Pitch or Ditch for Monday, May 10

Apologies for missing Sunday’s Pitch or Ditch. Here’s Monday:


@ Willis *Javy moved to Tuesday

@ Lackey *Morrow has been good but he was
mediocre in Clv last start so this is too risky.

Garza @
Pineiro *Pineiro feast or famine lately, Rays may be

@ Ohlendorf

@ Maine *Maine looking for third straight strong

@ Lilly

Hanson @
D. Davis

@ G. Smith *Oh my God. Watch this be 1-0, nah

Billingsley @ Lopez

***Cory saysI agree with Mike’s picks
except Lilly, who should start against erratic Marlins, and Billingsley,
who needs to be on the bench against the powerhouse D-Backs.”


Hello 411,

I have too many OF, due to some DL problems. But now they are comming off DL, and don’t know who to let go.
I’m palying a 7×7 league (Inlcludes R, HR, RBI, SB, K, TB, OBP). My players: V. Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Butler, Pedroia, Cantu, S. Drew,Callaspo, McCutchen, Hawpe, Manny, Cruz, Fukudome, , Andrew Jones, Byrd. Last three pick from FA the last 2 weeks. Witch one should i drop? I try to trade them but with no luck so far.
My pick are: Fukudome and Hawpe.
Thanks guys!!!

Hey Guys,

Who do you think ends up having the best 2010? Ianetta, Buster Posey, or Carlos Santana?


Hey Guys,
im thinking about a deal where ill be getting hamels,c.j. wilson, and phil hughes and with becketts constant struggles i was giving up beckett,matusz,and damon……what do you guys think?

Any comments on possible pitch and ditch gems (example C. Lee 08 or Jurrens 09) or finds for this year beings we are now 6 weeks into the season?


Of that group, I’d rank Fukudome last and Jones second to last. I still prefer Hawpe over Jones as I’m not sold on Jones. In my mind, two straight miserable seas outweigh one solid month. Hawpe is a very underrated player. Note that he’s a career .284 hitter and is coming off four straight seasons of at least 22 homers and 84 RBIs.

I’ll go with Iannetta. He’s performing well in the Minors right now while Olivo is really struggling with the Rockies.. We all know Iannetta can produce at the big league level so it’s just a matter of time before he gets recalled and starts receiving the majority of the playing time behind the plate. Both the Indians and Giants appear content on letting their promising backstops hang around in the Minors a bit longer. Posey is dominating down there but Giants GM Brian Sabean recently said that Buster won’t be coming up anytime soon. The presence of Bengie Molina presents another huge obstacle.


Shame on mfridzon for disrespecting Brad Hawpe like that…

Here’s my situation, revolving around Hawpe.

Love the guy, fantasy underrated at its finest, have him coming off the DL, need to drop one underperformer.

BJ Upton

Clearly I have too many Cubs to succeed. Need to drop one underperformer, but Hitters hit and that scares me. Lowest performers are Lee Berkman and Aramis, dont wanna get rid of any but have to out of necessity. Your ideas?


If you need that extra pitcher and have decent OF depth, I’m fine with that trade. Although we all shouldn’t overreact from Beckett’s meltdown vs. the Yanks, I still consider Hamels an upgrade (not a Beckett fan at all). Matusz to Wilson is a small downgrade but it’s offset by the Beckett to Hamels switch. Damon for Hughes looks like a pretty fair exchange at this point, if not a win for you.

I don’t think we’ll see a Cliff Lee type emergence for awhile but a few guys who have been real impressive so far are Ian Kennedy, Doug Fister and most notably Jaime Garcia. All three in my view have earned POD graduate status for the time being.



I hate to drop productive players but I have to say Bautista’s the guy to cut here. Despite all the power, he’s still batting just .211 and for his career holds a single-season home run high of 16. You can’t drop guys like Aramis and Berkman who have far greater track records than Bautista. Stay the course!


Hi Guys, 10 team AL/NL H2H points league… Got a pitching question. 5 SP slots

Ive got Garza, Cain, and Hanson in this week as easy choices but my last 2 spots Im having a tough time with. Right now I have Danks and Peavy in there and have put C. Hamels and F. Liriano on the bench.

Sitting Hammels is eating at me even with his struggles. Am I overvaluing Danks against a tough twins squad? Should I have hamels in there?

Also Im not a Hamels fan and am thinking of trying to move him for **** or OF help. What caliber player should i expect to get back for him if i do move him?

Thanks guys love the blog and watch the show religiously

Umm dont no why it **** my above post. It should say …SS or OF help…

Weird lol

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