Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 4

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Matusz @ Burnett – Matusz not an automatic here but I’ll chase the K’s
Romero @ Westbrook
Big Erv @ Lester – Don’t trust Erv on the road vs. what can still be a good offense
Willis @ Blackburn – Still not convinced on Dontrelle
Hochevar @ Floyd
Feldman @ TBD – Feldman much better last time, and weak opponent
Shields @ Vargas
Kawakami @ L.Hernandez – Can’t argue with 4 straight strong QS, AND a great matchup at home
Dempster @ Maholm
Wainwright @ Hamels
Maine @ Arroyo – Willing to gamble on Maine vs. erratic Reds after his strong outing last time
Lincecum @ A.Sanchez – Tough matchup for Anibal but he seems to be getting better
Kennedy @ Oswalt
G.Smith @ LeBlanc – Gotta roll with LeBlanc while he’s hot
Narveson @ Kershaw – Don’t be seduced by Narveson’s K’s…

***Siano says:                                                                                                                 

I just can’t pull the trigger on Maine so I say ditch.

Erv still an enigma and Cory has a point. If I owned him in a mixed league I’d probably leave him in there, but not sure I’d go grab him off wire for this start. I only have him in AL-only. leagues so you know he is in there for me.

Very interested to see how Matusz is handled second time around in 5 days but you should probably pitch.

Agree on Feldman, he is a good POD example.


5×5 12-team mixed vanilla.

An impatient owner cut Scott Baker outright. It it worth dropping either Harden or Scherzer to grab Baker? My other SP are CC, Garza, Liriano, and AJ Burnett.

Thanks and love the show.

Brad from Cupertino

Hey guys,
5×5 14 team mixed league. (9IP per day)

I dropped Sheets yesterday to pick up Gavin Floyd. I’m still trying to improve my pitching. My current staff is :

SP: Lester, Nolaso, Hamels, Price, Romero, Cecil, Floyd, and Chapman
RP: Qualls, C.Perez, Wagner
Today Dice-K was put on waivers. Should I use my number one priority for him?

If so, who to drop among these pitchers?

Keep up the good work!!

12 team H2H mixed.

Dont really wanna watch Pineiro/Lackey to determine if I should keep Pineiro.

Too early to jump on Jhoulys(dont call me Gustavo) Chacin?

amendment to comment above…
Or is Ian Kennedy the guy to jump on after two straight 8 inning shutdowns vs. Phils and Cubbies?

Still hoping for an opinion on Nate McLouth as a reserve OFer. My other OFers are: Braun, Bruce, Co. Jackson, Pence, Ross, and Beltran (DL). Is McLouth better than Jackson or Ross at this point?




You’ve already got a strong staff so it’s not like the addition of Baker is an absolute necessity. That said, I do like Baker more than Harden so I’d make that move.

Absolutely NO on using your #1 waiver priority for Dice-K. He was awful in his season debut and is way too erratic, injury-prone and wild for my taste. You’ve also got a boatload of pitching already, and I wouldn’t choose Dice-K over any one of those guys.

Kennedy has been real impressive lately and his next matchup is a very favorable one (@HOU). Would much rather go with him. Don’t get too crazy over one good start by Chacin vs. the offensively-challenged Giants. I wouldn’t drop Pineiro just yet but if it’s a choice between Kennedy and Chacin, Kennedy is the clear winner in my mind.

I answered your question on that other post and it’ll also appear on today’s show so be sure to check that out.



Missed it on the other post but did catch it on today’s show. Many thanks!


What are your thoughts on starting too many players from the same roster? I have Werth Victorino and Polanco playing every week. It hasn’t been a problem til now- Jamie Garcia is a 2-start pitcher this week(fresh ww pickup)and now I wont use him. No offense, or too much offense could hurt. I also am sitting Blanton for the week as well, even with his 2-starts. In lieu of that I am starting Phil Hughes and Zito in their places. good call?

Hey Fellas, who do you prefer going forward: Ian Kennedy or Brett Cecil?

12×12 head-to-head mixed league. I’m wondering if Wade Davis has graduated or should I still use his spot. I also have M. Leake and B Matusz What are your feelings on these 3 guys…
I dropped Leake for W LeBlanc…if I drop Davis who should I pick up…Feldman, L Hernandez, or Maine?

My other starters:
De La Rosa DL

Thanks for all the advice!

I’m an idiot…that’s supposed to say 6×6 12 team mixed league…extra categories are OBP & QS.

Thanks again…if no answer before rosters tmrw am…please just adjust question for POD Wed.
Thanks again

Hey Guys:
Do you think Ben Zobrist is a 1 year wonder? Or is he having a sophmore slump since last year was his breakout year.


Hey Zach …
is worth Freese worth a pick up?? I have beckham at 3b right now.. I dont have a back up 3b…is beckham going to turn it around anytime soon?? Thanks….

Hello 411 Crew,

I got offered Prince Fielder for Carl Crawford in a 12 team H2H points league. I have:
1B Miguel Carbrera
Ut Adam LaRoche (just picked him )
OF Crawford
OF McCutchen
OF Quentin
Bench: Mclouth (OF) and Nyer Morgan (OF)

There are still a couple of decent OF on the FA market since we only have 3 OF Spots like Austin Jackson, Johnny Damon, Alfonso Soriano, Chris Young etc.

Sofar Crawford has made 103 Points and Fielder has made 93 points but i think down the line Fielder will make more poits but i wouldn be as flexible shifting my lineup around on offdays. Thanks for the advise.
Jerome from Germany

Manny got dropped. I have J.Guillen and M.Byrd. Would you drop one of these guys for Manny. Thinking of dropping Guillen.
Also Wade Davis or J. Sanchez going forward?

Guess this one got put in too late for the weekend POD. So I’ll ask it again here:

Higgs here again( lineup above). Thanks for the continuing advice. I’ll have to wait on Happ to trade him until he gets off the DL, but I’m looking at some call-ups for this week that just hit the waiver wire as possible upgrades: Velez is not longer getting many ab’s and when he does he is not doing much with them. I am thinking of dropping him for Bernadina in my UT spot (remember very deep 12 team NL with a minor system so this is as good as it usually gets on the waiver/FA pool), who at least has a shot of some regular playing time in WAS. Was also thinking of taking a shot with Valdez, pitching tonight for ARZ, and dropping Corpas (I was going to possibly pick up Baez since as the only righty with closer experience and Madson out and Lidge uncertain I see a chance of him getting saves if he can get start showing something).

So what are the possible upsides of Valdez and Bernandina (considering who they are replacing), and who do you like between Corpas and Baez now as having the most saves for the rest of the year.

Thanks Again,

I traded Francisco Lirian for Adam Lind. Was this a good move? I now have to figure out which 2 I want to start on a weekly basis between Carlos Lee/Lind/Morales…. which of these guys has the lesser season and I should trade while I can?

One more if you will? Was offered Longoria or Miggy for A-Rod in a 12 team head to head points league by a guy who loves the yanks. I have Mcgee at U and Pena at first so either would work. What do you think?


I really don’t see many negatives in starting several players who are on the same team, particularly in the case of an offensive juggernaut like the Phillies. Continue using your best guys and don’t worry about the team. If it were a poor lineup, I can see why you might want to downgrade the player a little (fewer runs, RBI opportunities) but this shouldn’t play a major part in your decisions.

I prefer Kennedy. He’s been very impressive of late and I see more upside in him than Cecil, regardless of his masterful performance last night. Then there’s the AL East vs. NL West factor. That said, both remain Pitch or Ditch guys for the time being.

Yeah, I do think Davis has done enough to earn at least temporary graduate status. I’m optimistic about all three of those pitchers but would rank them Davis, Matusz, Leake.

While I don’t think Zobrist was a one-year wonder, I do think he was vastly overrated on draft day based on one tremendous season. He might go 20/20 but I don’t see him coming anywhere close to last season’s .297 AVG. There’s a reason why he’s not on any of my teams:-) The multi-position eligibility definitely adds to his appeal, however. If I could get an attractive return in a trade, I’d definitely consider dealing him, but considering his struggles, it’s probably best to hold onto Zobrist. His trade value is likely very low right now so it can only go up from here.



Beckham started to show some signs of life at the end of April but his bat has now gone cold again. He’s still just 23 so slumps should be expected. I think you’ve got to be patient with him. That said, Freese is definitely worth a pickup, especially at a 3B position that is thin of waiver wire talent. He’s playing every day and producing. Go ahead and pick up Freese to fill in at 3B while you wait for Beckham to turn things around.

Yeah, I think you’ve got to do that one. I’m not in love with Quentin as a starting OF at this point but considering the quality of OFs available, you can easily find a decent option to take Crawford’s spot and should even consider picking up one of those other OFs to start over Quentin until he shows more consistency.

Yup, go ahead and pick up Manny for Guillen. I’m not that high on Manny this year but he’s by far the better option to Guillen, who is an incredibly streaky hitter with limited upside. As for the pitchers, I like Wade Davis but still prefer Sanchez and view him as a prime breakout candidate. Erratic from start to start but I think by year’s end we’ll all be impressed by his numbers.


One more question gentlemen,

6×6 daily 12team mixed league…I picked up Freese now I gotta figure out who to sit for him. I have Howard and Youkilis in my 1st and 3rd and no CI spot. I have Adam Jones in my UT and R. Davis in CF. which do I bench? Jones or Davis? Neither one has been lighting the world on fire.
Apreeciate all the advice,

16-team, very deep 7×7, batter K’s, OBP, Holds, QS. I’ve been thinking of giving up Broxton for hitting. Closers aren’t as valuable with Holds and QS; a number of teams start 6-7 to maximize starts. Got an offer last night to receive A-Rod ($49) for Broxton ($20), Kubel ($14) & Furcal ($8). It seems a little too pricey to me, what do you think?
Allan in San Antonio


Bernadina’s been pretty much a career-long Minor Leaguer so I wouldn’t expect a lot. That said, he is listed as the #1 RF on the Nats depth chart so that should count for something. Sure, go ahead and pick him up. He’s getting playing time right now, and that’s really all you can ask for in such a deep league! As for your other question, I’d hold onto Corpas. Morales has been awful of late and considering Street’s shaky health situation combined with Corpas’ past (2007) success in the closer role, he’s worth holding onto. I’d take him over Baez as I’m actually more confident in Lidge at this point than I am in Street.

Liriano for Lind is a solid deal for you. Liriano may go on to have an outstanding season but his stock is awfully high right now so I wouldn’t mind cashing in. The obvious choice to bench at this point is Lee but even he is starting to pick it up of late. Still, El Caballo won’t net you much on the trade market until he shows he can sustain this hot hitting. I’d see what you can get for Morales. He’s off to a hot start but I have a hard time believing he’ll match last season’s totals. Also, 1B is such a deep position.

I’d pass on both. I prefer Longoria over Miggy as 3B is such a tough position to fill but in the A-Rod vs. Longoria debate, I still have to lean towards A-Rod despite his somewhat slow start.

As long as you’re decent in speed I say sit Davis. He just hasn’t been getting on base with the same consistency as last year and right now has to be considered a one-trick pony. I see more upside with Jones. He’s the more well-rounded player.

I don’t like it. A-Rod seems a little overpriced, even for his standards, and all of your guys carry favorable prices. Look at it this way: If this were a straight 3 for 1 deal, I’d still prefer your guys. Add in that you’d be taking on 7 bucks in salary and that seals the deal.


I Have a question right now I Have Elvis Andrus, Chipper Jones and Miguel Tejada im not sure which one to bench. Jones has been rule cool lately, but it looks like he owns HernŠndez. Plus I really like Andrus ability to steal them bags. PLEASE HELP,


the positions are 3rd base & Shortstop im fighting over which people to start Chipper,Elvis,Miguel to clear up my last question


I’d sit Jones. Simply put, he’s having the least productive season of that group. I might even wait until Chipper gets hot and try to deal him. One of your fellow owners might bite considering his name recognition. I just can’t deal with his constant injuries.


Hey Lance Berkman, was dropped in my league and is currently on wavers. I have Derrek Lee as my starting first basemen and my back up it Garret Jones should i try and snatch up Berkman and drop Jones?

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