Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 10

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Category Chart



Scherzer @
Danks – Danks’ last two have not been great but he was plenty good enough
before that to earn the start… Scherzer, who knows?


@ Cahill

Lester @ Talbot – hope you
sold high on Talbot, tooouuggh schedule coming up

Burnett @

Cecil @ W.Davis –
Hellickson waiting in the wings if Davis doesn’t right the ship

Rowland-Smith @

Chen @ Baker
Trivia: Bruce Chen started the Mets’ first home game at Shea Stadium after

Wellemeyer @
Leake – Madison Bumgarner surely waiting in the wings if Wellemeyer
stinks it up again

Garland @ Dickey – do
you trust either of these guys? Nope, me neither

Dempster @

Oswalt @ J.

Hanson @

An.Sanchez @ Moyer –
Anibal’s last two have been ragged so sit this one out, even though the Phillies
aren’t scoring of late

Maholm @

***Zach says “I’m going with Moyer again. He absolutely eats up the Fish and made me look smart a couple starts ago when I said Pitch @ FLA. Agree on rest.”


Hey guys. Good to buy low on Greinke? I offered Niemann and Garrett Jones for him and he countered Niemann/Granderson for Hardy/Greinke.

I don’t need or want Hardy so I will at least take him out and maybe replace with R Davis or shoot for Wagner?

I could upgrade Niemann with Latos, J Sanchez, or Lackey (doubt he’d take him) and put Jones back but I like selling high on Niemann…

My OF is currently Braun, Victorino, CarGo, Hamilton, Granderson and Dunn at UTIL.

5×5 10tm. Any help would be great, thanks!!

You sure about Anibal? only his last start was ragged, the one before that he blanked the Phils vs. Moyer at home on 3 hits.. I already have plans to sit Scherzer that’s why I ask…

hey guys,

What’s the deal with King Felix??

i’ve seen a few of his games and it appears he’s not only failing to establish his fastball early in counts, but in the games he’s really struggled in, he’s fallen behind consistently in counts with horribly located breaking balls.

Is there something physically wrong with him, is it bad pitch selection, or something else? He’s actually been my worst starting pitcher this season and he’s been so inconsistent that it makes me question whether to just put him on the bench for a few starts. It’s hard to bench a guy like that, but he’s had only a few really good starts and mixes in some games like last night. Had him and Cain go last night and Felix basically cancelled out Cain’s amazing start.

What do you do with this guy??? I have a fear if i bench him, he’ll revert to his good form but the guy is just killing me! Felix has such a great moving fastball, i just don’t get why it isn’t called more or used more to get ahead in counts!


I definitely wouldn’t do the deal that was proposed to you. Granderson’s still the best player in the trade and Hardy is virtually useless. Definitely would jump on it if Hardy is replaced by Wagner. Tough call on Niemann/Granderson for Greinke/R. Davis but I’d probably ultimately do it.

Yeah, I don’t think you should ever bench a player of Felix’s caliber as you probably will regret it. I don’t think anything’s physically wrong with him but here’s yet another example of a starting pitcher failing to repay his owners for their investment. Will the King finish the year with very good numbers? Probably. But will he finish with numbers anywhere close to those of last season? Highly unlikely.


I’m curious about A. Sanchez as well…care to elaborate? Are you saying just sit him or ditch him?

Hello Guys!

What do you think about this trade:
give Hamilton, receive J. Vazquez
I have Braun, Holliday, Mccutchen, Stanton.

I could also ask for: Hammels, Romero or Liriano instead of Vazquez.

Porcello officially DTM

-J from BG

Who do you like moving forward, Olivo or Montero? CBS point league, if it matters. Thanks

Hope you guys don’t mind but I have 3 questions. I’m in a mixed keeper league

1. I have Yadier Molina and Nick Hundley
Should I replace either with
John Jaso / Buster Posey / Miguel Montero (when off DL) / Carlos Santana (presuming he’s called up soon)

2. I have Danks/Hanson/Baker. Should I replace either with
Niemann/ Leake?

3. Alfonso Soriano/denard Span
drew stubbs/Brennan Boesch


That was Cory’s original pick but I really don’t have a problem with it. Matchup is a bit scary so we’ll say just sit for this one.

I don’t like Hamilton for Vazquez. Still not convinced that Javy’s struggles are behind him. Would much rather have Liriano, Hamels or Romero, in that order.

From this point forward, I’ll take Montero. The fact that Olivo is batting .315 despite a career .247 AVG is an indication that he’s performing way over his head. There’s also the threat of Iannetta taking away significant playing time should Olivo’s bat go cold.

(1) I’d definitely dump Hundley for Posey. Buster simply has more upside and will probably play more than Hundley as he won’t have to handle catching duties. I’ll also consider making a Molina for Jaso switch. When talking about catchers, any bit of offensive production you can get should be considered a bonus so I have no problem just riding the hot bat. Molina’s hitting for a surprisingly low AVG and doesn’t offer much power either…huge disappointment so far.

(2) Hold onto those three pitchers. Long-term, I still have more confidence in them than I do in the guys who are available.

(3) I’ll take Soriano and Span, the more experienced side. Stubbs has been hot and cold and I’m still skeptical on Boesch.


quick question….would you consider picking up Alexei ramirez and drop one of the following….Callaspo, Brignac, or Wiggington?


Yeah, Ramirez has looked better of late and is a better long-term option than Brignac, who won’t even have a starting job once Bartlett comes back. I’d make that move.


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