berkman are injury risks. I can see Heyward finishing the season as a more valuable player than Hamilton. Despite being shaky at times, Marmol’s still a quality closer who’s job security is fairly safe and Zito has been real impressive so far. Not a no-brainer but definitely worth accepting.

Ugh, do I really have to pick? Both Wilson and Norris scare me plenty but Wilson has so far been the better pitcher. Regardless of the matchup, I gotta go with him.

That’s a pretty fair offer but I don’t really see what you’re trying to do here category-wise. You say you’re balanced and that you’re doing well in offense so why make a trade just for the sake of making a trade? Braun is clearly the best player in the deal and Morneau and Butler are closer in value than one might think. I’ll pass.

I’d never drop a closer for a guy who may or may not close. Picking up Francisco is fine but not for Dotel. Maybe for a bench hitter or mediocre SP? The Pirates do have a couple of other decent ninth inning options in Meek and Hanrahan but barring a Dotel injury I really don’t see him losing his job. Hold onto Octavio.

No, I wouldn’t give up on Gavin Floyd. He was also bad last April (and May in fact) before picking it up in June (1.28 ERA). Feel free to bench him but don’t drop him. That said, I do like the idea of picking up Hughes, who deserves to be owned in just about any league format. I’d try to pick up Phil and drop someone else besides Floyd.


The only other starter I can drop is Ricky Romero… I have Beckett too but I cant drop him cause I paid big money for him… alsoo should I dop quentin and pick up CarGo from the Rockies??? Thanx as always….

Greetings Fellas, I once again need a second opinion on a trade that is probably a no-brainer. 6×6 H2H keeper (5) league extra categories (OPS and QS). I made the Teixeira deal that I asked about last time (very cool to see my question on the podcast by the way!). I now have an owner trying to fleece me in a similar way. I’d give up Tex and Justin Verlander (keeper from the 13th round 2009) for Lance Berkman, Cole Hamels, and Dustin Pedroia. My primary 2B is Ben Zobrist and Gordon Beckham is riding the pine until he starts to heat up. I do have Alexei Ramirez just sitting on my bench, and I wouldn’t have a problem dropping him for the 3 for 2 deal. This would be a bad move to make though, right? The upgrade at second is not enough to counteract the downgrade at first, and the pitcher swap is probably a downgrade as well, in my opinion. I’m almost certainly turning this down but I wanted to ask my favorite fantasy experts before I do, just in case I missed something


Yeah, go ahead and drop Floyd then. Someone will probably claim him but oh well. I still like Hughes more than Gavin. As for CarGo vs. Quentin, I know that Siano, a diehard Quentin fan, would disagree with me but I’d drop him for Gonzalez. I’m just tired of Quentin’s inconsistency and nagging injuries. Does he have significant upside? Sure. But for me he’s YPNM.

You’re right on! It doesn’t look like a terrible trade at first glance but taking into account that you already have Zobrist, there’s absolutely no point in doing this deal.


I thought so, thanks very much.

Hey guys should i trade Justin Verlander and Carlos Pena 4 Roy Halladay and Kendry Morales?


Yes, definitely do that deal. Verlander to Halladay is a clear upgrade and Pena for Morales is at worst a wash. I’d actually rather have Morales and his higher AVG.


I have Nolasco on one of my point leagues and even after a win against the lowly O’s last night, I still can’t trust him. Especially with 2 tough matchups next week. Free agents available are J.Vargas, Pavano, Myers, E.Santana, Cueto, Freddy An. Garcia or G.Floyd. Who would you guys go with? Thanks


Yeah, Nolasco only had one bad inning last night but that one inning sure was ugly! The Mets have historically hit Nolasco well so I have no problem benching Ricky in favor of, say, Erv (vs. COL), but I wouldn’t drop Nolasco. One of my main concerns with him was the drop in Ks so the 8 K performance last night was encouraging. Let’s see if he can carry that over into his next start before thinking about cutting him loose.


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