Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 2

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Valuable Resources**

Big Z.jpg

Bergesen @ Hughes

Carmona @ Galarraga -
Carmona's only had one truly bad start this year

Price @

– Dice-K is

Kazmir @
– Do you trust
Kazmir vs. anyone right now? Not me

Feldman @ Floyd

Slowey @
Good (team) matchup for Slowey

Kendrick @ Lowe - Lowe is hot, Phillies are

Jackson @

J.Santana @

– great scenario for
Big Z’s return

Gallardo @

Lannan @
– Wandy is
off-limits until further notice

LeCure @ Carpenter

Francis @


I only have one pitch or ditch spot for tomorrow…would you recommend I go with Francis or Richard?

You guys forgot to do Tuesday. Pitch or ditch on hudson at the phillies?


Go with Richard. He’s got the tougher matchup but is simply the better pitcher. Not great last time out but was very efficient with his pitch count, always a promising sign for any young pitcher.

Yes on Hudson. He’s a guy I’d start in pretty much any matchup and the Phillies’ bats have been struggling quite a bit of late.


Hi Guys,
PoD for Tuesday – PJ Walters at home vs Reds. Thanks

Relating to my last question, where would Bobby Abreu and Marlon Byrd fit into the list of OFs I asked about? (Ludwick, Hart, Willingham, Gomes, Ross, Kubel, Guillen). The reason I ask is because a guy in my league put these 2 on the trading block looking for a pitcher. Are these guys worth pursuing or am I better of going after the other OFs that are FA? (For the record, out of this list, I already own Ludwick, Willingham, and Guillen.) Thanks a lot fantasy gurus!!



Pass on Walters. I need to see more.

Depends on what pitcher(s) the guy is asking for but generally speaking I like the quality of the free agent OFs in this league and think that you might be better off just choosing from that group than acquiring an OF via trade.


Hey guys,
who do I go with J. Bruce, J. Gomes, R. Ludwick, or J. Kubel for the foreseeable future?

I’d like an opinion on this trade.
Give: Denard Span, Placido Polanco, Stephen Strasburg
Receive: Mark Reynolds, Ian Stewart, John Danks

I’m in need of help. I am in a H2H 8 team league. I am presently alternating Reynolds, Cantu at 1st, along with Bautista at 3rd. Since Reynolds is day to day, whom should I pick up for back-up 1st base: Glaus, LaRoche,Garrett Jones or Loney? I am planning on keeping Reynolds.
As for s.s., should I dump Jason Barlett and pick up Reid Brignac? I also have Andrus ****.s.
What do you think of Kevin Gregg’s play lately? Should I look for another closer like Lidge, Corpas, Fuentes or Axford? I currently have Franklin and Aardsma as closers and am keeping them.
Should I keep or drop Nelson Cruz?
Sorry for the many questions.
Thanks for the help. It really comes in handy.

Hey Guys,

I have both Price and Marcum in my roster for tonight.
Should I pich both? I was thinking leaving both at the bench.
I have a very good piching staff: Ubaldo, Josh Jhonson, Price, Marcum, Shields, Hudson. I need to start saving some INI as I’m already (+49.0) on a max of 1250 INI
All my pitcher keep playing 7 INI each, and this is causing this. I’m way up in every pitching category. And don’t think this will affect me too much.
What do you think?


In a keeper league, who do you guys think has more value (through this season) Bumgarner or Hellickson? I am able to get either one and I am having trouble deciding.



Overall, I like Ludwick the most long-term. I think he offers the best combination of power and AVG. Safe bet for around 25 homers and a .291 AVG in both April and May. Can’t get more consistent than that!

If you need power and can afford an AVG hit, I’m fine with the trade. But hold off on it for now until we hear more about Reynolds’ injury status. He’s dealing with a strained quad and there’s word he could be placed on the DL.

Hmm, hard to get used to the caliber of player that’s available in such a shallow league!. For 1B, I’d go with Glaus for now as he’s having the best season overall but don’t be afraid to make a change should Troy’s bat go cold. All of those guys are quality options. As for SS, no way should you drop Bartlett for Brignac, who’s a backup for a reason. The Rays will likely make a decision soon on whether or not to place Bartlett on the DL so you may be able to use a DL spot on him. I watched Gregg’s meltdown last night and it was absolutely awful. Nevertheless, he remains the closer for the time being so you have little choice but to hold onto him. Probably want to bench him at this point. Nothing wrong with picking up waiver wire closers, depending of course on who you’d be dropping. KEEP NELSON CRUZ. He’s simply to valuable to flat out drop, even in an 8-teamer.

You have to play both. They’re both performing well and I love to own two guys who are facing each other as there’s a good chance to get a W. Don’t worry too much about projected innings this early in the season. +49 really isn’t that much and that number tends to go down as the season wears on. You’ll be using those innings anyway so might as well use them while your guys are pitching well.



While Hellickson will likely prove to be the better pitcher in the long run, I’ll have to go with Bumgarner for this season. The Rays simply have no openings in their rotation for Hellickson while the Giants could conceivably bump Wellemeyer out of their rotation should he go through a cold spell. It’s all about opportunity, and barring an injury to one of Tampa’s regular starters, Hellickson might not see the Majors this year until September, if at all.


Battle of the underachieving veterans — who do you like better for the remainder of this year — Todd Helton or Aramis Ramierz?


I’ll take Helton just because I have more confidence that he’s healthy, but power-wise A-Ram still gets the edge.


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