Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 29

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Burnett @ Matusz

Floyd @ Feldman – Floyd
was better against Seattle before tiring late, still

Duchscherer @

Pavano @

Hochevar @

Arroyo @

Kennedy @ Lilly

Both shamed my conservatism last time out!

D. Davis @

Jurrjens @

Burres @


Burnett @ Matusz  
Could be a duel or a softball

Floyd @ Feldman  Floyd has been too terrible I’m gonna sit this one out
even though I said pitch on Peavy in same series.

Duchscherer @

Pavano @  Willis fine I’ll pitch him.

Hochevar @

Arroyo @

Kennedy @ Lilly  See Yankees vs. O’s. Lilly coming off triumphant return.
Kennedy coming off shutting down PHI.

D. Davis @
LeBlanc  11 innings and only one run and at home.
Brewers can rake but this may be worth a shot.

Jurrjens @

Burres @



I have an offer of Carl Crawford for Jose Reyes. I’ve got Hanley in my SS spot so I have Reyes in my util spot. What do you think? They both have injury risk but is the upside worth giving up the positional scarcity?


10 team, 5×5, H2H, got a few questions for you.
Should I do some moves? 1) OF – got Cruz on dl & Quentin, on wire: Gutierrez, Bruce, Rios, Pence, C. Lee. 2) C – got Doumit, on wire: Clement, Snyder, J Fox (almost elig), (C. Santana and stash) 3) 1st – got G Jones or Berkman, on wire: LaRoach, Sanchez, J Lopez, Ike. Thanks for your help. Z
posted by zefferz

Hi guys,

My pitching is weak I have Gallardo, J. Vazquez, Garza, Jurrjens, Hudson, and Penny. I’ve been offered Carpenter and Asdrubel Cabrera for Jeter and Tim Hudson. Is it worth it? It’s a 12 team league, daily transactions and limit of 30 moves per season, no trade limit. I think my offense is find with Pujols, McCann, B. Phillips, M. Young, Ichiro, Podsednik, Ludwick, and Vladi with Victerino, A. Gordon, and Loney on my bench.


Which side do you like better?
I get: G. Jones/T. Hoffman
I give: C. Beltran/O. Dotel

I have Rollins/Bedard/Beltran/Lee on DL already, but only one spot to use though. Other CL’s are Bailey/Qualls. I have Gardner as my Beltran spot-holder now, but I’m first in SB’s and bottom-third in HR/RBIs.

Hey guys,

I’m thinking drop E. Jackson and/or Buerhle (sat them both yesterday-phew). Any of these available guys worth making the switch? – Floyd, Slowey, Pavano, Porcello, Wells, Strasburg, Pineiro, Correia, Fister, Carmona.

Also I did Cordero for Votto so I grabbed Hoffman when dropped yesterday (sat him also-double phew). Neftali Feliz also just got dropped (who I gave a week back w Capps for Broxton). Should I drop Hoffman and then nab Feliz for the temp saves? (Have Broxton, Nunez, Mike Gonzalez on DL)

10tm 5×5. 234 GS limit. Thanks!


I am in a 12 team 6×6 h2h league (extra categories are OBP and losses). Someone just dropped Chone Figgins. I have #2 waiver priority.

my roster is as follows:
1-m. cabrera
2-b. phillips
3-m. young
of-car. gonzo.
bn-delmon young
bn-juan uribe

i think i need steals, do i want to use my waiver priority. who should i drop? they top guys on the waiver are konerko, gardner, venable, rolen, bautista. should i also look at picking up one of these guys? who do you think is droppable?

Now on to my pitching staff:
sp-cole hamels

bucholz, cj. wilson, jaime garcia are available do i want to drop scherzer for any of these guys. who do you think will have the most value for the rest of the year?

I need to drop a MI to make room for Kinsler this weekend. Should it be Eric Young, Kelly Johnson or Casey McGehee? I am thin is speed.

Is now the time to bail on Trevor Hoffman? He is KILLING my ERA. I’m thinking of getting Bobby Jenks or Franklin Morales to replace him. Which one is better? I’m thinking Jenks.


Offered a trade. I give Hanley and B.J. for Reyes and Miggy. I have Tex. So Miggy would be my utility. It is head to head points.


I definitely like the combo you’re receiving. First, Garrett Jones is healthy & playing, Carlos Beltran is not, that simple. Jones’ BA is pretty low, but he’s still drawing a lot of walks and his BABIP is a dreadfully low .182, so you know the hits shall come. Plus, he’s also 1B-eligible. As for the closers in this deal, it’s pretty much a wash, though Hoffman is a known and more reliable quantity. You’re most certainly coming out ahead in this deal.

You can flip a coin with Jackson (more K’s, more hittable) and Buehrle (fewer K’s, better WHIP); it depends on what your staff’s strengths are. As far as the replacement goes, I feel most comfortable with Kevin Correia. His peripheral stats are the best overall out of that group, plus PETCO Park helps cover up a lot of pitchers’ mistakes.

For the second part of your question, I probably would not have dealt away a hitter like Joey Votto for basically any closer. But if you’re really craving the saves, keep Hoffman because Feliz’ hold on the ninth-inning role has become tenuous of late. As the saying goes: better the devil you know than the one you don’t. Best of luck.

Mike E.


Yeah, it does look like you need some more speed so I’d definitely make the Figgins pickup and drop Uribe. I also like Konerko over both Delmon Young and Milledge. Very disappointed in Milledge so he’d be the one I’d drop for Konerko. Now the problem here is that you really don’t have enough slots to fit all these guys into your lineup. In order to play Figgins you’ll need to bench either one of your top four outfielders (stick Figgins at utility), Michael Young or Phillips (both clear-cut fantasy starters) so I suggest you try to make a trade to get an upgrade while at the same time clearing out roster space. Maybe a 2-for-1 where you deal two of your outfielders? See what you can do there.

As for your pitching, I’d stick with Scherzer. A very strong staff by the way.

The way Johnson and McGehee are producing, you just can’t drop either of them. I’d cut Young, despite the need for speed. Remember, the return of Kinsler will certainly help you out in that department.

I’d try to hang onto Hoffman as I think the Brewers will give him a relatively long leash but definitely go ahead and get Jenks anyway. He’s the far better option to Morales. It’s not even close. Jenks is the clear-cut closer in Chicago while Morales is just keeping the seat warm for Street. He’s also been shaky of late.

A legit offer but I’d pass. Would rather have Hanley than Miggy and actually prefer B.J. to Reyes.


Hey Zach, Just wondering do you think I should start the pirates pitching staff today and risk of most likely going into negitaive nubers or keeping the diamond backs in and staying with zero points? Thanks Jason

What kind of year do you see for Reyes and Baker ? I had high hopes for both. Now Reyes is not running and Baker is getting hit hard. I know it`s early but…

Hey guys. trade question in 10 team weekly h2h points league. i give choo and gavin floyd and i get c. rasmus, doumit, and james shields. my p. staff is anchored by felix and gallardo and my current catcher is y. molina. my OF is j. upton, markakis, cuddyer, and heyward. does rasmus keep this up and is rasmus and doumit enough of an upgrade from choo’s consistency? Thanks guys


Pirates pitching staff = avoid, avoid, avoid. Stick with the D-Backs. Kennedy is the far superior pitcher to Burres and both bullpens are struggling so no real edge there.

I don’t see Reyes running nearly as much as he used to but 35 steals is still awfully good. He remains a top-tier option at a very thin position. If I’m a Reyes owner, I’m holding onto him rather than trading him as it’s unlikely you’ll net a fair return. As for Baker, I targeted him too and wouldn’t be too concerned yet. He had a 9.82 April ERA last year so slow starts are nothing new.


Thanks for the advice to pick up Jenks, but who should I drop to pick him up? My other closer besides Hoffman is Brian Wilson and I think his bad outing was only a fluke. On my bench I have Alexei Ramirez (because Elvis Andrus is at SS) and Nick Swisher (because I already have Crawford, Kemp, Ludwick, and Werth in addition to Ellsbury on the DL). I could also drop Arroyo or Pineiro, but I have had some good outings from them. I’m leaning to Swisher because I already have plenty of OFs. What do you think?


Thanks guys! For the record, I got Votto in that deal. I’d never do that trade… it’s a steal for me.


Arroyo’s had one good start all year so I’d actually drop him. He’s a ticking time bomb and there will be plenty of quality waiver wire guys who you can pick up throughout the season via Pitch or Ditch who could fill that slot.


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