Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 8

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Category Chart


Wakefield @ Huff
Hughes @ Millwood
Tallet @ Niemann
King Felix @ Lewis
Galarraga @ Floyd
Greinke @ Slowey
Weaver @ Mazzaro
Volstad @ Kendrick
Karstens @ Strasburg *is it really here OMG????!
Richard @ Pelfrey
Cain @ LeCure
Lilly @ Gallardo
Moehler @ Francis
Medlen @ Jackson
Carpenter @ Kuroda

***Cory says “Pitch Slowey, agreed on the rest.”


Hey Gents,
I’m in a 5×5 vanilla keeper, and I need to upgrade 1B. I’m currently starting Ike Davis, Wiggington, or Cuddyer. If I use Cuddyer at 1B, then I have to rotate BJ Upton and a hot scrub for my 5th OF and DH. The offer is trade Holliday and receive Torii Hunter and Youk. Youk would also be a backup for ARod, my only 3B. Fair return? I’m currently in the lead, and don’t need pitching.
Jeff in Berkeley

Hey Guys,
I’m in a 12 team mixed points weekly line-up league. I have 3 OF positions and a DH. Out of the following who do I start this week. Car-go, Justin Upton, BJ Upton, Olivo, Tori Hunter, Bruce, Mike Stanton.

I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. Is it time to consider dropping Aramis Ramirez and/or Gordon Beckham? Both have been riding the pine, taking up two of my three bench slots. I also have Matt Wieters and was looking at picking up Mike Napoli (now that he?s playing full time) to slot in at catcher until Wieters heats up. Matsui?s also on the waiver wire. Do I drop any of my slow starters for players producing now? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Hey Guys,

Managed to slowly climb from 12th to 11th in my h2h.. lots of ground to make up. No loyalties so Im playing hot bats.

Made these moves and would like you to rate them.

Ad.LaRoche 4 Berkman
Hawpe 4 Coghlan
Bruce 4 Stanton
Peavy 4 Belisle (been surviving on Soriano,Capps,Clippard and Zumaya, need more relief appearances.)

I have one move left and my 5 SPs(Halladay, Latos, Scherezer, A.Sanchez and Ely) only have 1 start each this week… thinking of grabbing one two starter…

Do you think Medlen’s week(vs. E-Jax & Slowey) would be OK to drop a 5th OFer?(Pagan)

Thanks in advance,


That’s an absolute steal for you! While I do expect Holliday to finish the year with his typical .310-25-110 line, Hunter’s very quietly enjoying a strong season, on pace for around 25 homers, 100 RBIs and 15 stolen bases. Youk easily makes up for the difference. Once again, he’s performing like a clear-cut top 4 round player. Pull the trigger on the trade.

Car-Go, Justin Upton, Hunter and Bruce. B.J. vs. Bruce is close but points leagues (and I’m sure yours is no exception) tend to devalue steals, which happens to be B.J.’s main appeal at this point as he’s having such a terrible year outside of the stolen base category. Stanton is someone you’ll probably land up starting sooner rather than later but let’s sit him for his first week and see how he does.

I’m a very patient person but my patience is definitely wearing thin on those two! Still, I think you have to hang onto them for at least a couple more weeks, Aramis due to the track record and Beckham due to the keeper factor.

I’m fine with LaRoche for Berkman and even Bruce for Stanton. Not in love with Hawpe for Coghlan but I can live with it. Totally don’t understand Peavy for Belisle. If you were picking up an established shutdown setup guy, that’s one thing. But Matt Belisle, he of the 4.81 career ERA? He’s clearly pitching way above his head right now and simply cannot be trusted. Dropping Peavy is still a bit risky anyway, but no way do I do it for Belisle.


I need your advice. I’m in a 8 team h2h league, with K’s,Wins, ERA, Whip and Saves for the pitchers and Runs, RBI’s, Avg., stolen bases, and home runs for the batters.
I picked-up Michael Stanton last week and now I have Nelson Cruz coming off the d.l., so I need to drop someone when Nelson gets back. These are the players that I have:
1st base-Mark Reynolds and Jorge Cantu;
2nd- Robinson Cano;
Shortstop- Elvin Andrus;
3rd base- Jose Bautista;
Catcher- Brian McCann and Ron Barajas;
DH-Aubrey Huff
Outfield- Vernon Wells, Carlos Gonzalez, Chris Young, Juston Upton, David DeJesus, Michael Stanton and Cruz;
Pitchers are: Jimenez, Cueto, Shields, Hughes, Marcum, Romero and Jaime Garcia.
My Closers are: Franklin, Lidge, Gregg and Aardsma.
I’ve used your advice before and want to THANK you for it.

Re: Peavy, I only did it cause i know i can grab him again if needed. Hes been kicked around and sitting on our wire for a good month till i POD’d him last week. Wasnt solid on keeping him anyway.

Can you answer the second part please?

“I have one move left and my 5 SPs(Halladay, Latos, Scherezer, A.Sanchez and Ely) only have 1 start each this week… thinking of grabbing one two starter…

Do you think Medlen’s week(vs. E-Jax & Slowey) would be OK to drop a 5th OFer?(Pagan)”

You guys have been great, really appreciate the advice.

Big Al,

To me, DeJesus is the logical choice. He’s hitting for a good AVG but isn’t really doing anything extraordinarily well and carries little upside. He shouldn’t even be on a roster in an 8-team league. Huff is also borderline but I’d cut DeJesus…replace an OF with an OF.

Not really in love with Medlen’s matchups so I might try to look for another two-starter. That said, Medlen’s pitching very well of late so if he’s the best option available and you feel you can adequately replace Pagan’s production, sure, make the move.


I’m in need of an outfielder with Manny, Heyward, Ordonez with Abreu on the bench. Made on offer to get Braun trading Fielder and Glaus for him. And the reason I gave up Fielder was because I have M. Cabrera as my 1B.. just wanna know what you guys think of this trade. Thanks

Salt lake City ut

Hey Fellas,
I am thinking/wanting to grab Michael Stanton before someone else but need to make some room, just dont know where being that someone needs to drop out..your thoughts?
12 team Head to Head, keeper league
Brian McCann, Albert Pujols, Alberto Callaspo, Ryan Zimm, Alex Gonzalez, Shane Victorino ,Andrew McCutchen, Jose Bautista, Michael Cuddyer Kelly Johnson, Edwin Encarnacion with Jimmy Rollins on DL.

Maybe a pitcher:W.SV.K.GIDP.HLD.ERA.WHIP.BB/9:
Phil Hughes, Stephen Strasburg (Whoo Hoo), Francisco Liriano, Jaime Garcia, David Price, Jono Broxton, Krod, Raf Soriano, Scott Downs, Daniel Bard.

I drafted as per 411 rules and have been picking up/trading agressively…tied for 1st at the moment…Should I tinker or not?

G From OZ!

5×5 12 team keeper (3). I have Kendry, Sizemore, and Upton was in second place and fading fast (wtg me). Right now I am using Loney and Jose Lopez at first. I was offered Austin Jackson for Adam Laroche. Personally I expect Laroche to pick it up and A-jack to fade but I’m hesitant to pull the trigger as this may be too much of a lateral move for improving my team.

Thanks for your help.


First off, I suggest that you challenge yourself a little more next year. This league can’t possibly be any larger than 6 teams! As for the trade, sure why not. Braun is an upgrade over Fielder and Glaus is really just a throw in considering the quality of players who are likely available on your waiver wire. Done deal.

Yeah, Stanton is an absolute must-own in any keeper format so I’m actually shocked he’s still available in your league. Normally, I’d say cut Alex Gonzalez but it looks like you really need him while Rollins is out, so I’d drop Encarnacion. He’s still hitting for a lousy AVG and continues to tease us with his “potential.” I’ve just about had it with E-squared.

I’m a little confused as to who’s getting who here but I’d rather have LaRoche, who always picks it up in the second half and who actually has pieced together a decent first half this year. I don’t see Jackson ever becoming an elite fantasy player due mostly to his lack of power. He’s certainly not a keeper in this format. LaRoche is the better option for 2010.


hey my 1st post here….I’m a h2h league and in 1st but offense is hurting a bit right now….my OF is Werth, Kemp, Choo, C Gonz, McCutchen, and Willingham on reserve….should I drop one for Stanton who is unproven at the MLB level? Also am looking at Smoak for 1B…I have Loney right now and wiggington on reserve after Morales got hurt…..thx


Welcome aboard! I’d consider dropping Willingham for Stanton but would rather you drop one of your low-end starting pitchers if possible. Stanton’s definitely worth a pickup though. On a side note, I strongly suggest that you look to upgrade at 1B via trade. Although I still prefer Loney to Smoak, Loney’s a rather weak starting 1B. You have a great outfield so you might want to trade an OF for a better 1B or even a starting pitcher if you’ve got depth there.


Thanks for the advice, just realized now that my post was poorly written. From now on I will hold myself to a higher standard. I will be getting adam laroche side and the trade is a done deal. Would it be safe to assume that when Adam is traded to a contender (the angels?) in the next month or two his value will only improve. Thanks again

hey thx for the advice…..I dropped willingham for stanton as that was my thought also….when Montero comes off the DL was thinking of Vmart as my 1B as he is eligible there? My other catcher is Posey….advice on that? Would drop Wiggington to make room for that….My SP is Kershaw,Lariano, Felix, Lester, buchholz,and Price/J.Garcia on reserve….not sure if I’d let any of them go


I think LaRoche’s value would stay relatively the same in the event of a trade as moving to a better team would in a way be canceled out by his move away from hitter-friendly Chase Field. Regardless, I like the trade and view LaRoche as a guy who you can count on for around .275-25-85 year in and year out.

I like the V-Mart idea. None of those SPs deserve to be dropped.


my question is: is it time to drop Hill and Lind and just find other options? Since i’ve been at the top or 2nd all year in the standings, i’ve just kept them on the bench all year basically and only spot start when Cano has an off day and Hill doesn’t or if one/both have favorable match ups against the opposing pitcher. Is it just time to cut them loose? this far into the season, there’s plenty of other options. I keep expecting Lind and Hill to turn it around but obviously they haven’t really shown anything to suggest that.


I’d stick with them. I know it’s frustrating but it’s not like you’re starting them regularly either. Both are still worthy of a roster spot and it’s a long season…only about 35 percent finished!


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