Pants on Fire?

Happy Friday everyone, 
competitive fantasy players, we all want to be on top of the very latest
information to gain that extra edge, and being the first to grab a stud
prospect off the wire could mean the difference between winning your
league and finishing second. But one thing that’s become clear over the
past few weeks is that teams aren’t always forthcoming when discussing
potential callups. Yesterday, Manny Acta was quoted as saying “There’s a
chance” that Carlos Santana (right) will be wearing a big league
uniform before the All-Star break. He went on to make a bold prediction.
“Put it this way, he’ll be here by September 1.” It’s June 11 and
Santana’s set to make his big league debut. To further illustrate this
point, here are a few recent quotes from Giants GM Brian Sabean on Buster
Posey and Indians GM Mark Shapiro on Santana:


“He’s still learning how to catch. Some of that is
calling. Some of that is the consistency that he’ll need as, we hope, an
offensive catcher.”


“Triple-A baseball isn’t very good. I’m going to
tell you that right now. Especially from a pitching
standpoint. Anybody who can pitch is in the big leagues.”

FROM MAY 25  (Posey called up May 30)


“There are a lot of sides to it. He is catching, he
playing first base and he is swinging the bat in a (hitters’) league
where it’s
tough to evaluate a high average. We can’t see how Posey would
immediately fit
in as regards to playing time. We want an idea that he’s going to get
significant time. In this snapshot, it’s not presenting itself yet.”

called up June 11)

“While he continues to flourish offensively,
defensively he continues to be a work in progress.”


“His game calling and leadership have made strides,
but his
throwing has to improve.”

Moral of the story? Don’t dismiss what you read but
don’t automatically assume you’re getting the whole truth.



I am in ten team mixed H2H league, and am currently in third place thanks to the advice I received from you so far this year. I was wondering if trading Gio Gonzalez away to get Justin Smoak would be considered wise right now. My current first basemen is Cantu and can use Smoak in an IF position somewhere. Also, Jose Bautista is in a big slump and was wondering if Jose Tabata would be a good replacement for the rest of the way. Thanks guys.

Here’s another one:
Carlos Santana, Victor Martinez, or John Jaso in my catcher postion? Jaso looks pretty good, but playing time may be the issue, Martinez has been good, not really great though, and Santana has been on my watch list since I am a big Dodger fan. Is this question just another example of knee-jerk reactions in Fantasy?

Hey guys. Just a quick question on my backup 2B spot. We start 2 players at each infield position so this player is in my regular lineup. All year I’ve been suffering with Skip Schumaker in that slot. Eckstein is on waivers right now and I hear he is going to be hitting leadoff for San Diego. Should I drop Schumaker for Eckstein? Also, what do you think about Tommy Hunter going forward? Thanks for the help.


I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I?ve got a couple struggling players (Wieters and Quentin) and a couple of key injuries (Ellsbury and Rollins). My offense has a few guys playing right now that I don?t trust all that much (Doumit, Ortiz, Pagan, Matsui and Quentin). My pitching is strong and I?m considering trading Lincecum for a big bat (Adrian Gonzalez type) and an OK bat (Markakis type). My remaining starting pitchers would be Lester, Hanson, and Hughes with Price on my minor league roster. I?m in second place in my division with a 2.5 game lead, so I currently hold a playoff slot and am not desperate. Do I shop Lincecum to improve my offense or do I sit tight and wait for Ellsbury and Rollins to return? I?ve been shopping Hanson, Hughes, and Price with no bites so far. Thanks, Damon in Seattle


I’ve been real impressed by Gio thus far and while I’d be open to dealing him (counting on any 24-year-old pitcher to maintain consistency is risky), I’m not sold on Smoak. He’s hot of late but let’s not forget that he batted under .200 in each of the season’s first two months. Usually, I’ll take the hitter over the pitcher, but I need to see more from Smoak before considering this deal.

I’ve been advising to sell high on Bautista for awhile now and it looks like it’s now too late! That said, I’ll still take him over Tabata, who has just two career big league games to his resume. I might bench Bautista, but flat out dropping him for Tabata is a rather impulsive decision.

As for the catchers, the answer is V-Mart, and it’s not even close. Experience, track record, I can go on and on…



Crazy to think that Eckstein’s the best option but he’s surely a better option than Skip, so sure, go ahead and make that move. As for Hunter, he was very solid last year and has pitched pretty well through two starts in 2010. Not a big K guy but solid POD option.

We’re always in favor of dealing pitching (even elite pitching) for stud hitters here at the 411 so I’ll definitely endorse shopping Lincecum. But I think you can do better than A-Gonz and Markakis. Either trade Lincecum straight up for a first round type bat or do a 2-for-1 and upgrade from Markakis. I’m just not a big fan of his.


I have been using your pitch&ditch strategy all year and it’s worked so well I now have all graduates and don’t know who to ditch anymore. I mean Pelfry,Zito,Richard,Niemann,and Gio I don’t have anyone left. My worst pitcher this year has been Nolasco. Should he even be considered for pitch&ditch or should I pick from the guys I just mentioned. I just need to know if I should continue pitch&ditch or stay put with these guys who have helped me win 3 out of 5 pitching categories every week.


Yeah, all of those guys are definitely graduates for the time being and do not deserve to be dropped. I think your best bet is to try to deal one or two of them for something decent in order to create more room in your pitching lineup. But if that’s not possible, you have to hold onto them for the time being.


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