Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 28

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



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Carmona @
– risky start for
Carmona, I don’t mind if anyone ditches here

Willis – reasonable gamble on Dontrelle in deep and non-mixed

Millwood @

F.Garcia @

Davies @ Wakefield –
Wakefield worth using in deeper and non-mixed leagues

Slowey – cover up the W-L and Slowey has just been “ehh”

Lee @
– Kazmir pitched
well last time out and the M’s are sooooft

Carpenter @
– Wells’ improved K
and ground ball rates say he’s legit

Wandy @ TBD – still
not trusting Wandy, although Reds could get him well

Kendrick @

Duke @
MedlenMedlen shouldn’t get spoiled, it gets harder from

Johan @

Monasterios @
Francis – willing to risk Francis at home based on his first 2

Lannan @

Jackson @

– great matchup for Mr. PoD, E-Jax

***Siano says:

ditching Carmona. Yankees should be getting Granderson back and start hitting

on Millwood against big bats of Tor.

I get it, Sheets is red hot, but if I won’t pick him up why should I
tell you to?

ignore me all you want but I’m not pitching Kazmir.

on rest.


First off, I love your show!
I was proposed a trade: Give up Tulowitzki and get CC Sabathia.
I already have Hanley on my team, do you think I should keep Tulo just so someone else can’t have him. My staff is weak, my best arm is Felix.

Boys –

12 team, mixed, nk, weekly, 5×5 std points, 10bats, 10 arms, 8 reserve:

Been offered a trade: I get Johan Santana and Nick Swisher…I give up J. Upton and J. Garcia.

I have a pretty balanced team 45+pts Bats and 45+ Arms the last few weeks and sitting in top 3 for a Yoo-Hoo shower power position.

What do you think of this offer?

If I could spin it to get Johan or Cliff Lee & say Arod, and give up Reynolds, or J. Upton and J. Garcia and 2nd arm (Cahill/Davis) or better arm (Hughes, Garza, Kershaw) would you like this better? Would it get the deal done?

– BDH in DC

What about: Reynolds, Upton, and Garcia for Carpenter, Arod, and Correia. I have M. Stanton and Montero on bench, and could waiver wire Encarnacion or Rolen in the meantime, have Napoli in short term too.

Just a another idea…thoughts?

– BDH in DC

Trade question: GET: Chris Carpenter GIVE: Colby Rasmus & Aaron Hill.
The deal would mean I’d have no offensive bench players but they rarely are in lineup anyways and I’d get a quality arm.

Rest of my lineup: Wieters, R. Howard, Kinsler, Youkilis, O. Cabrera, C. Headley, Adam Jones, Choo, M. Reynolds (UTIL)

Rest of my rotation: Lester, Latos, Cueto, A. Sanchez, G. Gonzalez, Strasburg, & Beckett (DL). Then Broxton & Feliz are my closers.

Am I giving up too much of my offensive flexibilty for another arm I might not need? What are your thoughts?
Thanks as always,


Hold onto Tulo. As good as CC is, Tulo’s the clear cut #2 guy at a weak position and traditionally only gets better as the season wears on. A staff headed by Felix is not exactly a “weak” rotation!

Pass. Johan is beginning to show some signs of decline, notably in his K rate. He’s still an ace but no longer the elite ace of years past. In one for one deals, I’d take Upton over Johan and would also prefer Garcia to Swisher.
Love the A-Rod trade idea.


10-team H2H, 5 weekly adds, 6×6 (H,R,RBI,SB,HR,K and IP,W,SV,H,K,ERA). I’ve got Jeter, and my outfield is pretty well balanced, but not staked (Damon, Crawford, Bruce, Pence, Hart (while Ethier is on the DL) and Guerrero (just needs one more start to qualify)), and I’m thinking about trading away Ethier and Jeter to make a move for Hanley Ramirez and a pitcher (Hamels?).

I figure I should try to cash in on Andre the giant while there’s still buzz. Do you guys think this would be a good move by me, if I could pull it off? I think Hanley and Ethier will have similar HR/RBI the rest of the year (slight edge to Ethier), with Hanley besting Ethier in R and blowing him out of the water in SB.

Thanks guys!

hey guys i was offered dustin pedroia for alex gonzales and howie kendrick. i have hanley ramirez as my SS and my 2nd/ss is callaspo this would make pedroia my 2nd basemen am i giving up too much for him or should i jump on this deal before he backs out

im in a 12 team NL only keeper league (5×5) with no bench spots. Obviously in this league the FA pool is very very thin. new callups that I am thinking of picking up include:

Brad Lincoln
Luis Durango
Niel Walker

I am not rebuilding this year, so I’d like someone who can help me this year or at least be trade bait to a team that is rebuilding.

I’d be replace Chris Carter in offense and either Villenueva or Kuo on my pitching staff.

Any suggestions?

What do you think about the following PoD matchups for next week? Which 2 will be the best to use next week?

Gallardo @ Florida

Wade Davis @ Texas

Niemann @ Toronto

Kershaw vs Atlanta


Whom would you prefer long term Starling Castro, Elvis Andrus, or Dustin Ackley? Our offensive stats are runs, rbi, obp, and total bases.


Can you please rank the following pitchers for the rest of the year:


You guys start Lecure tonight against the woeful ‘Stros lineup?


Like the trade. Carpenter’s a legit ace and it sounds like you have a quality alternative to Hill at 2B. Rasmus has been up and down this year so no huge loss there.

Not in love with that trade. Rather than comparing Hanley to Ethier, I’d compare him to Jeter (same position). Hanley’s obviously an upgrade over Jeter but Jeter’s still a top-tier SS and as reliable an option as they come, in spite of the somewhat slow start. But is the upgrade from Jeter to Hanley worth the loss of Ethier? I’m not so sure. A lot depends on what pitcher you’d be getting back but I’d have some reservations about accepting this. I just don’t see it as cashing in big on Ethier’s red hot start.

I’d make that trade in a second. You’re getting the best player in the deal and at the same time selling high on Gonzalez while you can.

Gotta go with Gallardo and Kershaw. Both are guys you should start pretty much every time out and Davis’ and Niemann’s matchups are scary.


Hey guys. I was hoping you would rank the following pitchers for the rest of the season: LeBlanc, Francis, Anibal Sanchez, Leake, Bonderman, Chacin. Thanks for the help!



Right now it looks like Andrus is the safest bet, despite the fact that your league doesn’t count SBs. He’s hitting for a high average and scoring plenty of runs and is the most proven of that bunch. The jury’s still out on Castro and Ackley is struggling mightily in his first professional season, so he still has a lot to prove.

Close call but I’ll say Hughes, Pelfrey, Baker, Billingsley. Pelfrey’s moderate K rate hurts him and despite his recent strong stretch, going forward I’m a little concerned about Billingsley’s inconsistent control.

I’m all for picking on the Astros but not with a guy who’s making his big league debut. At least for the time being, let’s take a wait and see approach with Lecure.


Is my question forcing you to do some research on players not on your radar? 12 deep NL keeper leagues tend to do that. I’m off on the fringes of fantasy baseball land where it gets really rough and winning or losing is influenced by guys like Brad Lincoln or Niel Walker.


Of the three, it looks like Walker carries the most immediate upside as the Pirates will take whatever offensive help they can get. Another plus with Walker is that he started to play a little second base in the Minors which could allow him more big league at-bats in addition to enhancing his general fantasy appeal. Durango offers speed but has close to zero power, and considering San Diego’s already crowded outfield situation, who knows how much playing time Durango will get.

I’ll rank them Leake, Sanchez, Bonderman, Francis, LeBlanc, Chacin.


I think Lincoln could have the best long term value in this league. I’m 2nd on the callup list so it’s either Lincoln for Kuo or Walker for Chris Carter. I can always hope no one claims them. These are the pivotal groundbreaking decisions I am faced with in a league so deep you have to wear an oxygen mask to play.


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