Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 5-7

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


Category Chart



Pettitte @
– Romero has been a
stud all year, he’s earned this


@ FisterThe shine is wearing off Fister

Shields @

Guthrie – Guthrie has been solid this year but let’s be

Talbot @ Peavy
– Peavy’s gotta get better against the Tribe, right?

Verlander @ Hochevar –
Hochever impressive lately but Tigers are en fuego

Liriano @

Robertson @

Narveson @ Ottavino –
Narveson useful vs. some, but not Cards

Silva @
– Gotta give Silva
his due!

Leake @

Garland @ Moyer –
Still not buying into Garland, even vs. slumping Phils

Wellemeyer @

Chacin @ Willis

Hanson @
– Matchup of the




Vazquez @
Morrow – I don’t trust Vazquez in this tough matchup

Westbrook @
Buehrle – Despite poor opponent, Buehrle too risky

Lackey @
Matusz – O’s worse than a Double-A team right now

Bonderman @

Garza @
Harden – Harden just too erratic

Blackburn @ G.
– Favorable matchup for Blackburn

Pineiro @
Vargas – Pineiro very inconsistent but these are the M’s!

Nolasco @
Takahashi – Wheels beginning to fall off Takahashi? I’ll sit this one out

Arroyo @
Stammen – Better off not riding Arroyo roller coaster

Correia @
Blanton – I expected better from Blanton this year

Lincecum @

Dempster @
Myers – Myers is hot

Hudson @
– Good test for Ely

Jimenez @ R.

Parra @ J.




Matsuzaka @

Lee @
Feldman – Feldman DTM

Kazmir @
Sheets – Go with Kazmir if you’re feeling lucky

Wells @

LeBlanc @
Hamels – Need to see more from LeBlanc

Zito @
Cueto – Opportunity for Cueto to right the ship following disaster outing

Wandy @
Hammel – Wandy disaster alert

Lowe @
Haren – Lowe continues to rack up quality starts

Walters @



Due to start limits I can only pick up one more starter for the rest of the week.

10-team, H2H and I’m neck and neck in wins and k’s and up in era and whip. It’s a key match up vs. the team ahead of me in the div and every point counts….as you know.

Anyways, I wanted to get your opinions on my best PoD option for that one remaining start this week. Options are as follows (ranked by me, but very curious on your thoughts):

Myers Sunday (dempster) – en fuego, can’t believe I have an Astro at the top of my list.

Bonderman Sunday (bannister) – matchup/ks and hoping you’ll tell me a better call than Myers.

Harang today (Livan) – win potential

Gio sunday (Blackburn) – full package, tough matchup/low w potential

Continued thanks guys, as always!

J from BG

Hey guys,

I’m hurting at 2B – is Kinsler a target to buy low on?


Yeah, Myers is awfully tempting but he scares me to death. I’d go with Bonderman here. He’s allowed just four runs over his last three starts combined and has the most favorable matchup.

I’m very disappointed in Kinsler so far, mainly his lack of power, but sure, go ahead! If there’s ever a good time to buy low on him, now’s that time. He’s just too talented of a player to continue posting mediocre stats.

The keeper league factor seals the deal in my mind. Hold onto Santana. He’s got too much upside. Montero is a solid player but Santana can flat out mash. The Indians say that Santana won’t get called up “anytime soon” but I seem to remember the Giants saying the same thing about Buster Posey. Really, who’s standing in Santana’s way, Lou Marson? Please!


Hey guy,
I’m in a 12 team league with extras in ops and errors for batters. I have a catcher dilemma. I can’t decide whether to hold onto Santana until he gets called up or drop him and pick up Montero. Please help! I have no dl space for Montero. It is a keeper league in which we get to keep 6 based on rd value. Both Montero and Santana would be last rd value.

– Aubrey

I was thinking about the idea of buying Prince Fielder low, because of his great second half last year. However, he has been somewhat streaking. He seems to have monster years where you think that he could beat out Pujols for the MVP. Then he cools off and is a star, but not that super star rivaling pujols for the mvp.

I also attribute a lot of his success last year to the Home run derby. I think that got him going in the second half (helped pujols get more power at times and has helped others like Ryan Howard in the past).

What do you think on Prince. The guy in my league over values his players so its not like I’m going to get a steal.

ps- my team is one of the top teams in the league, and I will be in first at the end of this week.

Give Scott Baker, get Edwin Encarnacion. Good trade? My other pitchers are Pettite, Pelfrey, Greinke, Danks, Porcello, and PoD😉

One more question
What do you guys think about Matt Capps. He’s been terrible as of late. Is he coming back to reality, or is he simply hitting a funk in the road. Should I drop him and pick up someone else via free agency, or hold on to him and see if he turns it around.

big question.. do i use my number two waiver on either berkman who is on waivers right now or stanton when he comes up?? im in first with a stacked team.. they would be just a fill in player in a daily moves 12 team league.. thank you so much I dvr every show!

I’m in a very shallow mixed, non keeper league. Wanting to know if any of the following guys should be dropped in favor of Mike Stanton. He is available now, but probably not for long.

Cory Hart, Jonny Gomes, Cody Ross, David Freese.

Good day fantasy gurus, which side of a Ryan Howard, Jay Bruce, and Chad Billingsley for Mark Teixeira, Mike Napoli, and AJ Burnett, do you like? It should be noted that the side recieving Napoli has Francisco Cervelli as their only active catcher, Ivan Rodriguez on the DL. Thanks

I’m in 2nd place in a 12-team mixed roto league. I’m getting tired of carrying Adam Lind’s dead weight. What’s your advice on him? I’m low in RBI, Avg, Wins and ERA. My OF’s are Rios, Bautista, Ethier, Gomes, Pence, & C. Young. So I don’t see adding Luke Scott, David DeJesus, or Coughlan as a smart move. My 2B is Kelly Johnson and my SS is Stephen Drew. Not a lot available on the wire for either spot, though (Hudson, Desmond, Guzman, Brignac, Lopez). Pitchers available are Cecil, Meek, C. Lewis, BRaden, Richard & A. Rhodes. What should I do with Lind??

pick 2 for POD tomorrow Myers, Corriea, Blackburn, Pineiro. Also should I trade Bautista (is he legit?) for Granderson (will he ever hit lefties?)?

I would definitely buy low on Fielder now (especially since he was my first pick this year, and I firmly stand behind that decision), but my question to you is at what cost? If I was putting Prince on the market, I’d be asking (no pun intended) a king’s ransom for the slugger. Everything about fantasy baseball revolves around value: how much are you giving up for what in return? If you’re hurting for power or lack a consistent 1B, then go for it, just as long as you aren’t crippling your team in the long run.

Based on face value, I’d probably would do this deal, even though Encarnacion is thisclose from putting it all together. His BB% has risen while his K% is falling (always a good thing), and his BABIP is a horrid .148, so you know that HAS to start moving up. Baker is also pitching a little better than what the numbers suggest. His BABIP is .322, so it should be just a matter of time before those batted balls find the mitts of his fielders and his both his BB/9 and HR/9 are down, so he isn’t hurting himself as much, either.

Michael Echan

I really don’t have a question as much as I just want to blow off some steam. What is it with folks who propose a trade offer that does your team absolutely no good, you counter with an offer, and they call you ridiculous and end any talk of a trade? Today a league member offered me Dallas Brandon and Marlon Byrd for Stephen Strasburg. I have a number of solid SPs and no room for yet another adequate OFer. The original offer, from my perspective, did not improve my team at all. I sent him a counter-offer of Strasburg and Justin Smoak for Miguel Cabrera. I didn’t expect him to accept the trade but I did think he might want to make a counter offer of some kind. Instead he lectured me about Strasburg not being a first or second rounder this season and therefore the trade and myself are ridiculous. The art of trading (offer/counter offer/counter-counter offer) seems to be a lost art.


Which deal would you accept?
Give: M. Reynolds Get: P. Konerko
Give: M. Leake Get: B. Butler

Thanks, Josh

Hey guys!

I receive a trade offer:
Mike Leake for Billy Buttler

I already have Votto and Ortiz at 1B. I need a pitcher.
If I accept, I think i’m buying high on Leake.


Hey Guys!

I’m in a 12 Team-mixed league.
I have following lineup:

C – John Buck;
1B – Paul Konerko;
2B – Freddy Sanchez;
SS – Troy Tulowitzki;
3B – Jose Bautista;
OF – Jason Heyward; Ryan Braun; Booby Abreu
U – Nick Swisher;

on the bench are:
Pablo Sandoval; Jonny Gomes; Orlando Hudson; Austin Jackson; Denard Span;

on the DL: Brian Roberts.

Should I drop J.Buck?

Kurt Suzuki, Ronny Paulino, John Jaso, Francisco Cervelli and Chris Snyder are Free Agents


Would you trade M. Leake & A. Hill for C. Carpenter?

Hello gentleman,
do you start Stanton in his first start Tuesday or give him time?my other option is Ludwick


I would hang on to Capps, but I would certainly keep my eye open for possible replacements. I mean, did you see him pitch on Sunday? Yikes. He’s probably coming back down to earth a little, but Capps can’t as bad as he has been so far in June. Treat him like a second closer, because that’s really what he is.
It’s always nice to hear from a loyal viewer. Anyway, as far as who to pick up, who says you HAVE to get someone? If you’re team is loaded, you don’t necessarily have to continue tinkering with your roster. But if you must, I’d go with Stanton because of his high potential and stronger lineup. But as I tell everyone, it all depends on what your needs are.
I would probably jettison Ross because his low OBP and high K% scare me off. Hart is a former All-Star on the up-swing, Gomes is on a terrific run in a great hitter’s park and Freese, though hurting a bit, is doing well as a rookie third baseman on a good hitting team.
It’s my opinion that whoever winds up with Howard, Bruce and Billingsley will be the one who is better off. I think Howard and Bruce give you better overall value than the Teixieria/Napoli combo does. Billingsley probably offers a better K potential simply by pitching in the NL West. Not only that, but you always have to worry about the inevitable Burnett Blow-Up, where it seems like he walks three times as many hitters as he strikes out. And unless you’re in a really deep league, the person getting Napoli should be able to mix and match catchers for a while.
I’d make a “Lost” crack right about now, but I never reall watched the show, so I won’t. Lind puts me in a tough bind because he was my third pick in my main league’s draft. I can’t really see myself dropping him before the MLB trading deadline, mostly because I will be repeatedly smashing my head into a solid wall when he naturally goes on a historic tear at the plate. But most importantly, GET CECIL NOW! The numbers you are seeing are legitimate, especially with a K/9 of 7.02, BB/9 of 2.03 and HR/9 of 0.91.
It’s a little late for PoD recommendations, but not for this: DON’T DO THAT TRADE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I made a similar move earlier this season, thinking Bautista was just a flash in the pan and cut him on May 14 for Travis Snider. Since then, Snider has been on the DL since the very next day while Bautista is only hitting .293/.461/.862 with nine home runs, 17 RBIs and a 17/12 BB/K ratio. That has cost me at least two wins since then. LEARN FROM MY IDIOCY!
Sometimes, unless you’re in Tout Wars or a similar kind of a league, you’re always going to have to deal with the guy wearing a dunce cap who thinks he has it for the complete opposite reasons. If he keeps making foolish proposals, maybe counter with the same. Who knows, maybe he’ll fall for it?
It’s another case of what does your league score and what are your needs? Does your league penalize for hitters striking out? If so, do that deal since you loose the Human Strikeout that is Reynolds, plus you’d be gaining a decent first baseman in Butler. Buuuuuuuuuuuut, if you’re in the middle of the pack in home runs, this deal will deal you a significant blow because Butler hasn’t developed 30-HR power just yet.
Since you already have Votto and Ortiz as first basemen, you should feel confident in doing that deal.Simple as that.
I would advise against dropping Buck because he has the most power out of all of the other candidates, plus he’s in the thick of the best homer-hitting team in the big leagues. If anything, try to see if you can do a two-for-one deal centered around Austin Jackson. When you have a hitter who’s doing well, but have no room for him, always try to trade him so you get at least a little value in return. And should you pick up a FA catcher, Suzuki seems like the best overall choice from that group.
I would do that deal without giving it a second thought. You’re getting the best player in the deal, hands down, and you can probably pick up a more productive 2B from the FA pool. Also, I would not start Stanton right away, just for the simple fact that he hasn’t shown what he can do against top-flight pitching. Plus, having Ludwig starting in your outfield isn’t that shabby, either.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and remembered that Sunday was the 66th anniversary of D-Day. If the Allies didn’t storm the Normandy beaches that day, it’s highly doubtful we’d be discussing fantasy baseball at all today.

– Mike E.

I am in a h2h 10 team keeper league and I got a trade offer for Andrus.

Below is what this guy wants, I need a closer since all i have left is franklin. I also have rollins coming up next week of the DL. But i dont like giving up cantu. I listed all of his players below, can you pick someone that is fair for andrus?

His team
Molina, Yadier C

Lee, Derrek 1B CHC

Uggla, Dan 2B FLA

Zimmerman, Ryan 3B

Tejada, Miguel SS BAL

Kemp, Matt CF

McCutchen, Andrew CF PIT

Pence, Hunter RF HOU

Guerrero, Vladimir DH TEX

Utley, Chase 2B PHI

Bailey, Andrew RP OAK

Valverde, Jose RP DET

Aviles, Mike SS KC

Braden, Dallas SP OAK

Johnson, Josh SP FLA

Marcum, Shaun SP TOR

Rauch, Jon RP MIN
Scherzer, Max SP DET

sorry in referecne to my earlier email, this is the trade:

his team
Chris Tillman and John Rauch

my team
elvis andrus and jorge cantu

Points, 12 team, 5×5 Yahoo league, switching to keeper next season.

manager needs saves (who doesn’t?) I happen to have a bit of depth at closer, and with Pena and A. Ramirez at the corners, am sorely in need of power.

I have Valverde, J. Soria, Lidge, plus Rodney.

On his roster I’m looking at Miguel Cabrera, Derek Lee, Juan Uribe, Carlos Lee, and Alfonso Soriano.

Any suggestions? I was thinking of sell high/buy low by offering Valverde for Carlos Lee.

James in Austria


That’s a terrible trade for you. Andrus holds tremendous keeper value, and while Tillman is a top pitching prospect, he still has a lot to prove. Rauch is simply not enough to make up for the difference between Andrus and Tillman to go along with the loss of Cantu. Rauch is pitching well but it’s not like his job is ultra-safe either. In exchange for Andrus, you should be asking for Valverde, or at least Bailey plus another solid player (maybe Pence?)

No way would I do Valverde for Lee. Lee is a decent buy low guy but I don’t really view Valverde as a sell-high. Sure, he’s not going to maintain a 0.39 ERA but he’s also proven to be a high-end closer over the past several seasons and there’s little reason to think he won’t turn in another top-8 closer caliber year. Lee is solid but simply not the player he once was…you’re giving up too much here. Tough to find a fair match…maybe Soria for Carlos Lee plus someone else? Would rather deal Soria than Valverde but if you can get a lot more for Valverde that’s fine. Would need more than just Lee though.


your opinion on the three short stops.
Marco Scutaro, Erick Aybar, Jhonny Peralta. Recently traded Bartlett and need to fill position. Is there anyone else you would recommend.
Thanks David


Depends on your needs…Scutaro will likely give you the most runs, Aybar the most SBs and Peralta the most power. Unless you’re really weak in speed, I’d go Peralta…like his upside despite the inconsistent start.


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