Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 15-17

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and their
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The concept
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive starters,
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent wire
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of “PoD”
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens last
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


**411 Valuable Resources**

***Below you’ll find the picks for this weekend. Cory did Saturday and the Sunday-Monday picks are mine.



Liriano @

Feldman @ Romero
Romero may be fading but I’ll ride out one more.

J. Vargas @

Talbot @ Matusz
good matchup for Matusz to get on a roll again

Lester @

Peavy @

Duchscherer @ Big
– Big Erv the prototype PoD guy now, start at home vs. weak

Maholm @

Hamels @

Oswalt @ Lincecum

R. Lopez @

Wainwright @

Maine @ Robertson
– Maine getting locked in now?

Atilano @ G. Smith

Kershaw @


Lackey @ TBD  

Blackburn @

Lewis @

Westbrook @ D.

Lee @
Garza – nice

Floyd @
Bannister – Floyd’s last stand…can he really get shelled by KC twice in two weeks?

Cahill @
Pineiro – Pineiro solid in last two starts, and it’s the A’s.

Penny @
Arroyo – Wheels will fall off for Penny at some point but can’t ignore the results.

Niese @
Nolasco – Niese beginning to fall apart.

Haren @ Hudson

Ohlendorf @

Olsen @

Billingsley @
LeBlanc – LeBlanc on a roll and at home…why not?

Myers @

Hamels @ D. Davis


Dice-K @
Hughes  – Dice-K back on track? Not vs. Yanks.

Davies @

F. Garcia @

Slowey @
Eveland – Slowey shaky lately but still gotta trot him out there.

Carmona @

Kazmir @ Holland – Kazmir erratic this year and in Texas…let’s sit this one out.

Rowland-Smith @ G.
– losing faith in Rowland-Smith but good matchup.

Morton @

Pelfrey @
Lowe – Lowe too unpredictable.

Bush @

Jackson @
Volstad – Volstad effective lately but tough matchup.

Hammel @
Wells – Wells bounced back nicely last time out.

Stammen @

Cain @
Richard – Rematch!

Wandy @
Ely – Wandy a wreck right now.



I like the picks, but just FYI the short link on Twitter is bad/not working. Got an error msg.

PS: do y’all think Edwin Jackson will turn it around. Ik the last 12 months have been shaky, but the numbers looked like he did well in his last start.



I have an interesting situation on my hands. One of the guys in my league is looking to trade some of his pitching. His roster consists of Verlander, Hanson, Hudson, Lackey, Burnett, Hughes, Strasburg, K-Rod, Rauch, and Nunez. From the looks of things, he wants an OF because he just offered me Burnett for Werth. Just to put things in perspective, my other OFs are Crawford, Kemp, Swisher, Ludwick and Ellsbury (DL), and my pitching is Gallardo, Nolasco, Niemann, Buehrle, Kershaw, Davis, Brian Wilson, Clippard, and Thornton. Should I accept his deal or can I possibly make a better counter offer for someone like Hanson, Verlander or even Strasburg? What is your opinion on how I can take advantage of this situation?


Great job on the picks and comments, Zach!

-J from BG

Hey guys thanks for the help, as always.

You think I should sell high on Victorino? I love the little Hawaiian and he’s been a suprise stud at RBI and HR, but J-Roll is coming back and there’s no way he will keep up these numbers. Shane just won’t see the same pitches down in the 7 hole.
Maybe packages him for Holliday or one of the Upton boys?

Thanks guys!


Hello, in a keeper league I won the race to Starlin Castro. However I have Jimmy Rollins coming off the DL soon and Mike Aviles who I was using at SS before I grabbed Castro. I’ve got the opportunity to turn Castro and Brad Penny into Josh Beckett. I definitely need some help at the pitching but considering Castro’s upside and the fact its a keeper league, am I getting enough value? Beckett has been a mess so far and he’s banged up right now.

Ok guys I need help! My offense has started really slow and pitching has been pretty good. Also been doing very well using PoD. I got offered M. Reynolds for J. Lester. Lester is my ace…I also have Nolasco, Beckett, Latos, Strasburg, and Leblanc (PoD spot) And De La Rosa on DL.
I have R. Howard and K. Youkilis so I would place Reynolds at Util spot. My infield is excellent but my OF is weak….
So you have better idea I have Weiters, Howard, Kinsler, Youkilis, A. Cabrera, S. Choo, Headley, A. Jones, D. Freese, A. Hill on bench…please help me out!

He just countered with Reynolds for Nolasco…I feel better about this one…what you think?

12 team, mixed, 5×5, HTH league with daily line-up changes. I’m just trying to strengthen my team at this point. My OFers are Braun, Bruce, C. Jackson (1B too), McLouth, Pence, and C. Ross. I also have Beltran stashed on the DL. Brennan Boesch is available as a free agent. Would his addition strengthen the team and, if so, who would you cut?



12 team 5×5 mixed league with 1 catcher spot.

I was just offered a trade where I would get V-Mart and Bay and I would give up Justin Upton and Doumit. Do I accept? I already have Either and Braun in my OF so Bay would slot in behind those two.

You have a pretty good outfield, first off. Secondly, if you’re going to part with a player who can help in so many different ways like Werth, you should be able to bargain with him. Burnett is doing real well…for now. I would much rather prefer Hanson, especially with his sterling 4.31 K/BB ratio & the fact he’s in the NL East. Maybe throw in Clippard to sweeten the pot while his value is still high. Hopefully that works for you.


If you absolutely MUST deal Victorino, I would not go after B.J. Upton. He has yet to show any sort of positive consistency and the lethal combo of high strikeouts/low OBP is too great to overlook. If you can reel in Holliday for him and some spare parts, kudos to you, but I wouldn’t sell on the Flyin’ Hawaiian (I’m a Yankees fan, but I sure do miss Harry Kalas) just yet.


Welcome back, frankiejay:
I wouldn’t go after Beckett, personally. Other than 2007, he really hasn’t had a truly dominant season with the Red Sox. No no-hitters, no 200-plus strikeout seasons, only five 10-K games in five seasons with the Sox (for comparison, A.J. Burnett already has three in one-plus seasons with the Yankees) and now he’s on the wrong side of 30. I would definitely look elsewhere if you need pitching help.


Josh M:
I feel better about the Reynolds for Nolasco deal, too. But, as always with players like Reynolds, the strikeouts bother me, especially with a guy who has multiple seasons of 200-plus. See if you can turn Reynolds into a borderline top-shelf outfielder. Also, if you read my previous response, see if you can get anything for Beckett, who I believe is very over-valued.


Even though Boesch is most likely to be on a lucky hot streak, he would most certainly be an upgrade over McLouth.


UW Ron:
I would have to refuse that deal. Martinez is looking much older at the plate than 31 while Bay and Upton are basically a wash. Stick with your guns until you see a legitimate upgrade come your way.

– Michael Echan

Is Matt Cain ever not going to be pitching against the Padres? As someone who targeted Cain in multiple drafts, I looked upon the division matchup with the Padres as a plus. But when a team faces the same guy every week, I have to assume they will figure him out.


I’m currently last place in both HR’s and RBI’s in my 10-team mixed 5×5 league. I’m wondering if you think I should make a move somewhere, or keep what I have. My lineup is as follows:

1st-Miggy Cabrera
3rd-Pablo Sandoval
OF3-Jay Bruce
Utility-Ryan Howard.

I have Granderson and Elsbury on the DL as well. When they are back, I would probably replace Bruce and Victorino with them.

Do you think I should make a move for a power bat? Or do you think I have enough power to come back. I’m 20 HR’s behind the Leader and 10 HR’s behind most of the pack and I’m 35 RBI’s behind the leader and 25 RBI’s behind most of the pack.

Thanks for helping me get to 6-0 to start the year. Although I’ve noticed my last 2 weeks I did it without having a 1B since I’ve been playing Pena. I’m sitting him this week and I picked up Garrett Jones off the WW. I didn’t have many options since my WW claim was 12th. I gave Pena a chance to turn it around but he’s even getting dropped in the lineup, taken out on Sunday, and I can’t have it. I realize he is a streaky player, so am I panicing too soon?

Hey guys thanks for all the insight. Got a situation here. My friend just offered me Upton and Barlett for J-Rollings. I just read about your opinion on BJ but not to sure about my OF. I currently have Bay, Abreu, and Ibanez with Swisher as my only backup (Have quentin as another backup but he doesnt count since he is garbage). I also have Pena as my Util. so thinking hard about the trade. This would also give me 3 rays so concerned about that too. Can you help me out?? Thanks


Why do I keep holding onto Raul Ibanez, 10 team mixed league, and there are players out there such as: Jose Guillen, J.D. Drew, and Austin Kearns…should I make a move?

Current Outfielders:
J. Willingham
J. Werth
K. Fukudome
M. Ordonez
R. Ibanez


In a standard 12 team league I think you have to cut bait on Edwin. He’s been awful more times than not this year and pitched poorly in the second half last season. I don’t really see much reason for optimism.

Matt Cain is a guy you just plug into your lineup on opening day and leave alone. I wouldn’t get too caught up in matchups. The Padres are still a poor offensive team and three of the five stadiums in the NL West, including Cain’s home ballpark, are favorable to pitchers. There’s little doubt in my mind that when all is said and done, Cain will prove to be a solid draft day investment.

I’d definitely make a move here and trade either Ichiro or Victorino, especially since you’ve got Ellsbury coming off the DL soon. There’s already plenty of speed on your roster (remember that up until now you were without the services of Kinsler), so why not turn some of those steals into homers and RBIs? Looking to deal makes perfect sense in this situation.

You definitely made the right move by not dropping Pena but rather benching him in favor of a guy who’s actually producing. Pena will get hot at some point but you have to give yourself alternate options, and that’s exactly what you did.

I’m a little more pro-Upton than Mike E. is so I’ll endorse that deal. I think B.J.’s SBs and upside (yeah I know we’ve used this word for awhile with him) make up for the downgrade from Rollins to Bartlett. This might create somewhat of a lineup crunch as you’d routinely be sitting quality players but worst case scenario you can use some of your OFs as trade chips down the road.



Despite his struggles this year, Ibanez holds the best track record of that group, so I’d personally keep Raul as I view him as the best long-term option. That said, in a 10 team league where there are always quality guys available on the wire, I’m OK with you dropping Ibanez to pick up a healthy (at least for now) J.D. Drew. Guillen is batting just .170 in May so it looks like his early-season fortune is running out.


any news on justin duchscherer is his season over?

Should trade Pujols for what i need to change it up??…and Should i drop Carlos Lee for Troy Glaus


Sounds like there’s a good chance Duchscherer’s season is over. He’s reportedly leaning towards surgery, which would end his year.


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