Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 1-3

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G.Gonzalez @ Eveland -the shine
is off Eveland, but I’ll try Gio against the strikeout-prone

F.Garcia @
Vazquez – I’ll give Javy one more chance

Harrison @ King

Davies @ Price
– mismatch of the night, which means the Royals will win

Dice-K @ Bergesen – good
matchup for Dice-K’s return

Kazmir @

Slowey @ Masterson
Masterson melted down last time but I’ll give him a second

Myers @
– nice matchup for
both against weak offenses

Bailey @

Pelfrey @
– if Pelfrey passes
this test he’s officially graduated, at least for now!

E. Rogers @

Olsen @

Gallardo @ Latos – Latos got
smashed last time and the Brewers can do some smashing

Haren @ Silva – can Silva
silence the powerful D-backs??

Duke @ Haeger 



Buehrle @
Hughes – sitting it out on Buehrle right now

Sheets @ Marcum
 – sitting it out with Sheets, too

Beckett @

Greinke @ W.

Weaver @ Verlander
great matchup

Wilson @ Fister
favorable matchup for both pitchers

Harang @
Carpenter – Harang isn’t out of the woods yet

Norris @ Lowe
favorable matchups for the pitchers

Jackson @ Gorzelanny – E-Jax
will bounce back vs. weak Cubs

Chacin @ J.
– Gustavo Chacin!? Really!??!?

Wolf @

Karstens @
I wouldn’t start Karstens, but deep and NL-only leaguers might gamble here based
on how bad the Dodgers are without Manny

Lannan @




Saunders @

Cecil @ Talbot – great
2-start week for Cecil

Guthrie @

Meche @ Peavy
– last chance for Peavy before the bench

Scherzer @ Baker

Baker running out of leash also

Harden @

J. Garcia @

Maine @ Leake
reasonable place to gamble on Maine

Mulvey @

Jimenez @ Correia
Correia pitching well, and at home

***Siano says:

Ditch on Lowe. I know it’s the Stros but he literally has one good start and
in that start he walked 7. Prey on the weak is fine so feel free to ignore but I
smell a trap.

Pitch on Gorz, risky because the D-backs are on all cylinders but I’m digging

it was Gustavo I would have said PITCH!!!! I still wear his

For Monday, I
think Peavy starts a turnaround a la Lester just not as good.

is borderline DTM, luckily for him he’s had two really good starts this year. Pitch.

test for Garcia, the angel on shoulder says ditch or more specifically put on
bench but the devil says leave the kid in the fire.

on Maine. One start against a screwed up LA club does not a pitch


Hey Guys,
Thanks for the advice on trading my prospects to make the push for this year. In my NL only 5×5 12 team I pulled of a trade that got me Martin Russel,Hunter Pence, and Aubrey Huff for Casey McGehee, Jason Castro, Gwynn Jr., Jaramillo and some lesser ML prospects and a 2nd round pick for 2011 ML draft to a team that is rebuilding. I’m quite happy. Now my team looks like this:

George Kottaras C 7$ (2012)
Russell Martin C 17$ (2010)
Adrian Gonzalez 1B 28$ (2011)
Placido Polanco 2B 17$ (2012)
Troy Tulowitzki SS 38$ (2012)
David Wright 3B 37$ (2012)
Skip Schumaker MI 5$ (2010)
Aubrey Huff CRI 10$ (2010)
Hunter Pence OF 30$ (2012)
Shane Victorino OF 28$ (2012)
Cody Ross OF 3$ (2010)
Carlos Gomez OF 22$ (2012)
John Bowker OF 1$ (2012)
Eugenio Velez UT 1$ (2011)

Josh Johnson P 7$ (2010)
Ricky Nolasco P 3$ (2010)
Ryan Dempster P 7$ (2010)
Hiroki Kuroda P 12$ (2010)
J.A. Happ P 1$ (2011)
Heath Bell P 8$ (2010)
Jonathan Broxton P 29$ (2011)
Takashi Saito P 1$ (2012)
Manuel Corpas P 7$ (2012)

ML: Jay Jackson (last of my 6 ML players left after my throw in all the chips attitude to winning this year).

I see Happ as my only good bargaining chip (beside my first round ML pick next year) to a rebulding team. I’d look for either an upgrade in pitching or some one to replace Bowker or Velez (which of these 2 guys woud you drop first if I either got a new guy through a trade or was able to get a guy from the call-up waiver (for example a Tyler Green or Cole Gillespie, keeping in mind that most of the elite callups are allready aowned in ML systems.

Anyway advice is welcome as I try to go for the championship after finishing 11th place last year


Quite suprised to see Volstad and Masterson on Cory’s Saturday list, without rationale. Anyone care to elaborate?

-J from BG

In a 5×5 roto league, lineups are set weekly 5 min before first game starts on Monday. Do I start Rasmus for this week? He’s facing 3 lefties (Hammels, Duke, Maholm) and Halladay. I know he got 2 hits off of lefties the other night, but not sure that convinces me. If I bench him, Juan Pierre would be starting in his place. Really torn here, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


Volstad was boldfaced in error, he is a ditch? nice catch, thanks. Masterson is a pitch though because even though his last two starts were pretty rough he still put up the strikeouts, so the stuff is still there. The Twins are a tough matchup but I?m willing to take a shot on him at home.


Hello again, 6×6 (Extra Cats OPS and QS) H2H keeper (5) league. I’ve been offered Alfonso Soriano and Ryan Dempster for Grady Sizemore and Gavin Floyd. My gut instinct was to turn it down but I’ve been thinking about it a bit. Soriano is off to a reasonable start and Sizemore has been abominable, Soriano worries me but I’m just not seeing anything out of Grady. I love Gavin Floyd and have never been a big Dempster fan but year in and out he seems to put up the numbers. I’m pretty happy with my pitching staff: Justin Verlander, AJ Burnett, Gavin Floyd, Brad Penny, Andy Pettitte, and Ben Sheets, but obviously it could stand to get better. My OF is Jason Bay, Josh Hamilton, Torii Hunter, and Grady Sizemore. What do you think of the deal?

Any thoughts on Nate McLouth? Is he worth carrying on a roster in a 12 team mixed league (HTH) as a back-up?



I have to say, you have quite an impressive infield and battery there, but instead of trying to upgrade your pitching, I’d look more towards your outfield. Victorino makes a fine second or third outfielder, but I don’t trust Pence (OBP is too low for my tastes, sub par supporting cast) and Gomez is what I call “dead speed:” a guy with great speed who can’t get on base. Use Happ and Gomez (especially on someone who is really craving steals) to get someone with a little more reliable thump and OBP skills. That seems the best course of action in my eyes. Good luck.
Giants’ Fan,

A couple things to keep in mind: how good are the lefties that he’s facing? Hamels is the only one of those three who you can legitimately say dominate him. Not only that, but the Pirates’ southpaws probably won’t last too long against the rest of the Cardinals lineup, either. Once they’re gone, Rasmus will eventually HAVE to face a righty. And you said Juan Pierre would be starting in Rasmus’ place? That ends the argument right there. Better off with Rasmus this week.

Nice to hear from you again. Hope the season is treating you well so far. It’s probably in your best interests to sit on this deal for a day or two. Ordinarily, I’d say press the “reject offer” button without thinking twice, buuut Soriano has been both healthy and productive…so far. Eleven of his 21 hits have gone for extra bases, and he even has a respectable BB/K ratio of 8/15, resulting in a .358 OBP. That being said, his BABIP is curiously high (.327), but the walk rate increase and strikeout rate decrease has me thinking this might be a strong year for Soriano…should he stay healthy. With Dempster, there’s nothing to not like and he’s coming off back-to-back 200 inning-seasons, so durability isn’t a question. See if Soriano can make it through the weekend in one piece and pull the trigger if he does.

Mike E.

Thanks Mike, that makes a lot of sense, I was just worried he’d be riding the pine or striking out all week like he did the 2nd week of the season, but really, he was facing major league teams then, not the Pirates.

Hey guys,

12 team Mixed Vanilla,
Team A trades James Shields
Team B Adam Jones

Team A needs some power and has a surplus of pitching.
Team B is looking for pitching.

Does this seem like a fair trade?

Hey guys….I’ve got Phillips, Wells, Ludwick, CLee, Headley and Rasmus spelling a DL’d Nelson Cruz in my 2B, OF and Util spots. 12 team H2H and I’m flush with pitching, and I just got offered Hill for David Price (who’s probably my fourth or fifth pitcher.) I like to maintain a deep SP pool for H2H, but I’m wondering whether I should be starting to #panic on Phillips.

Need some advice bad…

Just got offered a huge deal and looking for your views:

I’d give up:
Andrew McCutchen
Ryan Doumit
Josh Willingham
Shaun Marcum

I’d get:
Brian McCann
Carlos Gonzalez
Matt LaPorta
Matt Thornton

Generally I hate doing big blockbuster trades, but I think I’ve got to pull the trigger here. McCann’s the best player in the deal, and Gonzalez isn’t too far behind McCutchen. I’ve got Maybin and Fowler on my bench, who while streakier than McCutchen, can generally replace the Rs and SBs I’d lose.


Yes, despite the mega-slump McLouth should really not be on waivers. The 20/20 potential is still there and Nate did show some signs of life on Friday with a homer and a steal. Also note that through all of this, Bobby Cox is still playing him every day so he’ll get every chance to snap out of it.

While I’d certainly rather have Shields right now, Jones for Shields is a totally fair trade. Jones is scuffling right now but last year we got a glimpse of his high upside. Don’t be surprised if he gets on a roll soon (He’s 7 for his last 14 by the way). Shields is a solid mid-rotation pitcher but has yet to take that step into upper-tier status.

Assuming that you don’t play with a MI spot, I’d pass on that deal. While I like the value of Hill for Price, I just don’t see the point of trading a high-upside pitcher just to add another 2B to back up Phillips, one of the most consistent 2Bs over the past several seasons. Don’t panic on Phillips. He’ll come around.

Now if you know of another owner who is desperate for Hill and can commit to a trade, I don’t have a problem with you making the Price for Hill trade and then dealing Hill to fill another one of your needs. But if this is just a panic move (that’s what it sounds like), don’t do it.


Higgs here again( lineup above). Thanks for the continuing advice. I’ll have to wait on Happ to trade him until he gets off the DL, but I’m looking at some call-ups for this week that just hit the waiver wire as possible upgrades: Velez is not longer getting many ab’s and when he does he is not doing much with them. I am thinking of dropping him for Bernadina in my UT spot (remember very deep 12 team NL with a minor system so this is as good as it usually gets on the waiver/FA pool), who at least has a shot of some regular playing time in WAS. Was also thinking of taking a shot with Valdez, pitching tonight for ARZ, and dropping Corpas (I was going to possibly pick up Baez since as the only righty with closer experience and Madson out and Lidge uncertain I see a chance of him getting saves if he can get start showing something).

So what are the possible upsides of Valdez and Bernandina (considering who they are replacing), and who do you like between Corpas and Baez now as having the most saves for the rest of the year.

Thanks Again,


That’s fine. I definitely like McCutchen more than Gonzalez, but, like you said, the difference between those two is less than the difference between Doumit and McCann. Marcum’s been pitching real well so far but he shouldn’t be considered a deal breaker.


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