Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 18

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and their
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The concept
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive starters,
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent wire
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of “PoD”
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens last
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


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Beckett @
Beckett returns
after missing a start
Pavano @
– two great examples of why PoD
Danks @
Danks having the breakout year I thought Floyd
would have
Huff @ Price
Greinke @ Millwood M’s handled
Millwood, doubt Royals will too
Weaver @ Wilson keep riding
the CJ Express!
King Felix @
Sheets on a tear right now, should stay hot vs.
Wolf @ Bailey – don’t trust Bailey to do it
again vs. a strong offense
TBD @ Johnson
Duke @ Halladay
Johan @ Medlen – Medlen
is solid and should be stretched out now
Chacin @ Silva
Lannan @ Carpenter
@ Latos

Norris @ Kuroda – don’t trust Norris
to do it again vs. a strong offense, even without Ethier

***Siano says:

don’t know what to think of Beckett. I know you can’t cut him but I am going to
say ditch/bench.

on Medlen. He only has one start and I’m not sure he can go long enough for the win. Mets have to wake up again, right?

on Millwood too.

risky but pitch on Chacin. He’s been sick on the road.

on rest.


Shallow league? Exactly how shallow would a league have to be to have most of these pitchers on the waiver wire? The league where you and your pretend friend Niebert go head-to-head?

If Marcum isn’t on someone’s team by now, then here’s a clue: your league sucks.

Marcum has been on *some* teams from the very start, because some people did actual research.

Funny, I never heard Marcum’s name mentioned on here.

“very risky but pitch”… yeah, I don’t even want to know.

Thanks for the trade advice earlier, but a new development just occurred. I took your advice trying to get Hanson for Werth, but I also added that I would give Buehrle for Strasburg. He rejected this and then countered with the following: Give: Howard and Werth. Get: Adrian Gonzalez, Hanson and Strasburg. Would I be giving up too much in this deal or should I take it? Maybe I should just try Werth for Hanson and Strasburg and see how that plays out. What do you think?


Mark Reynolds for Pena and Burnett? 12 team h2h points. I get Reynolds

reynolds trade.. id do it

so i just traded away konerko pods and penny for pierre and jon lester

i am stacked at power in a twelve team head to head keeper league and needed strictly a sb artist.. dont care if he gets hrs or not.. just really want steals and want lester for more ks from my rich lineup of sp

and now Lester
Bedard on Dl

and G7 you would be giving up to much and i would try the new offer you are thinking of

Really? You need these two guys to tell you who to choose between the Flying Molina brothers and Mike Napoli? I’ll give you a hint: the one who’s not a Molina brother.

Hey guys, thanks for the advice on the whole Beckett/Castro deal. In a keeper league such as mine is, what kind of pitcher should I be targeting for a guy like Starlin Castro? Thanks again!


Yeah, do that Reynolds deal. You’re getting the best player in the trade and I’m not a big fan of Burnett…too inconsistent and wild.

I like the deal (getting the best player in Lester) but don’t exactly understand how it will help you that much in SBs when you’re giving up Pod and getting Pierre. Speed-wise it seems like a wash. But definitely do the trade.


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First year in Fantasy. Love your show. Watch daily. Daily 14 team 6×6. Currently 2nd in my league. Near top in SB, RBIs and Runs but lacking in avg and OPS. Teixiera slow start didn’t help. Proposed trade to me



(Crawford is the best player in the trade and I know you always say to try and GET the best)
Is Wieters enough of an upgrade. Pelfrey is a P or D guy for me anyways. 6 move a week and I use them all on pitching typically.

Other OFs
M Ordonez
C Gonzales
A Jones

also have
K Johnson
S Castro
Figgins (huge disappointment so far)

Other SP
J Johnson
C Lee
Gonzalez (P or D)

Any general roster thoughts would be great as well. Thanks

Start Prado or S. Drew this week at the MI position?

Boys –

12 Team weekly mixed, nk. 1 Catcher league, and I am waiting for Montero to return from DL. I have Napoli, and think he is almost ready to rake…and kind of like his match-ups this week.

However, both Y. Molina and B. Molina are now on wire. Buck was just picked up, and Snyder is also on the wire.

Do you like either Molina for the coming week? Or long term till Montero returns (hope maybe 2 or 3 more weeks max).

– BDH in DC

You need to make that trade now. Yeah, Crawford is better than Choo (but not THAT much better), but Wieters far superior to Barajas (go .238 career BA!) and Gallardo pwns Pelfrey in every category.

This fruit is just hanging from the vine. Grab it!


I am looking to trade speed for power…would you trade away Ichiro/Hughes/Rauch for Braun/Nunez or Nefatali Feliz?

Thanks-Bill in Chicago

I have Drew Storen coming on board in a standard 12 team NL Roto league. I have Nunez and Qualls as closers and am thinking of dumping Qualls. I have an offer of Pelfrey for Qualls straight up. Is that a deal worth taking?
Edward in Mass

Hey again guys.
In my 10tm 5×5 league someone just dropped wieters for benjii (??). Doumit is also a FA so I’ve been thinking about moving Mauer for a top 5 SP and a bat, or a top OF bat.
My SP are Haren, Carpenter, Lester, Lackey, J Sanchez, Wandy, Niemann, Latos. OF is Braun, Victorino, CarGo, Hamilton, Morgan (w Dunn at UTIL). I think I’m strong, but I hate to see Wieters or Doumit as FAs and think this is a great opportunity.
I’d love Halladay, but maybe I could get Felix at a better rate?
Or one guy has both Lincecum and Wainwright. Package with one of his slumpers Bay or Damon?
I know there’s a lot going on here, but any advice would help.
Thanks guys! Great show today.

In a 10×10 keeper league. I have recently picked up Dodgers SP John Ely, is he worth a keeper spot?


Is it just me, or does nearly every word that ‘jakoye’ exude arrogance? Come on man, people are coming here to for help and to talk over strategies. I highly doubt anyone is here to get have their league their in belittled or to have their inability to compare nether-region Catcher options battered.

M. Napoli has actually shown up a little lately, but he’s still a fringe player without a locked-down everyday starting position. His power is legit, but everyone’s known that for two years and yet he’s still only a starter temporarily due to injury. Meanwhile, B. Molina and Y. Molina both have full-time starting gigs. Both could be average-to-plus options for AVG, and both may be able to get 12-20 HR. Plus, they’ll get the AB’s to supply RBI’s and R’s that Napoli might not. And, with B. Posey rumors swirling around temporary position-switching, B. Molina might have yet another year of producing beyond what his age and limitations suggest he should.

As for S. Marcum: It’s true he’s a good player, but that’s about it. He’s not a 1-3 for decent fantasy teams, unless you have some major streaming luck. I love his WHIP, and he’s been consistently good. But, there’s bad stuff to see there too. First, he’s a little old to still be waiting on a breakout of stardom. He’s already 28, and yet he had a mere one season with double-digit Wins, and just one season with a sub-4.00 ERA. He’s never had more than 25 starts in the majors in a year, and there’s also the worrisome fact that TOR isn’t good. He should be owned in all leagues, but if you’re penciling him in for the numbers he’s racked up now pro-rated for the entire year, then you’re in for a rude awakening. I view him as more of a H. Kuroda-type, a rotation filler that will be a great option at your 4/5 SP slot, giving you quality stats for 100-150 IP.

Hi guys,
non-keeper, 12 team, h2h, competitive Y! mixed.
Have a SP Q 4 u, my rotation consists of

W. Davis
R. Wolf
C. Richard
Anderson (DL)
Strassburg (BN)

Droped Floyd yesterday, after he couldnt beat KC and and had some real poor outings.

I could pick up


from the wire for one of the above.
Need to stabilize ERA and WHIP, had one horrendous start at least once a week, killing my non-counting P stats.

Q: Who should i pick up and drop?

Thank u, keep up the great work.
Greez from EUroland,


I don’t like many of the FA options for anything more than match-ups. And, while he’s a dead roster spot for now, I really think G. Floyd will end up hitting his stats from last year. The problem is WHIP and ERA are harder to stabilize, as you can’t just throw things out there and get success. You need true quality or shrewd match-up success. I’m think you should ‘Pitch or Ditch’ or trade for a significant upgrade.

Is anyone buying B. Boesch or J. Gomes beyond hot-streak roster fillers? I have Beltran, Bedard, and Roberts all clogging up my roster, and I’m struggling in saves. Uehara and Simon were just dropped out of frustration. I have J. Uribe that I can drop, but if I want both, then Gomes or Bedard have to go. Do I just grab one of the BAL guys (I favor Uehara), or do I put FAAB money on both? If I drop both Gomes/Uribe then I have NO more Bench depth, and I’m afraid I’ll just be forced to drop someone else better later to cover for a C. Jones/J. Rollins or some other surprise injury. I have a top-half solid SP, but I’ve planned on Bedard combining with H. Kuroda to create a super-fifth SP. (Sabathia, Lee, Garza, Danks, Kuroda, Bedard)

^Arrogance backed by performance is not arrogance at all, it’s reality. I’m not here just trashing people (although I do get much pleasure out of calling Cory to task for his inane “advice”), I also give my own advice. You might not like it, or how it’s delivered, but it’s my educated opinion. Take it or leave it.

^Napoli has the starting gig until Mathis returns. If the Molina brothers are on the wire now in that dude’s league, what makes you think they won’t be on the wire when Mathis returns and Napoli has to share duties once again? The advice pertains to NOW. Napoli is a better bet than either of those two.

^Why is Yaider likely to get 12 to 20 homers when his career high is 8? Sure, he’ll probably have a better BA than Napoli, but if you need BA help from your catcher position, you’re in pretty big trouble. Napoli will net you guaranteed power, something Why Molina won’t do.

^As for the comparison with Be Molina, it’s a bit closer there. But Be Molina doesn’t have the pure power of Napoli and that .330 BA that Molina’s currently sporting is bound to come down (.277 career BA). There’s also the little fact that Be Molina has only hit 2 home runs in 103 at bats this year. Maybe the power will come around, as he has hit at least 15 home runs over the past five seasons. But then again, maybe 35 is pretty old for a catcher and maybe the decline is NOW.

^Napoli started off the season horribly, probably because he wasn’t getting the consistent starts. Since the Mathis injury though, and especially in the last week, he’s been up to a lot of good. Ride the hot catcher while you can.

^Your comparison of Marcum and Kuroda breaks down on this one point: Kuroda is 35 and Marcum is 28. Marcum’s “breakout season”, FYI, was 2006, not this year. Is 26 young enough for you for a pitcher to have his breakout season?

^Kuroda is a solid #4, but his K-rate will pale next to Marcum’s when all is said and done. It is true that Marcum hs never pitched more than 160 innings in his career. That will change this year. Marcum is the real deal. Don’t blame me because you didn’t see his 2010 performance coming at draft time (kinda like Cory).

Hey boys,

10 tm. 5×5 roto keeper. My pitchers are Haren. Gallardo, Oswalt, Danks, Penny, Garcia, LAtos, J Garcia, Buchholz
My hitters are Wieters, Votto, Hill, Wright, S Drew, J Up, B Up, Sizemore, Ellsbury, Soriano, A RAmirez.

I’m thinking of making this trade. I would trade Wieters, Hill and Penny for McCann and Felix Hernandez and then add one of Kelly Johnson, Polanco, Theriot, Callaspo, Asd. Cabrera, Prado as my 2B. Should I make this trade and who do I add as my 2B?

Thanks as always,

We keep 4 hitters so I would prob. keep J Up, Wright, Votto and prob. Ells.

should i do any of these trades? and will i win either way?
oh and i am in a h2h keeper league also. thanks!

my team
·Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
·Pujols, Albert 1B STL
·Smoak, Justin 1B TEX

Team b
·Hamilton, Josh CF TEX
·Longoria, Evan 3B TB
·Price, David SP TB

my team
·Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
·Pujols, Albert 1B STL
·Smoak, Justin 1B TEX

team b
·Longoria, Evan 3B TB
·Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY

I would make the trade. King Felix is money, even if he is scuffling a bit to start off the season. He’s easily the best player in the trade and definitely superior to Penny (despite Dave Duncan’s voodoo). You’re giving up a lot in Wieters and Hill, so the trade really comes out about even, but with limited roster spots, getting a guy like FHer on your staff is golden.

I would pick up Callaspo from among those you listed, although if you can take the BA hit and need power (which, judging by your lineup, you do), then Kelly Johnson might be the best choice for your team.

^Why are you so eager to trade away the best player in fantasy baseball? What kind of holes do you have on your roster that makes you even consider this?

^The first trade is a big NO. Who knows what you’re going to get from Hamilton the rest of the season? And he’s a huge injury risk to boot. Price is good, but he’s more of a 3.50 ERA guy than what he’s done so far this season. Also, his K-rate is not elite since he moved to being a starter in the majors.

^The second trade looks better, but I would hesitate mightily before making it. What kind of hole are you creating by trading away Andrus? Who’s gonna replace him at such a thin position? You have to figure out the difference between what you think your current lineup would produce versus what a +Tex, +Longoria, +replacementSS would produce (assuming Smoak is just a bench player for you). If the difference is in your favor, then make the 2nd trade.

^But man… I’d check that list twice on Tuesday and ten times on Wednesday. Trading away Pujols is major, dude.

sorry heres my problem, i have no hitting my roster, please see below. i need more RBIs and HRs

Wieters, Matt C
Pujols, Albert 1B STL
Callaspo, Alberto 2B
Freese, David 3B STL
Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI
Bautista, Jose A. LF TOR
Choo, Shin-Soo RF CLE
Gardner, Brett CF NYY
Upton, B.J. CF TB
Andrus, Elvis SS
Gonzalez, Alex SS

Pena, Carlos 1B TB
Figgins, Chone 3B
Hawpe, Brad RF COL
Cantu, Jorge 1B FLA

Don’t buy Gomes. He was a platoon player for a reason. Jury’s out on Boesch. His minor league numbers don’t really support what he’s doing so far in the majors. Have to feel that a correction is coming. But I’d probably ride that hot streak until it ends.

If you’re hurting in Saves, I’d put Uehara in one of your bench slots and drop Bedard. Simon is a disaster waiting to happen and he will eventually lose the closer’s job to Uehara. One more blown save should do it. And your starting pitching is strong enough not to really need Bedard. I don’t like that his return date keeps getting pushed back. I’m not sure how much this guy really wants to pitch.

He may still be on the wire by the time he gets close to being back. You never know. But I’d try to take care of your more pressing Saves problem first.

^Your lineup is light on power, but if you had Alex Gonzalez and Juan Bautista from the beginning, you should be okay. My guess is that those two were waiver wire pickups and you dropped a few of your draft mistakes to pick them up, so you haven’t gotten the majority of the home runs that they’ve hit. Myself, I would drop Alex Gonzalez for Kelly Johnson. I trust Kelly’s power more, because he’s done it before and he’s in a hitter’s park.

^You’re probably being a bit impatient with the power guys you do have. Pena will eventually hit at some point this season. Wait for it. And the last thing you want to do when you’re weak in power is to trade away your best power hitter, even if you get 2 in return. You should be trading from excess, which seems to be speed with you. I would look to trade a Choo now, or maybe Figgins later when he finally turns it around (he’s too talented not to).

^Trade speed for the power that you need and hold onto the power that you already have. That would be my advice.


Yeah, go ahead and make that trade. Crawford to Choo is a small downgrade but Barajas to Wieters is a medium-sized upgrade and Pelfrey to Gallardo is a significant upgrade.

For the next few weeks I’ll take either Molina over Napoli, who I don’t really trust yet. Don’t forget that it took injuries to both Jeff Mathis and Bobby Wilson to open the door for Napoli to get regular playing time, so he’s probably still in Scioscia’s doghouse. Go with Bengie if you’re looking for power and Yadier if you need AVG.

Sure. I’d do it for Braun and Feliz. You’re giving up quite a bit but considering you’d be getting the consensus #1 OF in fantasy, it’s well worth it. I also prefer Feliz to Rauch.

Despite his struggles, I’d personally hold onto Qualls, particularly since it’s an NL-only. Simply holding the closer title is worth something in non-mixed leagues and I don’t really see any better options in a struggling Arizona bullpen. Also note that before Friday’s blowup, Qualls had not been scored upon in six of his previous seven appearances. A.J. Hinch recently came out and said that “all bets are off” with respect to the team’s closer situation but I don’t buy it.

I like your thinking but I’d rather aim for a top OF as your rotation is already very solid and in a 10 team league there will always be quality guys available on the wire.

Ely sure has been impressive and he’s definitely worth using in the right matchups but you’ve got plenty of time to decide on keepers. Don’t worry about that at this point. There’s a lot more baseball to be played in 2010!

I agree that long-term Floyd will prove to be the best option of that group but I can’t really fault you for dropping him to open the roster spot for POD. Play the matchups but generally speaking, short term I’ll pick up Pelfrey as I view him as the least risky. All of those guys could get hot though (see Edwin last night) so just monitor their progress and take it from there.

Gomes has basically been a career-long platoon guy so no, I don’t consider this as anything more than a hot streak from a very streaky player…a fine NL-only option but not exactly mixed league material. As for Simon/Uehara, go with Simon simply because he’s been getting the saves while Uehara hasn’t. That said, I’m OK with you adding both for the short term until we get a better idea as to how the BAL closing situation will shake out. Yeah, you’d be losing offensive depth but this move would only be temporary as you won’t need to carry both Simon and Uehara for too long. We should know a lot more within the next couple of weeks. There hasn’t been any sort of announcement that Simon has been removed from the closer role so you have to go with him for now.



Make that deal immediately! You’re getting the two best players in McCann and Felix, both of whom have tremendous keeper value. Even if you don’t decide to keep them, they could be used as attractive trading chips down the road. The fact that you can pluck Kelly Johnson off the wire further makes it a no-brainer.

Don’t like the first deal at all but would do the second trade. Even though you’re trading away the top player in fantasy, you’re getting back two first rounders Tough to lose Andrus’ steals but you’ve already got plenty of speed on your roster in Rollins, Choo, Gardner, Upton, and Figgins. This trade makes a lot of sense for you.


I am in a 12-team winner league and I just traded A-Rod, Hunter Pence, Adam Jones, and Kevin Slowey for Pablo Sandoval, Joey Votto, Jose Reyes, and John Danks. How’d i do?…..Not the main question. I am currently holding onto Brandon Webb on my DL. When is he coming back and what is expected of him? I am sure you do not know the answer to that but do i hold onto him or pick up Miguel Montero and hold him on the DL. I have been platooning Mike Napoli and Francisco Cervelli as my catchers but i want to pick up Carlos Santana. Which catchers would I be best off with and is dropping Webb a smart move in a league where good pitchers are hard to come by?


I’m fine with the trade. Even though you’re giving up the best player, you’re getting the second, third and fourth-best players so I think that’s an adequate enough return.

As for Webb, it sounds like he won’t be back until mid-June at the earliest and who knows how effective he’ll be even when he does return. I really have no problem with you cutting him for Montero who (1) should be back before Webb and (2) plays at a weak position. Montero’s simply more valuable than Webb, who, despite being a former Cy Young winner, hasn’t made a single start since Opening Day 2009.


would you trade Nyjer Morgan and Mark Buehrle for Johan Santana and Hunter Pence?

In a league with a Blown Save category (BS is bad!) I?ve been offered a trade I cannot refuse; however, I must surrender one of my following Closers: Bell, Mármol, Papelbon, or F. Rodríguez (K-Rod).

Which would you trade and why?


Absolutely, especially if you can afford the loss of Morgan’s steals. Johan is a huge upgrade over Buehrle and overall I actually prefer Pence to Morgan.

All four are top notch closers who will likely finish the year with great numbers, but I’d look to deal Papelbon. Statistically speaking, he’s been the worst of that group this year and I think his name recognition will help you get a real nice return in a potential trade.


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