Pitch or Ditch for Saturday, May 8

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and their
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The concept
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive starters,
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent wire
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of “PoD”
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens last
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


**411 Valuable Resources**


Sabathia @
– Great test for
Buchholz but he’s earned the shot

Guthrie @

W. Davis

Cecil @
– Can Peavy get on a
roll? Can Cecil stay on his?

Meche @

Masterson – Masterson starting to scare me away

Saunders @ Fister
Good test for Fister but have to use him at home

Medlen @ Blanton

Wellemeyer @ Johan
Johan will bounce back

Garland @ Paulino – Not a
Garland fan but Astros are awful

J.Garcia @

Gorzelanny @

Wolf @

Johnson @

J. Chacin @ Haeger


Sabathia @

Guthrie @
Baker  Coming off a good one yes vs balt. I’m not
giving up yet.


Cecil @ Peavy  Can Cecil and Peavy keep it going? Magic 8 ball says

Meche @
Harden  Fine pitch

Verlander @ Masterson  Masterson coming off a goodie but risky and good Tigers

Saunders @
Fister  Man Fister has been good, I can’t stand
him because I had him last year and he killed me.

Medlen @ Blanton  Braves literally can’t hit so I wouldn’t
be surprised if he does well but is it worth it?

Wellemeyer @

Garland @ Paulino  Garland red hot


Gorzelanny @

Wolf @ Valdez  Gut check says ditch on Wolf, D-backs are

Johnson @

@ Haeger  Sure why not.


Hey 411,

I have Alex Gordon, Brett Wallace, and Aroldis Chapman on my bench (we have 6 bench spots) and I’m losing too many stats having half my bench in the minors. Which of those three is the safest to let go? I’m really struggling offensively so I value Wallace and my SP is good (Greinke, Wainwright, Shields, Oswalt, Pettitte, LeBlanc, Leake). We start two at each infield position and right now I’m starting Chipper and Pedro Feliz so I want to keep the potential 3B help but I have Manny coming off the DL so I’ll be forced to make a move. Who should I let go for Manny? I could also drop Lastings “Fireworks” Milledge. Thanks for the help!


One more question… is it time to start getting nervous about Grady Sizemore? I haven’t seen any signs of breaking out of this massive early season slump.

need to bench one of these four guys, due to wkly start limits, thoughts? CC>Harden>Cecil>Fister…


J from BG😉

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if you guys think Starlin Castro is worth a roster spot for a 12 team 6×6 mixed league (extras are OBP&QS)? I currently have Asdrubal Cabrera as my starting SS. Castro definitely made an impression and his numbers in minors, albeit AA, are pretty good. In order to do this move I’d have to drop one of my POD slots and use it for a position player. Other option would be to drop:
R. Davis or D. Freese.

What are your thoughts on the kid?

I need to bring nelson cruz off the the dl this week. who do i drop Andrew Jones or struggling Jason Bay? need help mrb

Could you rank these starting pitchers for me?: Lee, Gallardo, Cain, and Hanson. Thanks.

Hey Fellas,
I’m in a tough spot. I’m in a 10 team mix league (cbssportsline). I’m in dead last place, but I’m not panicking yet. I was offered a trade. I would get Pujols and Grady Sizemore and I would give up Andrew McCutchen, David Price, and David Wright.

For you to get a better idea of my potential needs, my team is as follows:
C – Chris Snyder, Carlos Ruiz
1st – Prince Fielder, Justin Smoak
2nd – Gordon Beckham, Orlando Hudson
3rd – David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman
SS – Jose Reyes, Furcal
OF – Josh Hamilton, Markakis, McCutchen, Colby Rasmus, Cameron Maybin.
Pitchers – Billingsley, Francisco Cordero, Brian Matusz, David Price, Johan, Scherzer, Alfredo Simon, Joakim Soria, Brett Anderson, Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Mike Gonzalez.

What do you think?

Charles, GMU

I have an interesting trade proposal on my hands. I have someone willing to give me CC, but I would have to give up Carl Crawford and Nick Swisher. This is a good deal, right? My other OFs are Kemp, Ludwick, and Werth with Ellsbury on the DL so I don’t think my offense will take too bad of a hit and I need the pitching. My question however, is who should replace Crawford? Here are some options available. Ty Wigginton, Jose Guillen, Chris Young, Raul Ibanez, Kosuke Fukudome, James Loney, Jose Bautista, JD Drew, John Buck.


What is your impression of Mike Leake? Is he a guy that can provide me with consistently good outings or is his good start a fluke? If I should pick him up, would you drop Scherzer or Pineiro? Scherzer is absolutely killing my ERA this week. I would have picked up Strasburg and waited until the Nationals called him up but someone beat me to it.


A follow up to my last question. If not Leake, then what about Tyler Clippard? It’s astonishing that he has 6 wins already out of the Nationals bullpen. Even though he isn’t the closer, would it be a good idea to pick Clippard up and drop either Scherzer, Piniero, or even Hoffman since having 4 RP seems like too many. (My 2 starting closers are Brian Wilson and Bobby Jenks.)



I would feel most comfortable with dropping Gordon. While the other two are more potential than anything else, Gordon has had plenty of opportunities to prove himself at the Major League level…and he hasn’t. I wouldn’t be too worried about someone picking him up, and if they do, it shouldn’t be that much of a concern. As for Milledge, everything about him screams “cut him!” but yet, I’m still intrigued by the former top Mets prospect. Play a little “wait-and-see” with him. And with Sizemore, I would be very concerned. Not only are his slash stats low (.214/.281/.311), but his peripherals are pretty poor, too. His walk rate is down to seven percent this year (career: 11 percent) while his strikeouts have spiked to 29.1 percent (22.4). He’s also swinging at 31.7 percent of pitches outside the zone, as opposed to his 18.9 career mark. When you see good hitters grossly expanding their strike zone, that is a major red flag.


Out of those choices, I would go with: 1) Lee (best overall numbers), 2) Hanson (nice K/BB ratio already), 3) Gallardo (lots of strikeouts) and 4) Cain (great stuff, big ballpark)


I like that deal, but I would love it even more if you were able to have the other guy send you over a decent starter instead of Sizemore (for reasons, see my first response above). If not, no biggie because you could turn around and deal Fielder for a legit ace. Prince has always been a slow starter, so emphasize that point in any deal you try to broker. And since you’re in a 10-team league, finding a good outfielder shouldn’t be too difficult.


1) Losing Crawford would be a bigger hit, since Swisher is notoriously streaky, and I feel the fuse for this one is just about at it’s end. I like your outfield enough that I’d endorse this deal since getting a stud like Sabathia is tough.
2) In fantasy terms, I’m not a Mike Leake fan. He walks too many batters (4.3 BB/9) and doesn’t strike out enough (5.9 K/9). As far as who to pick up, what did you need more of? Strikeouts? ERA? WHIP? Whichever it is that you’re hurting the most in, target a pitcher who helps you the most in that one category or two.
3) I’m not familiar with the scoring of your league, but if it’s a points-based system, Clippard might be a pretty decent option. Just keep in mind not to expect the wins to keep on coming.

– Michael Echan


I’d bench Cecil. CC is obviously a lock. Despite the tough matchup (at TB), Fister’s been too good to sit and I like Harden’s matchup (at TOR) a little more than Cecil’s (vs TEX).

Yeah, I think Castro’s a promising enough prospect to be worth a roster spot in most mixed leagues. For now, I’d pick him up in exchange for a POD slot but if he continues to perform well you might consider dropping one of your hitters. Castro plays at a weak position and even if you don’t necessarily need him, he can be used as attractive trade bait. Don’t expect a lot of power but rather a high AVG and a helpful SB total. Generally, I’m a big fan of grabbing a couple of these high-end callups just to, if nothing else, hold on your roster for a little while, especially if they storm out of the gate like this.

I’d first try to drop a pitcher if possible but if it has to be either Jones or Bay, you have to drop Jones. As solid of a season Jones is having, his recent track record is still pretty ugly. Bay’s been a fairly consistent producer over the past several seasons and deserves more time to figure things out. You likely invested heavily in him on draft day so dropping him now would be foolish. First look at the big picture before making these kinds of rash decisions!


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